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  1. I don't check Brickset, so thank you! I still think both sets will be very good and I'll definitely purchase both. Sorry for causing confusion about the pricing.
  2. Yeah, but it doesn't matter too much. The sets are pretty close in size, it's not like one is $20 and one is $80. I for one will be happy with whatever we get.
  3. Didn't all of the early buzz put the gladiator set at $50? The gladiator set has fewer figures and it would make sense for the arena to be a smaller build. Also, I think Delta said that the arena is the smaller one. Edit: When you look at Delta's original Instagram post announcing the sets, he lists the gladiator ring first. Whenever he lists sets in pictures like that he always does the smaller one first, like when he listed the bank robbery then the truck for Homecoming.
  4. You've got it mixed up. The ship is the bigger set and the gladiator match is the smaller one.
  5. Oh, sorry. I didn't realize that he didn't mention the other figures. I do hope the set includes another build though, because just one ship against some figures isn't a very big battle.
  6. Who said that? Delta Customs told us the entire figure line up at the end of November.
  7. He's wondering if the set includes any other builds besides the ship. We've known about the figures included in the set for months.
  8. Tragic Banjo already confirmed that Cole's Mech isn't in this wave, didn't he?
  9. I wonder if Hela's henchmen will have the helmets like hers? In the trailer we can see Heimdall slicing into a minion with the same type of head spikes as it shatters.
  10. They sound awesome. I hope the builds are good because I'm a bit worried about the arena.
  11. Well, it's good to know that the build is nice as well. I think I'll pick up The Scuttler sometime over the summer. I've got my eyes on the Ultimate Batmobile and Bane's Toxic Truck first. I seriously can't wait for reviews of that Batmobile, it looks amazing and extremely well designed.
  12. I haven't seen any pictures yet, sorry. Maybe check out some YouTube reviews? The reviewers sometimes connect sets like this at the end of the video.
  13. Scored the Killer Croc set for $47 on eBay. Super excited to build it, as Croc looks like the best big fig Lego has ever made and the truck is actually pretty cool and quite large!
  14. Yes, DC Super Hero Girls discussion happens in this thread. I do think that Harley's dorm connects like Wonder Woman's, because there are 2 clips on the back of the school. Wonder Woman's dorm attaches to one so I think Harley's will attach to the other.
  15. A close-up picture of Polka Dot Man was just put on Instagram by Delta Customs!