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  1. If you have a track you should shoot from above to make a good demonstration, making stitching together different videos almost impossible. it is very easy to stitch together videos that don't have any references like a track has.
  2. Imho the track is a great idea, if people just show videos of performance we can't judge correctly because these won't be the same tests. It's not the same racing a track and just showing how a car can turn. While racing you need to take care about speed ups and slow downs (one needs to stop accelerating when entering a curve and accelerate when exiting). Just my two cents
  3. This guy stole a bunch of Solde's videos of his engines. +14000 views
  4. Very interesting car, it is looking great so far . I do like the green interior
  5. I have a question regarding camera focus. On my old compact (~2008) and action cameras the object one photographs is always in focus no matter what . But , with the camera I'm using now - Canon EOS 70D- it only focuses on one part, so the background and foreground aren't focused together . I've read somewhere that it is due to aperture time, but the explanation was too complex to understand , so my question : Is it possible to focus on the whole area at once to get clear photos,and if so , how? Example shot with the problem described, as you can see the back of the car is out of focus:
  6. @legotechnicisawesome Please use forum's emoticons. At the scale of your car, front and rear suspension is also possible , even without specialised parts.
  7. Very nice build , but because it is so light , it is better to have the HOG on the rear. Sorry, I don't have much yellow Mini vehicle by Didumos69 by Alaxaf, on Flickr
  8. C'mon lego, you can include color vomit axles but can't include 2 freakin red 44809 for the cabin?!?!?!
  9. Well , now they use any length axles in yellow & red instead of neutral grey & black. even with 1:1 scale image down on the page Maybe nowadays kids are too spoiled with smartphones and internet to notice 1 stud difference between axles
  10. If you want to start with your own motorizing ideas - go for 8293, it is a great strater pack If you would like a huge RC set that you could play with - 42030 is the way If you would like a small motorized set - imho 8052 is the best if you can buy one on bricklink, there are some great alternative models you could build out there Remember that one always can buy some separate PF parts on bricklink
  11. @Jim There's a poll on an info card in the video, althought he didn't say anything here... @LEGO ADAM It would be nice if you could post some photos here to see what could be changed to make it look more like a McLaren or a Corvette
  12. If you knew from the start that you don't have enought parts why did you pick such a large scale project? You should use more flex axles to archieve the fluid look of the McLaren
  13. 1. I see you used an illegal connection on front (angled liftarms) what makes that part of chassis to flex up. better find another solution , like making offset between top wishbone and lover wishbone. (so both aren't on same vertical axis) - see video below- 2. You steering links aren't pararell to the suspension wishbones , what will cause toe-in. -see video below- 3. Rotate the rear hubs 90 degrees (so the pinholes are on horizontal axis) , that will make for much stiffer axle I recommend you to watch Nicjasno's LPEpower series
  14. Such small scale and so many functions ... the winch solution is impressive I'm sorry to be that guy , but the color vomit The frictionless axle with pin are available in light gray and black, both 3l pins and axle+pin with friction are available in black, 3l axle with stop and stud is available in DBG , the half bevel 12t gear is available in black ... sorry ,but imho it would make the truck look MUCH better and less "messy"
  15. Unfortunately it requires more than my laptop can give, the page freezes completely while loading and then it runs at barely 2fps.