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  1. The new Milano has a ton of gaps underneath it, including some small ones at the back of the cockpit. If they were going to go smaller they should have at least made a $60 set to make the Milano better. Having the two next to each other just drives it home how bad the new one is. This feels like the downgrade from the AoU Quinjet to the CW Quinjet.
  2. It's at my store too. And the Batmobile is $130.
  3. Nope, Lego officially released all the supposed March 1st sets on February 17.
  4. The bank is half the price of the truck, and it's an easy way to get Spider-Man. I like the bank; it looks like the one from the trailer and the robbers have amazing weapons. I hate Vulture's helmet, but love the rest of him and I like the truck as well.
  5. I don't know, maybe it's in an SDCC exclusive. I just don't know where it could show up outside of PotC.
  6. The missing shark is strange. If it actually isn't in the set, then I think it would be reasonable to expect another, smaller one (not another D2C).
  7. Just finished the Milano. I love the Abilisk now, it's pretty great and the comic explains that it's only the head because it's just part of the way through the portal. I'm just not happy with the Milano cockpit. The figures barely fit inside and you have to take off the jetpacks, and then you're left with nowhere at all to store the accessories. The feathers on this one are also really bad and are hard to pose well, in my opinion.
  8. I highly doubt they'll reveal JL sets as they didn't reveal Ragnarok sets and the movies come out in the same month.
  9. Finished Detroit Steel and Ravager Attack! DS is a great set and I love LOLA! Also, the Iron Man helmet on Iron Man isn't as bad in real life. Ravager Attack has a really awesome ship and the tree is surprisingly big. I'm currently building Ayesha's Revenge- figures are great and the drone is surprisingly big. Also, you get an extra of Yondu's fin and his arrow!
  10. Just picked up all the new Guardians sets along with Detroit Steel and the free Batman promo. Can't wait to build these and hopefully the Abilisk is better in person!
  11. How is it overpriced?? $200 for over 2,200 parts is a great deal, especially considering the Pearl was $100 for 800 pieces and the Revenge was $120 for 1,100.
  12. Really confused about the absence of the shark. I don't really understand where else it could fit in for other sets, as Lego doesn't have any ghost/zombie themes running. Maybe it was a last minute addition so is on the box art but not in the description? Although I would be on top of the moon if they released one more smaller set with the missing main characters and the shark.
  13. 1,053 pieces for the Batwing for $90 seems fine now. Still not happy about the 3 figures though.
  14. Not a fan of how they integrated a huge play feature into a purely display model. I'm seriously doubting buying this now...I think a Dutchman would've been way better. Also extremely disappointed with the lack of Will and Barbossa, though I can live without Gibbs. The ship is nicely designed though...maybe I'll have to wait for reviews before deciding. I'm also thankful we got more than 5 figures.
  15. Not a fan of the Iron Man helmet on Vulture, but glad they went back to the old design for Iron Man himself. I really love his new suit and I don't really care that Spidey is the same because he's an amazing minifigure. ATM Heist looks cool and the Vulture set looks okay, I still want to see how Shocker looks.