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  1. Lego used this technique extensively in the USS Constellation set 398 back in 1978. All the canons on deck are connected with a jumper plate wedged between studs.
  2. Mark Stafford took pictures of the Inside Lego Tour and posted them on twitter. Among other things there is a M-Tron Saturn V.
  3. Sailboat rescue is pretty disappointing in my opinion. German shop has photo up.
  4. And just 3 seconds later at 1:54 you can see a sailing yacht in the background with green sail. That could be the missing coast guard set.
  5. Today is Lego World and Dirk from has a photolivestream, where a jungle build can be seen, perhaps the retail limited for the jungle subtheme. (A tower and a boat) Photostream here:
  6. The Lego World Convention will be held on Thursday, perhaps we will see it then. In the last years some Lego store exclusive sets were revealed there.
  7. The single licensed D2C-sets of the last years sometimes got a CMF series (the Simpsons sets or the Disney castle). And with the hint for May Minifigures one being a caped fig with tricorne, I hope we get a matching series for the ship.
  8. These sets are really great and i love that Balalaika in the village set.
  9. The modules and their endless combinations are really great. I supported this half a year ago and today I saw it in Bricks Magazine and now here. Hope you make it on Lego Ideas.
  10. One microfighter could be a Naboo starfighter like the one in this video at 0:40. And a star scavanger like the one here at 0:32.
  11. Does anyone know, wether you can play Axl or not? He Looks a lot of fun with bis big torso piece.
  12. I would love to see a quint fire engine perhaps fully RC driving, ladder control and if they feel whimsical, they could include a working waterpump.
  13. My hope for a new castle set is a D2C Nexo Knights set like the Temple of Airjitzu for Ninjago.
  14. I really hope they use the new stud-shooting crossbow from Chewbacca (from the Millennium Falcon set) in the Nexo Knights line.
  15. I heard a rumor, that the next UCS in February 2016 is going to be a 500€ set. (I'm hoping for an AT-AT)