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  1. Thanks for taking my suggestion! It looks even better than it did before. I would say its perfect and blends even better with the buildings surrounding it. Nice job again! I really hope to see more of your MOCs in the future
  2. I guess I'm a little biased toward the HE seeing as I am French and my favorite train is the TGV. I was so thrilled I see a Lego rendition. I have always liked steam and diesel trains but my true favorite trains are the high speed bullet trains
  3. Very nice and intricate! Also I have always enjoyed your youtube channel. Brick on!
  4. Hi everyone, I have always wondered why the horizon express TGV has not been as well appreciated as the emerald night or maersk. In my oponion the HE is the best one of the creator expert trains. 2nd is the emerald night ans lastly the maersk. The HE has complex building techniques, small details, rare colors and small pieces. It is a fine train and looks nice and sleek. It is a wonderful train and i am very pleased to have it. -legoboy22
  5. Thanks, are you able to see the helicopter? Or is it not possible
  6. Ok i somewhat fixed it, the links now lead to pics although i cant seem to get the pics onto the page. -Legoboy22
  7. Hehe, I wish we got those large buildings and skyscrapers in the center, one can only wish...
  8. I have both the Parisian Restaurant and the Brick Bank. In my opinion the Parisian Restaurant is a little better for its architecture and height. But this may be because my bias toward my homeland . Also it is next on the chopping block to be retired. pick it up while you can and you wont regret it. The Bank is a very nice addition to your street scene if you already have the Parisian restaurant and i would recommend getting it next. Although it is a little short it has a lot of grandeur and looks good next to my Parisian restaurant. That's my 2 cents -Legoboy22
  9. Wow, that truly is an architectural masterpiece for your first MOC. the details on the inside and out are perfect. The only small thing I change would be to line up the pavement with the other modulars. Apart from that its perfect. Brick on! -legoboy22
  10. Hi i need some help with pictures, can you guys please reply to this post? It would mean a lot. -legoboy22
  11. Hi everyone, How do you delete your attachments from the "my attachments" folder? It seems to not be possible. Also, I can not upload any pictures because it says i have used all my space. I cant delete them to make more. Lastly, how do people have so many good resolution photos with such a small photo size limit? I only have 3 pretty bad quality photos in my attachments folder. Thanks a lot in advance -Legoboy22
  12. Hello everyone, When i got the 60116 ambulance plane I liked the set. But then I realized I could not put it in my layout. This was because i do not have an airstrip behind my hospital. After that I decided to turn the plane into a helicopter. I am sure alot of you are thinking "why in the world did he convert a plane into a helicopter since lego overloads us with helicopters anyway?" Now as a helicopter this vehicle will be able to land on my hospial and function prefectly wit my layout. I hope you like it! This is the general shape of the fuselage which i kept the same. The rotors are in my opinion the perfect size This is the rear ramp to load and unload patients. Because of structural instability it can no longer open from the top as well. Kai is being airlifted after burning off his hand in a fire accident. This shows the detail of the engines and the cockpit. It is always mice to have extra detail with the engines This is one last picture with the rotors spinning and ready for liftoff! I hoped you like it, thanks for all the support -Legoboy22
  13. Get rid of Lego friends and split Lego city in 2. It could be one part for police and fire stuff and another part for everyday life. That would be amazing! Also I despise Lego freinds for its sexist nature. Those are my dream Lego themes
  14. That truly is amazing but even a 6 floor office building with 4 walls and a roof would be welcome.
  15. Hello EB community, I am just wondering why Lego never releases a building above 3 stories high. I think even a 6 floor building would look like a skyscraper compared to what is currently available. It would have exellent playability maybe even with a helipad on top and offices or apartments. I am just curious about this do please post your opinions. Thank you in advance -legoboy22