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  1. what a lame calendar this year. bought six last year. this year probably only one, if.
  2. snowspeeder
  3. Glad, for once, that the revealed sets are rubbish. That way I can spend it on the UCS MF.
  4. americans are hilarious. they complain about lego bps costing 15 dollars, and then they tip 20% in restaurants. or maybe that's the reason why they complain so much.
  5. Nobody is pointing a gun to their head and telling them to use a limited palette. I said that if star wars makes them so much money, and if there's so much potential in re-use, they could invest resources in making a more accurate colour. Or else they can use stickers, the way theyre going.
  6. Since Star Wars is such a good earner for lego, maybe they should invest in a new, more vehicle-accurate colour for their bricks.
  7. god forbid they should introduce a new element in the star wars line without raising the price by 30%.
  8. They are readily available from my local supermarket in belgium, with the price slashed from 18 to 12 euro.
  9. We don't have a TRU in Belgium. What happens in such cases?
  10. Hey guys, which retailers in Europe are selling the Arkham set, apart from s@h? It's a limited exclusive, isn't it?
  11. Whoah whoah whoah hold on a sec. I never mentioned anything about not paying for the stuff I ask for. It's just that I see - might be a different service, I dont know - so many people getting the licensed parts directly from Lego, I assumed it was thru the Missing Bricks service.
  12. With that new Alfed in the Ultimate Batmobile, you can make a decent Bruce Lee Kato custom to go with the classic batcave set.
  13. Thanks. I was only wondering whether you needed to justify why you needed for eg a pair of han legs, or a darth vader cape, or whatever.
  14. I have a question regarding the Missing Bricks service on S@H, where basically you have missing bricks, quote a number from the instructions manual to prove you own the set, and lego sends you the missing parts. My question is: is this frequently abused, and how often does Lego humour such requests? Im talking about people telling Lego that a whole minifig was 'missing' from the set they just bought. Point of the question is, of course, whether I should try my luck.