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  1. This guy seems to specialize in Transformer Models. I'm sure If you see some techniques he used, you can get an idea of how to do it yourself. A recommendation I think could work would be to find an actual transformer toy and reverse engineer it in lego based off that model. Hope this helps
  2. cool.
  3. I have like 80% of the Daleks figured out form the clip in Friends are Family, and am starting a Digital Designer file, but to build them with pieces in existing colors will require heavy modification to the upper part of them.
  4. That two face... I NEED IT Might be my first custom....
  5. Built the TARDIS from Lego Dimensions!
  6. Thanks! I'm not sure which piece you're talking about replacing. If you mean any of the black ones I used, those are the short ones. If you mean the long pieces in the front, probably. You'd have to turn the handles a bit but it should work.
  7. Instructions I've been busy as of late and any time I have to build I've been working on a project for Brickworld 2017. I put this little thing together yesterday after I built, looked over, then parted the set.Hope you like it!
  8. This is really well done. I like the use of the planet for the dome
  9. I'd love some Portal and Doctor Who
  10. "TV series" hmmm... Here's hoping for Doctor Who ones... (I know it probably isn't going to happen, but I can hope...)
  11. Anyone else notice Robin in an inmate jumpsuit (the same as the one from the Arkham set) at the end?
  12. I think I found a higher quality image so I'll do my best to fill in the gaps... 2 - looks like the cmf roman commander, but with the roman soldier sword (all in black, or core) 9 - Dick Grayson? They appear to be wearing a preliminary version of robin's glasses hairpiece. 13 - I'll try to describe it best I can - skin color is medium flesh (like this), wearing 87990 in brown, yellow googles printed on the face, bare arms, black hands, torso has yellow stripes and a brown circle in the middle, top half of legs are brown, bottom half of legs are yellow. 18 - red cape, looks like kraven's new neck piece thing around the neck, a silver dome on the top of the head, torso is brwn with what looks like a sash acros the chest, over the legs ot looks like Dana's legs from the Ghostbusters ( on the right side you can see a part of the leg (it's silver) ) feet are bare
  13. Just to clarify, is the image you're taking about is the one with chief joker, clock king, and tooth fairy batman?
  14. Wow, that bow tie piece is great. I hope they release it in more colors, because I defiantly need to use that for my 11th doctor figure.
  15. Spidey has them himself in this set