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  1. Hey Efferman, I wonder if you could design a leafspring suspension system for a container truck I want to build based on the MB Actros 4150K I have finished a while ago. I'm thinking of building a 8x4 chassis with a MAN cab and leafspring suspension all around. I think i can use the leafsprings you've designed already for the front axles, but need a leafspring setup for the rear. Maybe you know the kind with the one big leafspring stack on which both axles are suspended. Unfortunately i can't find a good picture of one, been Googling for half an hour now, but no luck yet. Might take me a while before i can order some parts, hobbymoney is a bit slow due to household problems.
  2. What an astonishing project, this is worthy of being placed in the HOF!!!!!
  3. I totally understand where you are coming from, if the customer is buying it, it most work and be reliable and sturdy. I've used 3D printed parts on my Actros, you've designed them for me, since TLG ain't making good bigger size clamshell buckets and making them out off plates and bricks just didn't look good, I had no other choice than to use third party parts for this. And it worked out great, the buckets look very good and finishes the model off nicely.
  4. Well I get your point, I partially agree with you. These parts used here give the arm a more slim look, makes it less bulky, I like it.
  5. Those parts on the crane aren't Lego if I am correct, Shapeways from your designs?
  6. Very nice work Blackbird. Want to build this model someday to
  7. This beauty is looking more stunning every time you post pictures.
  8. No offense, but it's lounge beds, not launch beds, I don't think you want to eject people from their beds....😉
  9. I guess that's why the back wheels aren't rolling.
  10. Hello Milan, sorry for the picture size, didn't look at it, will try to keep it in mind next time. For me it was one off the first MOC trucks I saw on Brickshelf also, loved it immediately and when I found out it had free instructions, I started collecting parts for it and now 4,5 years later it's done!!! And I will look into that extension wire.
  11. Doesn't anyone out there want to give me an estimate on how much my truck is worth, just would like to know, because I spent so much time on collecting and building.
  12. Only thing I can still say is WOW!!! There are no other words for this beauty. sorry if it gets repetitive, but I just can't say anything else about it, it's just that great!!!
  13. Well, I am not a huge fan of ships, but I know a stunning model when I see one!!!
  14. WOW 😲 that's more than three times what I have. I sure would like to see that workplace off yours, I could be busy there for quite some time.