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  1. yesterday in the Atlanta Discovery center, Phipps plaza, 1 maybe 2 boxes on the shelf.
  2. i love that 4559 train
  3. @Lowa I received the motors and controller this morning, nice work.
  4. @McWaffel, @Q3671 The shipment cleared customs today, so 4DBrix Europe should have your motors by the end of the week... that's good news.
  5. that's what I meant with a reset button, thank you.
  6. thats the reason i was asking for a reset button. in real live a switch use a TC contact "(point blades conrole) English, (zungenuberwachung) Deutsch" for direction lights and state.
  7. 4 motors 1 controller thank you
  8. nice train, beautiful colors.
  9. Santa droped here 2 X SBICK +. happy holidays
  10. a rebel A wing pilot and a 2017 calendar
  11. got my tickets ready, jump on the streetcar (tram) to see the movie.
  12. ok, i will try the Brix nControl, 4 track switch motors and a controller for me.
  13. can the brix control run a program ?, reset button?, power stop button? years ago i used a "usb-relaycard Kemo #162" that was fun but only a time-loop.