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  1. I got the book and the figure. The pieces look like they're exactly the same, but I think there are other printed tiles with different comics on them too.
  2. I think I'm going to cave and buy the Mech Dragon. I'm now in love with the build and I really want that Garmadon...
  3. I probably won't ever get it, honestly. There's a ton more stuff I'd rather have and I have to save for next year because of the Infinity War, Jurassic World, and Lego Batman Movie sets. Plus I just bought a Vixen figure so that took a chunk out of my wallet.
  4. Yeah, if I can find one for $70-80 I might consider buying it. Amazon usually has great discounts on overpriced Lego sets- I got all the Jurassic World stuff with huge savings on there last fall.
  5. He's talking about the regular DC sets which are on display, not the Mighty Micros.
  6. I know that the Goliath isn't the same character, but it was the only connection I could think of. I'm honestly just in love with Valkyrie's other outfit- it looks so good and I like her hair more when it's down. Hopefully we'll get another variant next year if she has a big enough role in Infinity War, but I doubt it. I guess I'll look for other faces and hair pieces for her and try to make a custom variant.
  7. Laurence Fishburne is playing Goliath in the MCU, so maybe that's why we're getting a comic version of him as the preorder figure? It's the only reason I can think of. Edit: The new Ragnarok trailer is out, and it confirms the accuracy of Loki's minifigure. His outfit is definitely blue in the movie. I feel like Banner could've used a different hair piece, though. Also, they could've made the Valkyrie figure with that lighter suit of armor she wears and given her a more accurate hair piece since her hair is down with that outfit.
  8. Given how awesome Steppenwolf looks in the new trailer, I'm even more disappointed with the Lego version. It looks way too light and I still hate the style of build they did.
  9. The U.K. Warner Bros channel just uploaded the trailer. I am definitely in love with the Destiny's Bounty set. For some unexplained reason, I just adore Lego boats and ships of all types- I love the pirate ships they make and I'll also buy the Friends cruise ships. I can't wait to get the Bounty, but I wish it had sleeping quarters for the ninja instead of just Wu. Maybe I'll modify it and include little narrow bunks for them. I'm trying to wait until August 10th to buy the sets, but I might end up caving before then.
  10. They said it would be on their Twitter page today. I saw a tweet where they said something about how they're excited for the next trailer and there's only a few more weeks left to go, but I think they meant that there's only a few more weeks until the movie.
  11. Yeah, I'm expecting that, I just feel like there's so much less marketing for this movie than there was for the Lego Batman Movie. Although I guess Batman is a lot more popular, so it makes sense why they'd market him more.
  12. It's kind of weird how we got like 4 trailers for the Batman movie and only 1 for the Ninjago Movie, even when it's just 2 months from release.
  13. That is true, the added head articulation would be nice for displaying the figures in action poses. I didn't think of that. My favorite hoods are those dual molded ones they made for the Hands of Time and Possession waves.
  14. Vixen wasn't perfect for DC, in my opinion. Those shows are getting more and more popular and making SDCC figures the only representation they have in Lego form is slightly irksome. I do think Deadpool Duck is perfect for Marvel though.
  15. But it doesn't need to wrap under the head. They've been doing one piece hoods that go over the head for a long time that have always looked good.