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  1. OMG! It's amazing! Maybe, when more beautiful works like this are posted here, it makes this subforum turns into a forum itself.
  2. I believe that a bigger turnable will keep the superstructure more stable. Nice work and great video!
  3. Nice! Looks very playable :)
  4. For what are you planning to use pneumatics? Only for suspend the whole model? Engine working is great!
  5. The crane seems to be strong! I like the cabin, looks really close to the Actros. Is a beautiful cabin... Nice work :)
  6. Looks massive! Waiting for the video :)
  7. Fanrastic is the word !
  8. Awesome! I'm curious about the system that you are using to moving the arm (as linear actuators) Share pictures :)
  9. Really nice! Suspension is clever as the real thing :)
  10. Nice. Hope to see the progress!
  11. Wow! It's so beautiful! The level of detailing is absolutely fantastic! Great job :)
  12. OMG!! This is absolutely awesome!
  13. Your locomotives are awesome! Pretty nice detailed and well finished. Side elements are quite realistics :)
  14. Yes, it is pretty nice!