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  1. Wildlife photographer for me, though the Satyr and Pirate were close behind.
  2. My eighth entry for ABS Builder challenge. This was a really fun build to make, especially all the different chocolates. I tried to go for a rather rich, dark color-scheme, which I think ended up looking quite nice. The dark red seed part is used 40 times. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  3. My seventh entry for ABS Builder challenge. This was a pretty simple and quick build, but it was fun implementing the seed part into a micro creation. The dark red seed part is used 4 times. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  4. Nice rockwork and snow on the outside, and the fig looks great. Excellent use of those eggs inside as well
  5. Excellent work on the curving wall, especially for your first try The vegetation in the corner looks great, as does the wall texturing. Nice wooden top on the tower as well
  6. Wonderful work as always, Gideon The colors are perfect, especially the medium dark flesh and dark orange roof and sand green fences The fire wagon itself is very well deigned, I like the use of those helmets on the front. Stunning photography as well.
  7. Fantastic micro Isaac, each of the siege weapons is instantly recognizable The combination of wood and stone for the building is excellent as well, and I like that the second story switches to tudor.
  8. Nice entry I like the portal pole, and the tree is good, though as Henjin mentioned, keeping it to only one or two colors might look better. As others have said, some more small plates for ground texturing would be nice as well, but overall great job
  9. Fantastic new graphics Hinckley! One of my favorites that I've seen here so far
  10. Good job of packing everything in to such a small footprint. The bottle design is nice, and the figs are excellent
  11. Such a difficult choice this round I ended up going with the viking, but the forestman and bagpiper are fantastic as well. Curious to see who will move on.
  12. My sixth entry for ABS builder challenge. This build came together quite quickly, though the presentation was a bit of a challenge to get right. The lobster was a fun challenge to create, and I’m quite pleased with the result, though perhaps my personal favorite part of the build is the cup. Inspiration goes to Siercon and Coral, as well as Legohaulic. The dark red seed part is used 12 times. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  13. No problem at all, I was just having fun with the 'best hero' conversation
  14. Well, ole Sir Glorfy is the next closest thing to having my own sig-fig in the shot And my sig-fig should be easily recalled, tis my avatar
  15. Personally, I'm rather fond of a certain fellow in the front middle with a nice broad smile on his face, and some stylish armor. Great at epic poses, though his beard isn't as impressive in person...