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  1. These have been sitting around for quite awhile so I thought I'd share them with you guys. Thanks for visiting!
  2. Here's my entry!
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments, I really appreciate it! Have you seen the video? It's not exactly a stop motion but it's a timelapse of me transforming him. You can find it here
  4. Congrats on reaching 10,000 votes! Great job! I'm really hope this becomes a set soon, even though I probably won't be able to buy it because it's online only :( so do you guys get to design the set or have any input on it? Or does TLG get to do all the fun stuff?
  5. yes Click Here
  6. Thanks a lot everyone. I really appreciate your feedback! @Legocrazy81 Thanks, are there any specific angles that bug you, if its the front wheel well then there's nothing I can do because then it can't transform. lol @Ceroknight I'm quite fond of it too! @Hammerstein NWC Thank you, I figured he would be more recognizable in his signature posses. @Captain Green Hair I dont think I'm gona do instructions for this guy, but maybe if enough people ask. @soccerkid6 Thanks, I'm glad you like the back, I wasn't too sure about it myself. @Lego_Graff Thanks and Welcome to Eurobricks @Si-MOCs I always except suggestions and constructive criticism, making it work in both modes is part of the challenge in building these guys, so feel free to say whats on your mind. @Plastic Brick Thanks, it does transform
  7. Wow, this is amazing! Great job! This is so accurate I almost thought it was a screenshot from the game! Excellent work!
  8. This is a major redesign of my original Jazz, almost every aspect of it has changed. Features attachable rocket launchers, speakers, and a new beam riffle that can be attached in both modes. there is also a lot of great posability and detail. And yes, it does transform Enjoy! See more pics on flickr or watch it transform Here C&C are greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching!
  9. Fun test
  10. These guys are really cool! Great job!
  11. I love 7 wide cars, and yours is no exception. Great job! I really like all those vents and exhaust pipes! The back end reminds me of a Ferrari.
  12. Here's my new tumbler from The Dark Knight. 10 studs wide in the back which makes it slightly large but it seats two minifigs side by side and has tons of detail to make up for it. Also the roof opens like it's suppose to and slides back a bit. One of its major features is the Batpod transformation, The front section detaches from the rest of the vehicle and folds up into the Batpod which isn't completely based on the one from the movie, I decided to change it up a bit to make life easier for myself. Enough of that boring stuff. It's time for some pictures! Comments and criticism are welcomed! Thanks for watching!
  13. Here's my entry: Batpod And Tumbler mainly batpod
  14. nice, but what is he going to do with that lightsaber? Here's my entry: A Death Star Christmas
  15. Just mainly a few updates to its design because I like to change things, a lot. - added more points of articulation - redesigned arm so that the hands are built in instead of being stick on hands - pushed grill out a stud - redesigned from waist down - added those yellow parts to his waist - new legs and feet, much more sturdy - there's probably some more that I can't quite recall -and yes, he is still remote controlled and can still hold both his weapons Enjoy Also, the trailer now has a pop-out kick stand Hand Transformation Waist Transformation And now Alt-mode Click Here to view the set on Flickr C&C are welcomed!