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  1. That's the kind of pairing that would appeal to me. I like to have "foils" in displays, like Clumsy guy and Banana Suit guy.
  2. Wow, he is gorgeous, and instantly recognizable. Well done!
  3. Of course. Missed him, sorry, lol. Hopefully we get Lilo as well.
  4. Hopefully it has just been pushed back as opposed to scrapped. I need a lego goofy! He got overlooked in Disney Infinity, would hate to see him left out again. Looking at the existing minifigs, only Maleficent doesnt have a "partner" so we need either Sleeping Beauty or one of the Good Fairies.
  5. I already typed this, but when I went to post, it said the site was under maintainence and I lost it all. 1. Corn Cob Suit Guy: Love him! The moustache reminds me of Don from Monsters University. 2. Rocket Boy: Just adorable! I am keen to see if the suit can be used as a building accent somehow 3. Butterfly Suit Girl: Love her, too. will get at least one of her. 4. Gourmet Chef: Like the new hat/hair piece, pie and whisk. She will be useful somewhere, I'm sure. Maybe in the Friends Bakery? 5. Circus Strongman: One i will pass on, at this stage. 6. Elf Maiden: Could be useful for parts. I like the look of her outfit, but will have to swap out her hair. 7. Battle Dwarf: One i will get for parts, specifically the mohawk and beard 8. Retro Spaceman: Might buy him for the raygun. 9. Yuppie: Could be useful somewhere. 10. Connoisseur: Will buy for the dog, not sure about the fig. 11. Dance Instructor: Worth it just for the terrifying hair! 12. Highwayman: ??? I am holding out hope, but have to see him first. 13. Surfer: Shark Suit Guy needs that board! 14. Roman Gladiator: Will likely buy for the face and hair. 15. Hot Dog Vendor: Love the new tray. Wish the plates seen in other sets had studs to keep things in place. Will get him for sure. 16. Veterinarian: Cute little bunny! Will go well with the Easter Vignettes. Multiple buys for sure. Hope to see the rabbit in other colors in the future.
  6. I can picture Cruella hunting down the dalmatian puppies in that. Very nicely done.
  7. There are pictures here The ski lift looks interesting, but you would need two or three to make it look decent, and then you would have to work out how to hook them together. I like the look of the chalet, too.
  8. I bought the parade set, simply for the goofy vehicle. The kids should love seeing it in the display.
  9. The bottom set looks like it has glow in the dark walls. Could be useful if it does.
  10. Not impressed with the volleyball net, but it could have been worse, I guess? Undecided about getting it yet. The rest don't look that appealing, but may change when they are on the shelves.
  11. Thanks for the info, Kevii. Fun at the Beach sounds good, as does the Friends Ski Lift.
  12. Looking forward to the ski/winter sets. Heres hoping they are decent builds and can be integrated into the Winter Village. If the Chalet does have a ski lift, I might have to build a mountain for it to run down.
  13. Sweet, thanks. Hopefully will be able to pick one up before long.
  14. Is Marceline going to be released worldwide eventually?