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  1. Well, I have found a solution for the doors. I will post new pictures when I have time to upload them to Bricksafe. Worked out nicely IMO. But you people may be the judge of that when I have posted the pictures. Now I will have to figure out how to build up the rest of the Megaspace can around the opening doors.
  2. This is also a stunning model by your Hans, very well detailed as we are all well known with.
  3. This is one stunning model. Love the lighting on it and all those chromed pieces.
  4. This is looking amazing so far, big fan of your work Effe!!!!!!!
  5. Sorry that the pictures are sideways, I have started my Bricksafe account just now. But this is a part of the cabine, the colourmix is because I didn't have enough parts to build it completely red and dark gray.Hope this clears some things up a bit. the lbg and black plates on the side are just for temp bracing.
  6. Okat, didn't know the classic 24x43 tires fit on those rims.
  7. I've started on the base of the cabin, will see if I can use Kiwi_Builder s solution. And will also look into a double hinge haven't n, figured out yet how to place it. The cab is 2 studs longer then the original and it will be a megaspace cabin. So it will be higher then the original to.
  8. And in a double hinge configuration, how will that go. Well nothing in real bricks yet, searching red parts to build the can, have to reconfigure a large part of the can, first time I am going to do this. But am looking at a lot off models and opening doors to figure out how it's done, but good pictures off these are rare.
  9. I have seen double hinge plates on doors, but my real question is how to implement then. I have seen on pictures that it is done, but when I enlarge such a picture it gets to blurry to see how it is done exactly. So if you or someone else has a good, clear and large picture off this, would be a great help.
  10. I have build the Actros from www.brickforge.de I am planning a second one, but this time as a Swedish log transporter, with a crane on the back of the truck and a 4 or 5 axle drawbar trailer behind it. This time I also want to make opening doors in the cab, but I don't know how to get good opening doors. I have seen more 1:13 models with opening doors, but can't find good pictures off the opening mechanism for the doors.
  11. This is one stunning model, the level of detail is wonderful. Did you paint the rims? Love the colour overall.
  12. Yes, that would be easier, you could use that in real-time, but LDD does not know that part because it ain't official Lego.
  13. That looks awesome dude!!!! To fit that much stuff in such a small space and make it look that good.
  14. What connector, don't see it on Shapeways