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  1. Whoops, sorry. I thought it was confirmed. SDCC does seem likely though given how early we're learning this information. Also, Just2Good uploaded a review of the ATM Heist Battle. I'm really excited for the Homecoming sets, especially after the new trailer! What's really annoying is that the Thor side of the comic book says "June 2017" on the cover and the back of the Spider-Man instructions has pictures of both sets even though we aren't getting them until August over here. Lego should've just released them at the same time in the USA.
  2. People are teasing the winter 2018 sets on the DC thread, seemingly confirming a new character, the price of the set, and the main build because apparently it will be showcased at SDCC 2017. Is it possible we could be hearing more Marvel news soon too? They did reveal the Micros and Hulk vs Red Hulk last July.
  3. Yeah, I'm not a very big fan of it. The Ultimate Batmobile set is the same price and looks so much better than just a flying black box with an inferior Batmobile. I'll pick up the Flying Fox if it goes on sale for something like 50% off.
  4. The new Batman looks great, I love the tactical suit printing. I love how Aquaman has little lighter streaks in his hair and I think he's a great figure!
  5. Finished building the Batmobile today. It's absolutely amazing and looks great. The detail is insane and I'm so glad I picked it up early. I hope that there's a third wave with more great sets like this.
  6. Yeah, based on the first trailer I thought they were too big but the size of them in the second when he's touching down on the grass and then when he's holding up Peter look as big as Lego designed them. Also, apparently Peter does have a web rope in Beware the Vulture so that's one less problem I have with the sets.
  7. After seeing the second trailer, I love the size of Vulture's wings. They make him look even more deadly and they've got a ton of detail. The one thing I dislike about the Spider-Man sets (other than some figures) is how he has no long web rope to use and only comes with power blast pieces.
  8. Do we have any confirmation on a third wave?
  9. That Brick Ministry channel has just uploaded the build review for Battle of Asgard!
  10. I think figures like that should've been added to sets like Bane's Toxic Truck or The Batwing. I actually just picked up the Batmobile at Wal-Mart! It was $129 there. I'll probably be building it later tonight, so anyone let me know if you'd like pictures of anything!
  11. No, there's been no rumors of another wave. Last summer the last Marvel sets came out in August and there was nothing else for the rest of the year.
  12. There are only a couple things I dislike about the set. I don't like the huge hole left after Robin's bike ejects, but that isn't a big deal. The other thing I dislike is that the Bat-Tank is huge and awesome, but only has room for a single figure. I think the back could've been done in a way that allowed more figures to sit in it, but it's easily modded. Overall, the set is amazing and I adore the amount of detail on it.
  13. That would be a good idea. Hopefully someone can talk to them.
  14. We get extra pieces in sets here. The only difference is the packaging with more information on it. I'm not very happy about getting the Thor sets 2 months later than everyone else, but I'll just have to deal with it.
  15. The Ultimate Batmobile is $140 on Shop@Home? And I thought $130 was on the high side.