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  1. Pretty cool. Like... really cool! :-)
  2. The Temple of the Feline Gods, will be licensed as large Art & Culture.
  3. More than three hundred years ago, the Myzec were at their prime, a highly sophisticated civilization, the undisputed rulers of Cascadia. But prosperty brought another problem: Time. People suddenly had plenty of it available - to think, to develop ambitions, and to start political intrigues. Vohazulan, a minor servant of the high priestess of the Myzec, used his influence among the common people to secretly originate his own religious cult. The "Felinians", as they called themselves, worshipped the large carnivourous cats, the apex predators of Cascadia's deep jungles, as gods. Soon Vohazulan's followers grew in size, secretly raising temples in unfrequented areas deep within the jungle, where they worshipped their feline gods. The Felinians refused to fight the carnivourous cats, and being eaten by a god was the greatest honour the cultists could hope for. While Vohazulan had only strived for political influence and raw power, his cult had soon made itself independent from its founder. Young men who were supposed to become warriors, scientists or masterbuilders, and even young women who were set for their way to religious and political power, ventured into the jungle alone, to become prey to the claws of the gods. Thus having acquired a taste for human flesh, and knowing the ease of obtaining it, more and more cats had become pure maneaters - which had not been their nature ever before. When the great retreat was initiated, at the time when the Myzec retreated into the protected valley and lost all contact to their mother civilization outside, Vohazulan was banned from the city of Myzectlan. While most Myzec believe he has found his self-created doom between the teeth of the largest tiger that had ever been, some fear he had secretly returned to the city, and that his cult may have lived on in the dark till this very day. Most Myzec, however, think only the events around Vohazulan and his cult have lead to the retreat of their whole people into the valley, and thus also to the demise of their civilization. Only in recent years their warriors have started to rediscover their bravery, venturing into the jungles once again, always ready to fight the felines, while the scientists hope that over generations the cats may have forgotten the taste of human flesh. This, at least, is what Halosian scientists have extracted from the incomplete records of Myzectlans history. Quite heavily inspired by this 3d rendering which I found via Google...
  4. Why haven't I commented on this fantastic, lovely, amazing, wonderful piece of work yet? So sorry, because this MOC deserves a comment. Let's start with what I don't like: The masonry bricks are too evenly distributed. I would much rather have them densely stuffed in two or three spots. Like if the plaster has just broken at some places. Let's continue with what I love: The bridge is amazing! Ok, only half a bridge, but still fantastic. The roof design is lovely, the style very similar (which is great!) to Bregir's MOC. The oven inside, the roasting process - great depiction, so cool! Excellent minifig posing and a very busy atmosphere all around. ETTC in the ground is a nice addition. These chimney-windows (for the hot air to flow out), and the guy opening the hatch with a long stick is my favourite, really fantastic depiction of this. Lovely work overall, please give me more!
  5. ABSOLUTELY PHAENOMENAL! It really seems as if there was water and everything is floating/swimming in there! WOW!
  6. So absolutely fabulous! So what do I love most? No clue! The tower is absolutely amazing, the style indeed is perfect, and the mix-in of the two greens to show it's over-grown-ness works out wonderfully. The rest of the walls behind the jaguar are really cool. I definitely love those palm-trees with the green whip which I already copied from you once. The small creek looks amazing, and having it right at the edge of the MOC makes it look a lot larger. My clear favourite, though, is the cleanness of the vegetation. How it slowly elevates towards the tower, how you found the perfect mix of greenery, and actually make it look extraordinary without doing any fancy or overly complex plant creations. My favourite, though, I guess: Minifig placement is a different art, which is often key to MOCs. Animal placement is in my opinion even harder, but you just nailed it 100%. So damn great!
  7. This is definitely the most creative fort we have seen so far - what a fantastic creation, and so fitting for the Sea Rats. The best thing is your genuinely brilliant execution, though. That must have been a pain to build, I assume? Absolutely stunning, amazing, fantastic, outstanding!
  8. That panther.. is just going to drink, I guess? :-) Thanks for your comment, including all those tools to the cabin was quite a mess (had to disassemble and reassamble it numerous times). Thank you! Actually (almost) all credit for the jungle has to go to my girlfriend, who was a great help with this MOC and created most of this lovely jungle. I gladly take the feedback for the cabin, I like that you like how it turned out. :-) FIRST! Thanks for the great feedback for the hut. I actually experimented for over an hour with the roof, only to go back to my initial attempt (the one you can see in the picture) with only minor amendments. Happy to hear that you like it (and also the hut in general). The part is 15469 in Medium Azure, can be found e.g. in Elves Treetop Hideway. Thanks for your praises, hiding the panther (however not too much) was quite a challenge, actually. Neither will she be eaten, nor is she intended to be particularly Corrish. But let's see what happens? :-) Thanks for your feedback. The lush jungle was, as stated above, all done by my girlfriend. Regarding the logs: No, actually just bricklink. But they are great. Thanks for your praises! I am also not too certain regarding this whole big tree. Maybe the MOC would have needed two or three of these, and then if only one had the yellow flowers it might have worked better. But we definitely ran out of space for this to work out. Thanks for this feedback, and happy to hear you like the rest. :-) Thank you! Great to hear that. Many plants were knocked over during construction, placed upright again, knocked over again, and so on. Quite a pain. Thickness comes with a price, after all. :-) Thank you! I agree and hope to create more like this in the future. :-) Thank you. The fish was actually one of the most easiest things to build, however I personally also feel it has a great effect. Thanks for confirming. :-) And sure, why shouldn't the two meet in the depths of the jungle. These cats are overly fascinating, after all! Thanks. Feeling is all it's about! :-) Thank you - glad you like it! :-) Thank you. That panther is such a fantastic "brick", I just had to use it. Makes me happy to hear that you like this particular picture (I do as well). :-)
  9. Fantastic LDD trees! Neat idea and finest execution!
  10. The weighing machine is absolutely fantastic! Very nice MOC overall - keep it coming.
  11. No! No! No! For the love of the game. Please DO NOT REMOVE faction bonusses. Because they do have a significant effect on the setup of settlements. Whenever I - as an Eslandolan - just want to build something, it's always a commerce, just because of the bonus. There are more art&culture MOCs in Oleon than in other nations, more educational in Corrington, and more Artisans in the Sea Rats towns - and that is 100% appropriate, becuase it differentiates our nations. In a good way. Most of us are not that greedy for Dubloons that we would exclusively build cotton plantations and commercial properties (or would we? :-) ), but we are a little greedy, so we will have more of these in the end. Which is perfect! Also I don't think 20% is too high, for small properties that is 1 DB per month. Paying 20% less is probably overkill, though. A problem might much rather be that other bonusses are either too insignifcant or too much hidden, so that nobody cares for them. The game should emphasize those more, and this way make the faction bonusses slightly less significant. However I really do like the suggestion to adapt Corrington's bonus and include factories. My suggestion would be to keep the 20% on education and add 10% for factories.
  12. ... - any kind of museum - geologists - explorers - libary - book store - debate hall / club / forum - any commercial or artisan MOC with a heavy focus on apprenticeship - cartography of any kind - creating a new type of ship, a submarine, a new vehicle, an aerostat, etc. - observing wild animals - a zoo - ... However I do agree that educational properties are the hardest to vary with, and probably also are what a settlement needs the least. There should really be something else to make up for that for Corries (though I find your suggestion quite exaggerated, but the direction might be right).
  13. Splendid, creative, humourous, beautiful - all the things we are used to seeing from you. Please keep amazing us! :-)