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  1. Ah yeah sorry. Aeralight pauldrons are a little bit too square IMO, stormtroopers pauldrons should have a more round shape, that's why I used brickforge ones. Arealight's are better for clones ;) Wow they look nice ! I wonder how they could look with First Order Snowtrooper legs. Ramses25
  2. Go page 23 you'll see some of these pauldrons on my stormtroopers. For me they're the perfect touch ! Ramses25
  3. Thanks ! Yeah. I really hesitated before putting a price on this. In a certain point of view it will help me for my other MOC projects, but on the other hand I find it a little bit unfair, because people like me loves when great MOC are putting here for free. So I think I will put it here for free ;) Ramses25
  4. Hello ! I'm back for a great update of my TIE/Ln Fighter ! The wing pylons and cockpit interior are completely rebuilt. Thanks to Cehnot for the inspiration. You can see his work here : http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/145007-moc-revenge-of-the-tie-fighter/ You can find a lot of renders of my model on the first post with a link to my FlickR album. I decided to make the LDD file available for 5$ FREE (pack will contain the LDD file of the model, a split-sections LDD file of the model for easy understanding when building it, and a brickstock part-list for bricklinking the parts). Now you can have a minifig-scale, accurate and sturdy model of the iconic TIE Fighter which will be perfect for display and playing ! Ramses25
  5. I don't know yet. I still have to find a solution...
  6. The fighter is almost finished ! :D Ramses25
  7. Thank you everyone ! :) Of course ! I think the way I built the fuselage and the wing connection will be strong enough. But I have to build this thing to be sure ! ;) And just for you, some progress : Ramses25
  8. Some progress made ;) Ramses25
  9. First Order Snowtrooper Officer, like the ones who are with Hux on the Starkiller Base
  10. Thanks ! The backpack is from Aeralight and the pauldron from Brickforge. I bought them both on Firestar.com (a British shop). The weapons are from BrickArms, yes ! You can buy some of them separately, but some other are exclusive in packs (like the T-21b) Ramses25
  11. I turned my Battlefront damaged Stormtroopers into veteran Stormtroopers, inspired by the Battlefront Sullust Stormtroopers look.
  12. Hello ! Very nice improvements on you model ;) I would have two things to say : - I would keep the Dark Bluish Gray for the greebling at the rear top of the U-wing. - The radiator grid at the rear should be narrower and higher. Lokk at this picture : Otherwise the model looks very good ! Honestly it will be on my top list to build the day you'll release the LDD file ;) Keep up the good work ! Ramses25
  13. Love the design ! I think it will look better with a First Order color scheme ;) Ramses25
  14. Wow ! Sooooooooooo nice !!! Perfect model ! Can't say anything more, just that now I want one of this ^^ Ramses25
  15. I'm maybe a little bit out of topic, but as Cavegod's AT-AT is too big for a minifig-scale AT-AT, I think it will be a perfect size for a minifig AT-ACT with some modifications ;) Ramses25