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  1. Thanks! :D
  2. Mind sending me a link too? :D
  3. Damn they look good Anyways as promised here are the pics for iron Stan and the male white tiger. Nothing too special imho Iron Stan comes with two face prints and the helmet opens up like a normal iron man helmet does.
  4. Will post it with male white tiger in a bit
  5. Doubt so since it's not a very well known character.... Unless Pogo release it too.
  6. Probably should just get red hulk from this xinh set and get the rest from pogo(exact same figs)
  7. What about the DLP version?
  8. The Chinese character's meaning is prosperity :)
  9. If I'm not wrong it was released with one of sy's small batman vehicle/mech set. I remember rob talking about it pretty long ago Edit: Did some long digging and I think sy210 has the sdcc batman
  10. Just received my Senbo's longer version of avengers tower with the male white tiger and iron stan lee, will post pics if anyone's interested :D
  11. The four words at the bottom says "collaboration product"
  12. Trying to avoid any trouble so I'm not going to post the photo or the link here but xinh's got a new set of 8 batman figs, it's the set with batsuit joker shown above, and one of the 8 is Tartan batman The set number is X0147
  13. The individual rainbow batman's from decool, don't think Pogo's ever done this fig
  14. They look great! Are these from DLP505?
  15. Thank you! 😄