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  1. Thanks people! Happy to see you like it The tentacles are the plant grass stem
  2. Cat C build for Mardier: The Mighty Kraken strikes again
  3. Captain Lalale had heard the rumours about a mighty sea creature devouring ships. Which were nonsense of course. Bloody landlubbers don't know anything about the sea. It is mighty and dangerous indeed but there is no need to make up such stories! And then the tentacles appeared...
  4. Thanks guys! I'll try to keep up the good work The warrior torso if from Dwalin.
  5. Thanks Titus! Been wanting to build a house with those greens for a while now! The ballista was a bit small to earn a complete baseplate so was happy to create a scene around it. Thanks Henjin! Kept the ground monochrome on purpose, figured it's in an indoor courtyard so would be cleane up every now and then. The only texturing I did was use both tiles and plates, hope it shows better in the added pics. Thanks Soccerkid! If you say it looks perfectly Mitgardian, it must be true Thanks Garmadon! It's my BoBS sig-fig cutting the wood indeed, that should explain his absence there for the last 2 months or so Thanks Kai! Great to hear it's lively Thanks Exetrius! Nice complements there
  6. Thanks! There's about 2 minutes of footage in Clone Wars that shows blue domes, pink flowers and palm trees so was happy to build something requiring some colours :D
  7. Simply beautiful, great combination of colours and textures. Nice and very lively scene too
  8. Another brilliant build! The complete build is just just dropping, damn that's epic!
  9. Excellent stories and pics! Really love that last one, the lake and sky look great together, I'd miss that planet too :D
  10. Lovely colours and those letters are really nicely done!
  11. My entry for Category B, for the Alliance
  12. The villagers were on full alert. Preparations were needed for the upcoming battles. The armory was busier than ever, the smith was creating spears. The woodworker would turn those into proper missiles later. A ballista was build but the engineer was still doing some calculations. Once everything is perfectly ballanced, wheels would be added to make it transportable. Little Mickey was there for motivational support waving his flag and singing songs about ancient battles.
  13. Just noticed that I used the wrong number in the title for the previous chapter. I'm sure the judges would have noticed, but to make sure I'll just point out that the build for this episode is for Rodia, not Hapes :)
  14. Lovely build, the archive looks great with the scrolls storage. Lovely colour combinations too