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  1. Indeed. Or it can be a new kind of 2-door Panamera. Porsche maybe consider the idea :D
  2. The green/white color scheme is not so good, in this case. But this 911 have a great shape. My question is: Porsche 911 with a front V engine?
  3. Over a million? Wow! I have only 6k parts (with about 500 pins)
  4. With the silver rims it looks great!
  5. Wow! That's really awesome! A masterpiece of Lego cars :) Congratulations!!
  6. You've done an awesome work, your mods achieved great lines!! Fantastic :)
  7. Ingenious, but I don't know... It is not playable
  8. Pretty cool and very detailed. Looks like the real truck !
  9. Well done @Kasse ! Pretty cool mod :)
  10. Looks fantastic! I like it :)
  11. Tractor tires are awesome and looks beautiful, but would be nice to see the Case 620 Quadtrac version. I believe 42069 can be quite useful ;)
  12. I really liked the steering system with pneumatic cylinders! Electro-pneumatic switches are in my wish list :)
  13. 42064 is beautiful ! Waiting for someone transform it into a truly ship: one that floats :D
  14. Pretty cute ! Awesome work in the cabin, really detailed. Steering system looks great :)
  15. Really nice ! I believe you worked very well in the suspension and steering system! Waiting for a demo video ;)