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  1. Truly a stunning model, what a level of detail.WOW
  2. Hello D3K, Any news on the instructions for the truck? It's awfully quiet around this beaty. Sorry for bumping, but there is still the promis from his he would finish them.
  3. What a beautiful design.
  4. A really good MOC once again, hope I can build it some day.
  5. This is really a stunning model. Indeed the level of detail makes it stand out between all the excavators around. Are you going to make a complete LDD off it?
  6. This will be a monster when finished. The EW160E model looks like a HO model next to this.
  7. Wow this is a leaqe on it's own.A stunning model. Really like to see the complete model.
  8. The FMX looks vetter.
  9. I have bought 3D printed clamshell buckets for a MOC. I have spraypainted pneumatic cylinders to match a white crane. I,'ve cut a 24t crowngear. Have cut several axles in my time. Glued parts together. Used custom stickers. Have cut multiple diverent parts.
  10. Wow very impressive!!!!! A monster!!!!
  11. Very nice to get recognition for your buildings skills in this way.
  12. Very stunning model, love the dark red rims. Those are the dark red racing medium if I am correct??
  13. Wow what a beaty. Indeed the tires are a bit small. But overall great job, also love the seeder. Would love to own this combination.
  14. I am looking for a solution to replace these front axles on a second version I am building of this Actros, with two straight axles. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=429505 http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6357517 And if you look on www.brickforge.de you can find the LDraw files and submodel files on this site. If you take the submodel of the Actros front, you can see how the submodels are added and how the chassis is build before the front axles are build in. It has independent front suspension, but it should have straight axles with a kind of leafspring or something like the Unimog from 8110 has, but without the drivetrain. Haven't figured out yet how do do this.
  15. Thuis is a very good and detailed model. Really like it.