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  1. Got a great deal. 75120 - K-2SO 75164 - Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 3x 75165 - Imperial Trooper Battle Pack 75169 - Duel on Naboo 75170 - The Phantom 75172 - Y-Wing Starfighter Everything was at least 50% off, Y-Wing was 60% off and the Battle Packs 70% off and now I have everything I wanted from the previous wave. Summer wave is next, and UCS Snowspeeder. I will wait for a good deal for these. Lego Star Wars is just too expensive in Norway to buy full price.
  2. I don't think so. A Lego Store employee usually don't know an awful lot about these things. Maybe a few years ago, this might be the case, but I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, popular sets like Ecto-1, Dr. Who, Wall-E etc, got several production runs. In fact Ecto-1 was in stock for 2,5 years. So I don't think there's any reason to panic-buy this 1st June, unless you really have to get it ASAP. It might go temporarily on back-order, but I for one will wait a while before purchasing this and try to get a decent deal for it.
  3. May the 4th haul arrived today! 2x 75171 Battle on Scarif (40% off) R2-D2 poly Plan is to mod the Scarif sets to a bigger bunker when I have time. Also, 4 Scarif stormtroopers!
  4. You all seem shocked at the price of this. This price per piece stuff is a myth. There is a lot of other factors than piece count that determines the production cost, and the retail price, of a set. That being said, I'm really looking forward to getting at least one of this, it looks awesome!
  5. Whoops! I think I need new glasses
  6. I think that is a new piece! Well spotted.
  7. I think I'm going to love this! Just look at the detailing up on the top portion. Wow! It looks awesome! Can't wait to get it, and I hope there's more fairground sets coming.
  8. This is great news, well not for my wallet..
  9. It's a must! Can't wait to display it with it's "dad"
  10. I don't have another snowspeeder, so this is a must-buy for me. The design for this set is great IMO. Exactly what I'd expect from a UCS-set.
  11. It's happened before so of course it's possible to happen again. Whether or not it's "likely" however, is purely speculation at this point. Anyway, regarding the rumours of a UCS Millennium Falcon, if it does happen, I hope TLG has learnt the lesson that if you rereleae or remake something, at least make improvements on the original, or face bad PR, bad sales and disappointed customers.
  12. Haha, I love the exploding feature. It's a shame that set doesn't have any figures that I want, or it would be a definite purchase for me. Still might pick it up when on sale.
  13. Well, that's not a good wave imo. I'll be getting the bounty hunter BP and multiple of the First Order BP, but the other sets don't really interest me. I hope, and think, the ep. VIII sets are much better.
  14. It looks pretty good. I'm not blown away by it, would have preferred a Black Pearl tbh, but I will pick this up at some point. The minifig ghosts look really good!