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  1. A pottery workshop has been licensed as a small artisan supporting the needs of the settlement.
  2. The plan for Port Woodhouse began with it being a primarily military settlement, however a range of craftsmen, trades people, farmers and their families have naturally followed the military to make a living providing for the soldiers and sailors needs. Indeed it is only now, months after initial settlement that the authorities are beginning to realise just what an important position the settlement holds. Rumour has it that Colonel Allcock, Colonial Governor for the Paradise Isles will move the seat of the Governorship from Jameston to Port Woodhouse! One example of some enterprising craftsmen who have set up in Port Woodhouse are the Elliot twins. Both potters by trade, they have set up a small workshop that produces quality cups and mugs for the use of the garrison and Royal Navy vessels that stop by the developing port. Benjamin takes a load of mugs out of the kiln, while his sister Doris shapes raw clay on their pottery wheel. ---- Just a quick build that I've actually had about ninety percent complete for a couple of months. I finally had the time this morning to pull it off the shelf and finish. Licensed as a small artesian in Port Woodhouse.
  3. That is one dashing looking highwayman! Nice selection of coaches as well. I look forward to seeing where the story goes!
  4. Thank you all for the comments! Without the pressure of a deadline we'll continue to expand the city. If anyone feels like trying their hand at some meso-American themed builds, feel free to place them in Myzectlan... hmmm maybe a mini-challenge is in order? It's possible... who knows? Nice pick up and yes, Zia's name comes from 'The mysterious cities of gold'. The 80's version is pretty much the first television show I remember ever watching...! It came on just before dinner when I was probably around 4 or 5.
  5. @Phred/ @Captain Genaro I just licensed a property in the new settlement of Myzectlan. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!
  6. Colonel Allcock, Governor of the Paradise Isles, is pleased to announce the following new settlements and maps for his domain. Settlements: Port Woodhouse, Garma's Key. Jameston, Celestia Myzectlan, Cascadia Maps: Garma's Key Celestia Cascadia Long Live the Queen!
  7. Name: Myzectlan Ownership: The Crown of Corrington (A semi-autonomous city of the Myzec) Location: Inland, Cascadia, Paradise Isles Map: Mayor: High Priestess Zia of the Myzec, (Ayrlego) Trade Value: 0 Town Bank: Who can own property in Myzectlan: Anyone Who can freebuild in Myzectlan: Anyone Description: TBA Original Information: Builds in Myzectlan Please help us out by posting your a link to your Myzectlan builds in this thread. Licensee is listed after the type of licence. Properties: 3/11 Size for EGS purposes - Level 1 'Hamlet' Required for Level 2 'Town' 10 properties of any type. Residences: Factories: Artisans: Commerce: Art and Culture: Tikal Temple, Large Culture, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Educational: Plantations: Mines: Forts: (0 out of 1 small available) Troops:
  8. Thank you for the comments all. A few quick points, @Bregir, @Professor Thaum and @Brandon Stark The candles are actually copied from @Garmadon - you can see them in this build here: Corrington Fortress by Robert4168/Garmadon, on Flickr What I meant is that it was very difficult to come up with a scenario where you could build for Mardier (as I feel we needed to at least make you guys work for your victory! ) but your main character doesn't openly assist them. For a pro-Eslandolan build all you needed to show was Mardier not getting the gold - so easy to come up with a story that doesn't directly support Eslandola, yet counts for their side. Not so with Marider, as you have to show Mardier directly benefiting, which is difficult to do if you want to involve your main character and yet still maintain your factions neutrality. Hope that makes sense - also definitely no ill will towards Eslandola (my CatA entry was pro-Eslandolan!) but like I said I feel you guys with your legions of talented builders needed to actually have a sense of challenge!
  9. Love the scene Garmadon, especially the transition from wall to windows (those windows are great!). I really think the height of the ceiling adds to the atmosphere of the build, and I like the way you used the half-arches to add to the grand feel. A very tidy little MOC that looks great - well done!
  10. I love the use of the all-Lego scenes for story telling, and yours here are really good. Great posing and photography and I appreciate they are all the same size (I know that can be trying sometimes!). Nice story and I look forward to reading the next part.
  11. Wow, great collaboration guys! I think that by concentrating on one build each you've been able to bring a quality to each build that is sometimes missed by trying to do three each. The tavern is really well done. Great palate for the colours and loads of good little details. The mini-fig choices are really good as well. The pyramid is everything I would have liked mine to be... The overgrown feel is really captured and the variety of vegetation really adds to this feel as does the use of the dark and olive green on the building itself. The details such as the microfigs complete the look! The Mardierian soldiers are also an elegant solution to a tricky colour choice. The fort is a great shape, the rounded bastions at the corners especially. The dark red looks really good, so many dark red masonry bricks!!! The gallows add a rather ominous touch - especially for those poor Eslandolan pirate prisoners! Overall top quality MOCs with a great story - I think we may possibly have a winner here!
  12. As others have said, that pyramid is truly amazing, the sheer size of it... and it's gold! As much as it pains me to say it however, I think the best way for it to be build with real bricks would be to use any colours and spray gold when finished! Surely that many real gold bricks don't exist, and if they did would anyone be able to afford them! Seriously though, I like the way you used a SNOT technique for sloping the sides of the pyramid up, I like it looks much better than simple stepping them up like I did and probably allows for a much bigger structure (if building in real bricks). Overall great entry KB!
  13. Really nice entry Faladrin. The first build is great with all that lava, and of course your native headgear is always well executed! In the second build the Mardierian soldiers look very good - nice choice of orange torso. The highlight of this build for me however in both the second and third builds is the yellow strip in the wall, it really accentuates that meso-American type feel. All over a great entry!
  14. lol, the military is the same world over! Down here it's known as the 'bath tub' method.
  15. ah, apologies, I hadn't made it to that one yet!