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  1. I'm guessing this set will be similar to the Ghost Rider one then? Superman as potential Hero while Lobo is the antagonist... that leaves room for 1 more character.
  2. Depends I guess... if it is true what people are speculating about only getting movie based sets next year I don't think that we'll be getting any spoilers/hints soon given that those sets are usually shrouded by mystery.
  3. Duncan was teasing more of the Batman movie sets I believe while Vader has now made a hint towards a set with Superman (?) and Lobo with Lobo's bike thing.
  4. Wouldn't get your hopes up for them though, dual molded arms have only been recently introduced and I don't believe there is a real need to change them, certainly not for such a minor detail. More figures that appeared in TLBM featured designs that aren't possible in real life due to certain limitations.
  5. Wait wait wat... Reverse Flash, Lobo, Black Canary.... man this teasing :P Sounds to me like Lego is basing some sets on the new Justice League of America. Hopefully we'll also get a Rebirth inspired Batman figure.
  6. That would be hugely disappointing if true, at least for me. Personally I prefer comic based sets over movie based ones and certainly with the exceptional Spider-Man comic sets that we got not so long ago I was hoping that that was a sign for things to come. Also since a new Spider-Man show is coming this summer maybe they want to create some sets based on that as well given that it will probably be fairly popular.
  7. Really liking the look of that Mysterio, hopefully we'll get a figure resembling that one next year...
  8. I believe that these are subtle hints towards sets that we can expect in the beginning of next year... if true these would be some very interesting sets indeed... But since this is indeed the 2017 thread maybe we should put this talk on ice until a 2018 thread has been created.
  9. Maybe thats where the Goliath figure is from... ;)
  10. Atleast the hip piece will be dark bluish gray so there's that... Here's hoping that the tactical Batsuit will blow this one out of the water. Also after seeing more and more images of the Flash I have really fallen in love with that figure.
  11. Fabulous work, looks very accurate to the image. Love the added interior details that you included... Now you need to get your hands on the new Bane bigfig in order to recreate the original shot :)
  12. Well they are still giving us figures with dual molded legs, the new city beach set is a great example, maybe they just felt that it wasn't right for the superhero theme? Maybe because printing and dual molding is too difficult... again really just speculating here and I might be totally wrong but I do find the lack of them strange.
  13. If this is true (about Batman not having dual molded legs) then I wonder if Lego is abandoning the dual molded legs, atleast in Super Heroes sets that is.... don't believe we have a single new minifigure coming up with dual molded legs, not even Superman who has already had them will have em.
  14. Thank you very much for the high praise :) Whenever I am designing a Batmobile I always look at the key features of the car and for this one I felt that included the split windscreen. So whilst searching through all available parts in LDD I found the skeleton arm piece that was exactly the right size for what i wanted to accomplish, the rest is history :)
  15. Am usually not a fan of customizing official Lego pieces either but since it looked so great I just had to do it myself.