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  1. Thanks, will be releasing them as soon as the Lego Batman Movie Rebrick contest is over (31st of March) since I entered this Batmobile in the vehicle category.
  2. Roughly a year ago I build my version of the iconic Aston Martin DB5. Looking back at it it was a decent first attempt but there were some areas that could certainly be improved upon thus enter version 2. Overal the look is still very similar but some small details are made more accurate, one of such examples are the wheels which looked to "thick" and "modern" on the previous version. Also a shoutout to Er0l as his DB5 served as a massive inspiration. Obviously I had to use the new Bruce Wayne white suit in order to replicate Sean Connery's suit from Goldfinger. Very pleased with how it looks. Same shot without Bond this time. Can't have the DB5 without the tire shreader can we? A look at the side of the car, as you can see it is roughly 17 studs long. The rear highlighted. A full on rear shot to reveal the exhausts. One final shot because, why not ;) I thoroughly hope that you liked the look of my updated Aston Martin DB5 model, feedback of any kind is always appreciated :) Shout out to Er0l, the famous car builder, because his DB5 served as massive inspiration. Hope you have a nice day and until next time.
  3. Seeing all of these images I can't help but feel a bit sad about the final designs that we ended up with. Arkham Scarecrow, Arkham Two-Face, Arkham Catwoman all look superb and then I haven't even mentioned the Commissioner Gordon variants and Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face. Still I understand that these aren't the most child-friendly versions and why they didn't end up in the final product. Still hope that they'll end up using some of these designs in future sets.
  4. Oh man some of those Scarecrow concepts are amazing... also after seeing this we pretty much need to get a Green Arrow/Black Canary set, their designs are splendid!
  5. So thebrickfan just posted this image, looks like we are getting a new 52 version of Wonder Woman...
  6. Saw this on the contest page and immediately fell in love. Very nice usage of those bush pieces, would love to see the car from different angles.
  7. In 1995 the movie Batman Forever was released. The movie itself divided many fans as some liked it while others felt that it was a big step down from the quality of the "darker" Tim Burton films that came before.Personally I like the movie for what it is, I don't think it is a great movie but I also don't feel that it is as bad as people make it out to be.Since this movie was supposed to be more child friendly and more toy marketable all of the vehicles were redesigned including the Batmobile. Since I find the design rather interesting and since it almost hasn't been recreated in Lego form I wanted to see if I could recreate said car in Lego form and this is the result. As usual for my batmobiles I tried to make it as small as possible in order to get it as close to minifigure scale as I could. Here we have Batman standing next to the car in order to highlight the size of the Batmobile. A shot of the Batmobile without a figure. A look at the front of the car, reminds me a lot of the Batmissile of the Burton films. A look at the side, notice the blue lights coming through. A rear angled shot. A look at the back, nothing special here but you can see the big thruster a lot clearer. Simply a shot that I liked. Here you can see that a Batman figure does fit inside, yay! A closer look at the Batman figure without the cockpit. Finally just like the real Batmobile I wanted to create the possibility of having the big wings open up and managed to do so. All it requires is taking away 4 small pieces and voila! A final shot of Batman speeding of into the (rather bright...) night. I hope that you enjoyed this look at my Batman Forever Batmobile, feedback is always appreciated. Have a nice day :)
  8. So the clone in the tank is in fact a phase 2 gunner. interesting. Don't believe that such a figure even appeared in TCW show. Edit: Ninja'd by Forresto.
  9. Thanks for the info Sir, one more question. The clone trooper in the tank set, what color was his printing?
  10. The figure that is supposed to represent the clone in the video is a total white one with yellow hands indicating that it will be a new figure so heres hoping it'll be Bly yet :)
  11. Do you have a source? I would love for it to be Bly (phase 1 or 2) but I'm not getting excited without some sort of proof.
  12. Seems about right, Aayla has a blue lightsaber though so I'd expect her to get one in that color. Also whilst I like the phase 1 clones I am hoping that we'll get a 327th Star Corps p2 trooper.
  13. "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play it better than anyone else."

    Genius. :laugh:

    1. TheBrickBuilder14


      Haha, thanks :wink: Read it somewhere once and I really liked it so I had to use it :laugh:

  14. Thank you very much, the real thing has very small green stripes on the sides so I wanted to recreate that the best that I could. I agree that it adds a nice level of detail to the tank. Thanks! I tried my best at keeping it in minifigure scale, I always find that size limitations make you more creative with the parts that you work with :) Glad to hear it as I actually looked at footage of that game whilst building this, so glad to hear that it looks like it should :) I know, very much looking forward to it. Especially a normal Aayla Secura figure is a welcome addition to the Jedi roster.
  15. A new year, a new creation... Well not exactly a new one, more like a remake of an old one but lets not get distracted by details :)While I was very pleased with my previous version of the Republic Fighter tank I simply felt that something about it was off. The colorscheme was, while being accurate, way too bright. Some people pointed this out aswell noting that the white that Lego uses is too bright compared to the dirtier white that the tank is usually depicted as.Most Republic based ground vehicles that Lego have produced are in light bluish gray so I thought why not try this approach aswell and behold The Republic Fighter Tank V2. A front based shot of the tank. A shot of the side, no major changes here. The back with slightly more details added. One of them being the republic logo that I have included, rather like it. A straight rear view. An angled look at the other side. A look at the front of the tank. A picture highlighted some of the moveable parts of the tank. The hatch can open (obviously), the cannons can move up and down something that you can't tell from the pictures is that the side flaps (?) can move up and down as well separately from each other. And a final shot of General Luminara Unduli and Commander Gree talking about battle tactics near the tank. Hope that you liked this little remake of mine. If you did I'd greatly appreciate any feedback, be it positive be it negative, that you have. I'd also like to use this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year :)