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  1. Thanks Elroy, for posting this. A1. Absolutely....I've found Railbricks both very enjoyable and helpful over the years A2. Yes, I'd be happy to pay around 3.50EUR / 3.80USD for a digital magazine of similar quality to Railbricks. A3. Not applicable for me, but if I had something relevant to sell, yes. A4. Yes, maybe some writing, if I felt I had something new to share. I would not want to be paid. A5. Refer A4. Best incentive for me would be to give back to the community/hobby that I have had so much enjoyment from Cheers, LLL
  2. So awesome!! Hanso makes a good point: he's not just buying a crossing's the whole experience. Cheers, LLL
  3. sex·ism noun \ˈsek-ˌsi-zəm\ unfair treatment of people because of their sex; especially : unfair treatment of women [Ref: Merriam-Webster] Such unfair treatment of people - to put popular, brightly coloured (colored) themed sets on the shelf for people to choose to buy or ignore. There seem to be some questionable statements in the article too...about the research institute being a "response" to consumers pointing out things about the FRIENDS line.
  4. Myer have 20-30% off toys. Plus sale items...$50 off Millennium Falcon and Paris Restaurant. LLL
  5. Hi all, As Euan wants to run on a Mac, Bluebrick isn't 'off the shelf' in the way that the LEGO track planner is and would need a .NET application (Bluebrick site gives a link to Mono) to run. I'd suggest it's well worth the effort though, I really like the layering and easy addition of new sets in Bluebrick (haven't run it on a Mac myself yet though). Cheers, LLL
  6. Looking forward to the Southern Tas event today ... LLL Probably should mention it's still on tomorrow too
  7. Hi Nalyd, Here are some links that might give some ideas on the 'what': Storage and Sorting LEGO http://www.eurobrick...opic=26213&st=0 Sorting the unusual pieces As to the 'where', here's where I got mine: SMALL: Little drawers (5x4) from Jaycar MEDIUM (1): Cheap storage bins that stack or go on racks (from Mitre 10), there are various quality choices...I went for the cheapest...not too bad, but not perfect MEDIUM (2): 'Organisers' similar to what jantjeuh has pictured above, but with removable compartments. It isn't named or branded except as 'Removable compartment organiser'. Also from Mitre 10. LARGE: Some storage tubs with lids from a local 'Reject Shop' style chain Good luck, LLL
  8. Click FAQ above. Pick a topic such as: "Tutorial - Posting pictures from Flickr on Eurobricks" "How can I upload pictures of my creations to the forums?" I can't remember if you have to have a minimum number of posts or something, but you should find the answers you need there. Cheers, LLL
  9. I hear you.....such a good set. One of the few I couldn't wait for either. You could always buy multiple 'sale' versions to bring your average price down :-D LLL
  10. I would lean toward opened. Buying 'mystery box' items from your local trusted retailer in a new packet that you can pick up and see is fun. Buying them over the web...wondering if the seller has squeezed and rejected them isn't quite the same. Just my opinion though...haven't done any economic analysis Cheers, LLL
  11. Solved!! Thanks for the help. Thanks zephyr1934 for the intelligent words above too.
  12. [bump] One more try....have tried contacting luck so far :-( Any help appreciated.
  13. I am so sorry for you. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures with the Eurobricks community. Luke
  14. For "plate is warped, instructions ripped", of course. You would generally be entitled to a full refund, replacement set or 'make good' (ie replacement of piece/instruction) as it doesn't meet Australian consumer guarantees applying to goods. Some of these include – Acceptable quality – Fit for any specified purpose – Match description – Match sample or demonstration model As for colour? Trickier....when does one colour fail to match the description? Obviously, if it's blue on the box and you get red, no problem to get a remedy. In this case, you've already described the (one/three) colour(s) as "medium blue" so they're recognisable as the colour on the it's a harder case. =========== NOW ............ having said all that, which is Aust Consumer info (not LEGO info).....I'm not sure if LEGO mention varying colours on the box as a which case I doubt they can help. On the other hand, LEGO customer service have been so excellent in my experience , they just might. Good luck, LLL