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  1. You should stop posting fake news...
  2. Ok, you are right. I am excited about these new sets, but will stop now hinting small bits of information. I didn't want to spam this thread but I can understand your point that right now we do have too many "fake news" and people who like guessing etc..
  3. They are all for E VIII
  4. Why that? We didn't have a TIE Pilot or anything you mentioned in the Constraction line. and btw: I was wrong, there IS one character we will see revisited in the constraction line..
  5. nearly completely wrong. BTW, they are all from E VIII...
  6. Hmm, I don't think so..😉 For the biggest one, think big and friendly.
  7. wouldn't say that. Normally you get a worse price-to-piece-ratio for TIEs. BB-8 isn't overpriced, too. So to summarize I would say WAY better than E VII...
  8. all these unknown 4 are Constraction Figures. 2 with helmet, 1 human being, one Alien species.
  9. of course: no minifigs, no/ only a few special parts. It is obvious that this one needs to be cheaper.. seems to be a fair value, only the resistance bomber seems to be overpriced. nearly 10cent per part..
  10. It will contain playability functions, as seen in the movie.
  11. I did see it and it looked good.
  12. It IS an UCS, believe me. and btw, it is exactly what I told you weeks/months ago..(-;
  13. Oh yes, Rebels and E VII..😊
  14. Did we see a picture of the coming advent calendar yet? As far as I remember it won't contain any special figure and will be mainly Rebels based.