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  1. I am working on new wings for my TIE/Fo, trying to make them more accurate. My current brickbuild TIE is the v.2, but I think the v.3 wing's shape is better. I made them by using the techniques of the UCS TIE Fighter. But I fear those wings will be too heavy ! Which one do you prefer ? v.2 at the left or v.3 at the right ? Ramses25
  2. http://www.starwarsunderworld.com/2017/05/report-new-look-at-resistance-wing-from.html?m=1 The Last Jedi A-Wing !
  3. Looks very nice ! Where did you get his head and those dark tan hands ? Ramses25
  4. Hi ! The wings look much better in my opinion ;) And I agree with you that the engines break the curve of the snot back. Maybe you should keep your original snot build and add the engines with stickers ? Ramses25
  5. Looks like we can't see your picture :/ You should try something like FlickR for your images ;) Ramses25
  6. Yes that's him ;) Can't wait to see your model updated ! I would like to build one one day. As Grievous said : "It would be a fine addition to my collection" ^^
  7. TIE means "Twin Ion Engines". Most of TIE series fighters have two engines at the back. If you look at the back of a TIE Fighter for exemple, you'll see two red dots that are the TIE engines ;) The TIE Advanced Protoype also have two of them. EDIT : on your first version you had the engines, showed by the 1x1 trans red round plate at the back ;) For the wing, that's what I was talking about (I can't explain it better sorry ^^). Maybe you should have a look at this model for some ideas ;) http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/149333-mocwipldd-minifig-scale-rebels-tie-fighters/ Ramses25
  8. Wow ! Your TIE looks very nice and I would like to see it in real bricks ! :) Can I suggest two things to improve your model ? : - You should add the engines - The wings should be longer at the back You can see it on thoses pictures : http://news.toyark.com/2014/11/17/star-wars-rebels-tie-advanced-prototype-144867 Keep the good work ! Ramses25
  9. Hello ! Here is a major update of my TIE/Fo model. I redesigned completely the wing pylons to make them more accurate. Here is the renders album : https://flic.kr/s/aHskVddvHJ I need to to order some parts to update my brickbuild model now ! You can found the LDD file here : http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/142709-moc-tie-collection/ Ramses25
  10. Looks like a TIE Avenger to me. But I like to see more TIE versions ! Ramses25
  11. Very nice mod ! Makes me want to have a Krennic minifigure right now ! ^^ Ramses25
  12. Would be a great upgrade for Krennic too ! Ramses25
  13. Wow ! Amazing model ! I Also saw your first thread about your tank model and I loved the Imperial variant too ;) And I have to admit that I like the white Republic variant better ^^ Any chance to get the LDD file for this beauty ? I would love to build one of this from the upcoming official Lego one ;) Ramses25
  14. Hello ! I'm not very found of Rebels TIE Fighter design but your TIE Advanced Prototype looks very good ! I love the way you built the wings. Ramses25
  15. Here is my rebel magma soldier, inspired by the rebel sullust soldiers in Star Wars Battlefront. He's compsed of : - Hoth cap in Dark Tan - Goyle face - Aeralight GEN pack in Dark Orange - General Rieekan torso with Dark Brown hands - BrickArms CA-87 Ion Blaster - Thermal detonator - Ezra Bridger legs Ramses25