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  1. Harry Potter
  2. There might be a chance for HP theme starting in 2018... the popularity is still high
  3. So, seems logical then.. Anf there is hope that 2018 will even be a better year for LEGO enthusiasts..(-;
  4. So what do you think about? It will be something completely new, no play set.
  5. Well, we already had 10123 Cloud City, so that one would be a rehash..
  6. It is too early for more, I think it will be out late september.. no more Infos on that one, unfortunately. But will keep you informed (-;
  7. From what I heard it will be a new one, no rehash
  8. Sorry, but all I could say was this. I expect three IF MF UCS comes true.. would love to get an AT-AT but that one isn't coming..)-;
  9. I would say that we get at least three UCS this year, if rumor of UCS falcon is true (which I think is true). snowspeeder is a fixed one, and there will be a third, that I have heard of..
  10. Price will be 199.99
  11. Not advent calendar, but battle pack
  12. And it is only 29.99 EUR..
  13. no clothes on that minifig.
  14. No it isn't. the helmet is from another phase, perhaps two? As I said, it looked nearly the same like the ones from 75045..
  15. Aayla Secura is new Burnt Anakin is new in every detail quadjumper interior wasn't visible