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  1. Thanks :), actually there is a small part in the interior that needs to be swapped and then Batman should fit much more comfortably than in the pictures that I posted. Will try to get a picture of it up today. Update: was a really quick fix, don't know why I didn't make it like this in the first place...
  2. Thanks! The Batmobile from the Injustice video game actually made its debut in a Batman comic called The Return. It was made up by David Finch who has used this design quite a number of times over the years (also during the new 52). Eaglemoss made a model based on this comic book batmobile so I simply looked at that model and copied it as best as I could.
  3. With the release of Injustice 2 right around the corner I wanted to give the Batmobile of the previous game another try. Given that the Batmobile from that game was inspired by one of David Finch's Batmobiles that made its debut in the Batman: The Return comic I looked up an Eaglemoss model of that Batmobile and transformed it into Lego form the best that I could. Personally I am very satisfied with the result and I might even say that I consider this to be my best Batmobile to date. As you can see I still managed to keep it fairly small and accurate to minifigure scale despite its "massive" appearance. The rear of this particular Batmobile really reminds me of the Arkham Knight one for some reason. Another shot to showcase the low height of the Batmobile, a normal Batman figure is actually slightly taller than the roof part, obviously the wings are way taller though. And despite its small size it still fits a Batman minifigure with large cowl fairly comfortably. The real reason why Superman is such a bad guy in the Injustice games... he is just jealous of Batman's awesome ride. Angry Kryptonians? No problem this Batmobile knows exactly how to deal with them... bet that is going to eat a chunk of your health. I hope you enjoyed this model as much as I did building it. As always comments either postive or negative are always appreciated. Thanks for watching and have a nice day :)
  4. Fabulous work, this would definitely be something that I'd be interested in. Looking forward to seeing the next one aswell. Good luck :)
  5. A little over a year ago DC Comics relaunched their comic books under the banner DC Rebirth. This included a new Batman series and of course you cannot have a new Batman without a new Batmobile. Recently I saw a Youtube video that OneBadawan made which inspired me to try and built my own Rebirth Batmobile. I still had a Batman The Animated Series Batmobile design lying around (never posted it due to me feeling that there are way too many out there) and since the Rebirth Batmobile is inspired by the BTAS Batmobile I went about and turned my design into the Rebirth Batmobile. My original concept model was actually 1 stud higher and longer but since it has always been my goal to built my Batmobiles as close to minifigure scale as possible I managed to make it smaller yet, the final result can be seen here and I must say that I am very pleased with it. The Dark Knight with his new ride. A look at the Batmobile without any distractions. Side shot. The rear part was actually pretty difficult to create given that there aren't any really clear shots of it. Still there is a panel in an early Rebirth Detective Comics comic book and that is where I drew most inspiration from. A Clearer look at the back. The front, all thats missing are some stickers to create some eyes in the Batman hood mask. A shot inspired by the first shot we got of this Batmobile, go look it up, just google Batman Rebirth Batmobile. A low side shot of the Batman standing in front of the Batmobile to highlight how small it actually is. I also managed to create a little interior details, and am glad to report that a Batman minifigure with big cowl can actually fit inside comfortably. Proof that the Dark Knight actually fits inside. Another shot of the Batman inside to highlight that the overal structure is 100% the same. And a final shot to finish things of. I hope that you enjoyed my take on the Rebirth Batmobile, comments, be it positive or be it negative are always appreciated. Until next time ;)
  6. Really loving this! Not only does it look great the functions that you managed to pack into it are spectacular! I'm especially a big fan of the way you've made it able to transform into battle mode without sacrificing stability or looks. I do have one question, can a minifigure actually fit inside?
  7. "The ultimate in British engineering, Aston Martin call it the Vanquish. We call it the vanish." Those were the words used to introduce another beautiful Aston Martin to the world of 007. The diorama made to accompany it was inspired by Eaglemoss' model of this particular car. It is meant to represent the ice scene that is a major showcase for this vehicle in the movie. Hello, My name is Jack and I'm one of the many people that work in the Q Branch. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to our latest vehicle, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish... Got you good didn't I? As you might have noticed this particular car has been equipped with adaptive camouflage, making it ideal for stealthy missions. In case things go wrong however, as most of one of our agents missions tend to do... it is also equiped with 4 torpedo's and target seaking shotguns. You'll be able to shoot your way out of any trouble you might encounter. Lets have a look at the car without any weapons shall we: I've also taken the liberty of building a scene in which to showcase this vehicle. The base in question is inspired by the ice lake showdown sequence during the movie Die Another Day. And finally here we have 007 himself with his new toy... doesn't he look happy? As always any comments be it positive be it negative is appreciated. Now if you'll go excuse me I kind of forgot where I parked my car.... bloody cloaking system.
