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  1. I use the Rogue One rebel trooper leg in Dark Bluish Grey and Reddish Brown, and it looks good ;) Ramses25
  2. From this one : https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?M=dim039#T=S&O={} Ramses25
  3. Hi ! I found those legs for Ruescott Melshi : https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=970c00pb645&idColor=63&name=Dark Blue Hips and Legs with Dark Red Boots with Triangle Notch on Sides Pattern&category=[Minifig, Legs Assembly]#T=S&C=63&O={"color":63} Wonder how it could look. Ramses25
  4. Hi ! It looks very good :) Can't wait to see this TIE finished ! Ramses25
  5. Hi ! I went with this, but I'm not entirely satisfied with the result. I still have a lot of work to do on this model. Ramses25
  6. Hi ! I have a question : Which face and hairpiece would you suggest for a General Draven minifigure ? Thanks ! Ramses25
  7. Wow wonderful ! I love the color scheme :) Any chance to see some breakdown picture or an LDD file to see how to build this beauty ? Ramses25
  8. I would like to give my Poe Dameron a new face, because the official one have a beard that Poe doesn't have at all in the movie. Any idea ? Ramses25
  9. I don't plan to give him an hairpiece because he have very, very, very short hair. I will go with a tan rebel Hoth cap. The Cassian Andor legs is a good Idea, but Melshi will be better with dark brown legs : And I like the last face piece you choose ;) Ramses25
  10. I want to make a custom Melshi minifig too. At the moment I think I will use Poe Dameron head piece but I keep searching for a better one. EDIT : Which legs do you plan to use ? I think Newt Scamander legs would be fine but they're pretty expensive... Ramses25
  11. I am working on new wings for my TIE/Fo, trying to make them more accurate. My current brickbuild TIE is the v.2, but I think the v.3 wing's shape is better. I made them by using the techniques of the UCS TIE Fighter. But I fear those wings will be too heavy ! Which one do you prefer ? v.2 at the left or v.3 at the right ? Ramses25
  12. http://www.starwarsunderworld.com/2017/05/report-new-look-at-resistance-wing-from.html?m=1 The Last Jedi A-Wing !
  13. Looks very nice ! Where did you get his head and those dark tan hands ? Ramses25
  14. Hi ! The wings look much better in my opinion ;) And I agree with you that the engines break the curve of the snot back. Maybe you should keep your original snot build and add the engines with stickers ? Ramses25
  15. Looks like we can't see your picture :/ You should try something like FlickR for your images ;) Ramses25