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  1. I'll get all the sets, but wait for them to be discounted. I can see a saving of $70 for the 3 sets once discounted. Hopefully we get a Polybag as well.
  2. I hope the lex luther mech set comes with a winged batman set in the same style of the spiderman homecoming set with Vulture and his wings, but in Batman Returns style.
  3. 16 18 or 20 Minifigures in the 2nd wave of cms for the LBM? Also the LBM, you think with Delta confirming 2 sets today, that we should get say 5 sets in total?
  4. More bat vehicles!! Never enough if them!! Of*
  5. With all the other themes images coming out. When can we expect any news on a 3rd wave of LBM sets?
  6. 2 thumbs up.
  7. So there is a third wave of Batman lego sets? If so, a hint on how many sets, so we can speculate within the set boundaries?
  8. Did anyone notice the new ride batman was in? (JL trailer)
  9. Im hoping for some more bat vehicles. The batcopter The bat sub The bat Kayak The bat zipperline The bat space shuttle They have pictures of these vehicles in making of batman and batman cool guide. So much potential. Here's to hoping another wave of 5 sets!! One could only dream!!
  10. Does anyone think that Lego will ever release display mats like the ones they use for the comic con shows? Is there anyone out there who does custom ones?
  11. This is great. The bigger the sets the better. Flying Fox with Updated better designed batmobile. Come on Lego bring it and we shall empty our wallets at your marvelous creations!!
  12. The lego movis had a 3rd wave. Plus so many more bat vehicles to get out. You hear me Lego. More bat vehicles in sets!!
  13. So if its US $130 . That means in AUS it will be bout $200? And should have about 1200 pieces? What you think Jackattacks? @JACKATTACKS
  14. Don't know. I was hoping someone here would have the answer.