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  1. That is awesome! Incredible machine!! Nice pictures, by the way ;)
  2. You can find some instructions on this video ;) In fact, YouTube is full of nice videos with this kind of RC mod instructions. Good luck!
  3. Incredible ! Really nice machine and functions :)
  4. It looks really nice. I like the fake rear engine, it's very well designed.
  5. It is growing good! I'm waiting for the next steps :)
  6. Looks promising... I hope to see this work growing.
  7. The plane is gorgeous! I am not a big fan of an extensive use of black bricks, but this plane have great details. Excellent lines. Good work! Is this plane based on spitfire?
  8. Nice! Looks very playable.
  9. Such a crazy idea! Directly from the Mad Max movie... Double engine looks great!
  10. OMG! It is absolutely awesome! I have no words! Congratulations
  11. Nice loader ! It is compact but well finished, looks very good
  12. Awesome C model, looks very good! Claas tires are perfect for big machines
  13. Wow, really nice and so cute :)
  14. OMG! It's amazing! Maybe, when more beautiful works like this are posted here, it makes this subforum turns into a forum itself.