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  1. I'm really not bothered by the scale at all. It plays well with my other ships and when I put it on display I will certainly have the ghostly crew all over it.
  2. Oh yeah, that's probably it.
  3. It looks weird when you have the mast up, though. I just switched them around and it looks way better. Does anyone know why they used 2x2 plates with that small socket joint on the masts though?
  4. It would be incredibly annoying for Shocker to have printed arms and yet no leg print whatsoever.
  5. Thankfully with Black Panther the General Zod legs work extremely well. I guess we can look for printed legs that would work so all hope isn't lost.
  6. I have to agree about the leg printing, it's extremely annoying on some figures. Not too bothered by it on Hela, but this trend started last year with the Civil War sets and the detailed torsos with unprinted legs clashed horrifically in figures like White Tiger, Scorpion, and the Vulture last summer.
  7. Okay, thanks. I'll check your store in a few days then!
  8. Is anyone selling the sails yet? I want to get a couple more, not a full set. The masts in the movie have three tiers of sails, so I'm going to try to modify the ship to include that.
  9. Whoops, I missed the part about the bricks being round. Yeah, those should work. I've already modded my ship- I added one of those poles with studs on the end to both tall masts and a crow's nest to the forward one. Then I extended the furthest mast (the tilted one by the wheel) by two of those technic axle connectors. I'm working on putting bricks under the collapsible mast right now. Also, I'm using the captain's cabin with its tiny floor space as a little prison, so I don't know if I'll modify it further.
  10. No, the boxes have axles going through them for stability. You could replace them with dark bluish gray 2x2 bricks with the axle hole in the middle, though.
  11. Back in 2011 I was desperately wishing for a Maelstrom Battle set with the Dutchman, Pearl, and Endeavour for like $400.
  12. Absolutely love that Hela and the headpiece is amazing! Can't wait to get her. All the other figures are also great. Can't wait to see the builds. I hope they're better than the other movie sets this year.
  13. I'm working on the cabin right now, and honestly it would've been pretty easy to include an interior. It doesn't bother me that much anymore though because there's a ton of deck space and the ship is just beautifully designed! Edit: does anyone know why the main mast is supposed to be backwards when it's on the ball joint? I think it's because you're supposed to stack the joints when you want it to remain upright, but it's really weird that they tell you to put it on backwards.
  14. I'm both happy and sad that Bruce is regular and not turning into the Hulk. I want to see the alternate faces on Loki and Bruce (if they have them). I'm reserving judgement on Loki's body until clear pictures come out, but I'm glad he has a new face and that they included hair as well as his helmet. Thor looks good but I wonder why he has glowing blue eyes? I'm really excited to see Hela and the rest of the sets, as I'm sure they'll be wonderful and probably the best Marvel sets of 2017!
  15. Is the rowboat a new mold?? I just started building and I could've sworn there used to be two hollow studs right in the front of it, because I used to stick my oars in there to ensure I wouldn't lose them.