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  1. Yes, that would be easier, you could use that in real-time, but LDD does not know that part because it ain't official Lego.
  2. That looks awesome dude!!!! To fit that much stuff in such a small space and make it look that good.
  3. What connector, don't see it on Shapeways
  4. Has nobody done this?? Putting a pneumatic crane on the 8258 truck and rebuild the excess gears in the gearbox??
  5. looks very good to me
  6. I have taken apart about 10 Technic sets, all and all I have around 55000 elements in my collection. I have these sets on display: 8868 8862 8110 8482 8258 8285 8459 42054 the blue fury and a massive Actros MOC (6000 parts) The rest is in pieces.
  7. Hello D3K, First things first, sorry if this is considered as bumping, not meaning to, but I am still waiting and hoping on instructions to get finished for this model. Is there any progress since last time? Do you have an idea on when they will be done, you promised to finish them.
  8. I know you have painted some parts orange. But if I where to do that also, than it would be possible. Did you paint a lot of parts??
  9. Why is the lxf version partially white? Because off the real one being for a customer? I like it more in orange!!!
  10. But will there be a photo build instruction for the custom arm?
  11. Thanks for the link, very handy. I'll be waiting for the LXF
  12. WOW 😲 Efferman, this is one miracle build, I really hope you'll make the LDD and a parts is. I hope I can build it one day. Where did you get the stickers from? And are there going to be custom stickers on it??
  13. maybe a stupid question, but what and where is BMA, it's obviously a convention of some sort.