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  1. So when can we expect some images from Comic-Con to appear online given that they are supposedly on display there?
  2. These are the mighty micros right? If so then these are some nice choices, Harley Quinn and Joker have good potential while Nightwing is also nice.
  3. And everyone is forgetting the most important villain of all; Condiment King
  4. Thanks man :) Didn't see the Deadpool duck thing coming it all though :P
  5. Will the upcoming Batman movie wave also be present at comic-con?
  6. Haha, I called it, Vixen will be the comic-con exclusive, what do I win? :P
  7. Ha! I called it, what is my price? :P
  8. Nice work, I really like how you've managed to pack all the key shapes and features of the Batwing in such small scale. The scene itself is also nice. One thing I would change however is the way that the Batwing emerges, I feel that posing it at a slightly higher and less straight angle would achieve the "emerging" feel much more effectively.
  9. One thing about the Rebirth Batman does disappoint me though, the fact that his belt is entirely gold instead of having a black belt with gold rims like the actual Rebirth costume.
  10. My great detective skills have led me to conclude that there is only 1 explanation for this; your postman is... the Flash.
  11. Glad to hear it. Yes, I believe that it was indeed something about the hands, glad to hear that this is not the case.
  12. Related to the blast accessories, when they were introduced I heard complaints from people that they could cause damage to a minifigure, is this true?
  13. No one could confirm that they are released on Jan 1st because it is not yet known. All we know is January, no specific date. There is no need to start "swearing" and using caps in order to get attention.
  14. Seriously I don't get why some people can't just look up a little bit of simple information, in the Forbes article that first showcased the new sets it clearly states: "Due out in January of 2018". That is all the information we have at the moment. Given the past it is very likely (almost dead certain) that the official release date for these sets is indeed January 1st.
  15. Thank you you very much! The front nose was actually from were I started this build. I felt that getting the shape right in that area would make the rest of the build much easier, it was quite tricky to get the "sloping effect" right and I tried several things before finally settling on the Nexo shields so I am glad to hear that they work well :)