  8. "Upgrades... what are you worried about Wayne". Thanks to the new Justice League trailer we finally got a good look at how the Batmobile will appear in the upcoming movie. Given that it is still based upon the same design of the BvS Batmobile and given that I have already done that one I figured I had to "upgrade" my Lego version aswell and here is the result. As you can see it has everything one could hope for in case of a certain alien invasion... ;) My usual introduction shot, as you can see I've been constantly updating my BvS batmobile so it already was quite a bit different from the version I posted on here some time ago. Add to that the added machine guns, rocket launchers and canon and you have something completely different. The Dark Knight with his new car (tank). A nice side shot. A rear angled shot, no major changes here, do note the added rocket launchers on the sides. A full on rear shot, only major change is the grey wheels that have been added in order to make the transition from the wheels to the main body seem more in line with the real deal. Is the grass really greener on the other side... you decide. A shot based on the shot Zack Snyder posted that gave us the first real glimpse at how the new car would look. And here is a front/top shot to finish things of. Also it is worth noting that Batman still manages to fit inside even with the new big canon on top... guess having no Robin's does have its benefits after all.... Also here is the Dawn of Justice version that laid the groundwork for this one + an added Batsignal based on that movie for fun :) Hope you enjoyed this look at my upgraded Batmobile. Critisism of any kind is always welcome. Until next time.
  9. Thanks, will be releasing them as soon as the Lego Batman Movie Rebrick contest is over (31st of March) since I entered this Batmobile in the vehicle category.
  10. Roughly a year ago I build my version of the iconic Aston Martin DB5. Looking back at it it was a decent first attempt but there were some areas that could certainly be improved upon thus enter version 2. Overal the look is still very similar but some small details are made more accurate, one of such examples are the wheels which looked to "thick" and "modern" on the previous version. Also a shoutout to Er0l as his DB5 served as a massive inspiration. Obviously I had to use the new Bruce Wayne white suit in order to replicate Sean Connery's suit from Goldfinger. Very pleased with how it looks. Same shot without Bond this time. Can't have the DB5 without the tire shreader can we? A look at the side of the car, as you can see it is roughly 17 studs long. The rear highlighted. A full on rear shot to reveal the exhausts. One final shot because, why not ;) I thoroughly hope that you liked the look of my updated Aston Martin DB5 model, feedback of any kind is always appreciated :) Shout out to Er0l, the famous car builder, because his DB5 served as massive inspiration. Hope you have a nice day and until next time.
  11. Seeing all of these images I can't help but feel a bit sad about the final designs that we ended up with. Arkham Scarecrow, Arkham Two-Face, Arkham Catwoman all look superb and then I haven't even mentioned the Commissioner Gordon variants and Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face. Still I understand that these aren't the most child-friendly versions and why they didn't end up in the final product. Still hope that they'll end up using some of these designs in future sets.
  12. Oh man some of those Scarecrow concepts are amazing... also after seeing this we pretty much need to get a Green Arrow/Black Canary set, their designs are splendid!
  13. So thebrickfan just posted this image, looks like we are getting a new 52 version of Wonder Woman...
  14. Saw this on the contest page and immediately fell in love. Very nice usage of those bush pieces, would love to see the car from different angles.
  15. In 1995 the movie Batman Forever was released. The movie itself divided many fans as some liked it while others felt that it was a big step down from the quality of the "darker" Tim Burton films that came before.Personally I like the movie for what it is, I don't think it is a great movie but I also don't feel that it is as bad as people make it out to be.Since this movie was supposed to be more child friendly and more toy marketable all of the vehicles were redesigned including the Batmobile. Since I find the design rather interesting and since it almost hasn't been recreated in Lego form I wanted to see if I could recreate said car in Lego form and this is the result. As usual for my batmobiles I tried to make it as small as possible in order to get it as close to minifigure scale as I could. Here we have Batman standing next to the car in order to highlight the size of the Batmobile. A shot of the Batmobile without a figure. A look at the front of the car, reminds me a lot of the Batmissile of the Burton films. A look at the side, notice the blue lights coming through. A rear angled shot. A look at the back, nothing special here but you can see the big thruster a lot clearer. Simply a shot that I liked. Here you can see that a Batman figure does fit inside, yay! A closer look at the Batman figure without the cockpit. Finally just like the real Batmobile I wanted to create the possibility of having the big wings open up and managed to do so. All it requires is taking away 4 small pieces and voila! A final shot of Batman speeding of into the (rather bright...) night. I hope that you enjoyed this look at my Batman Forever Batmobile, feedback is always appreciated. Have a nice day :)