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  1. You know Chronopolis is not finished yet? We know half of the locations that are gonna be in the game and the green border in the E3 gameplay shows that. The only locations we've seen or heard about are Noir New York, Ancient Egypt, Hydra New York, Avengers Mansion, Knowhere, Attilan, Lumeria, 2099 New York , Wakanda, Wild West, Medival Times, Sanctum Sanctorum and Sakaar. That is 13 of the 20 they said will be in the game.
  2. How can there already be leaks when the game is not even half finished?
  3. Got the same problem, thankfully LDD has offline mode.
  4. Ah, alright, that's reasonable.
  5. I finally watched all the episodes of Season 7, now when should Season 8 start?
  6. Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Man 2099 are two different spider-men.
  7. And here i am hoping for a LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean 2 announced at E3
  8. All of them are great, i especially like the Trojan and Alchemist.
  9. Well, this was unexpected.
  10. Woah, i knew and love that more content is coming, also Classic Space and POTC sounds dope.
  11. I am hoping for Pirates of the Caribbean, i 100% the original game and it was great and i would really love to see an updated one with dialogue and more levels, characters and levels from the new movie.
  12. These look really nice!
  13. I love how you used the Battle Droid parts for Zenyatta, Axel's body for Reinhardt and how you did D.Va's Mech. Thorbjorn and McCree also look good.
  14. Well, all good things must come to and end, i for one trust Just2Good that Year 2 is the last, i mean why else would they push Wave 8 to May. People i know how much the game means to everyone, to me personally. The only thing you can do now is enjoy it till the very last update and wave and remember what LEGO Dimensions did for us as a LEGO Video Game community who loved seeing our favorite franchises from our childhood come true in LEGO form.
  15. What a pointless and disappinting update, i was hoping for a more bigger content update.