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  1. Thanks. Will keep an eye out. I don't mind ending up with doubles, hence not minding the blind bags. Tempted to use them as roofing tiles or flooring somewhere along the way.
  2. Speaking of the blind bags, is there going to be a series 2? A local website had them cheap last week, and I was finally able to finish my set, but only just. One power I got once out of 30 or so bags.
  3. Whoooo, that set is awesome! Don't know if i will buy it, but its tempting!! I like the hotdog stand too, Might have to build one once the instructions are released
  4. Nice one! A model railway friend of mine mentioned wanting to go up, but had to work on Saturday. I hope you had a great weekend. I love the KITT with the lights.
  5. Very nicely done. I do enjoy viewing a nice model and learning a little at the same time.
  6. Mind blowing build! Well done, a very faithful recreation. Are the lights on a cycle or can you control what they do and when? I love how the lighting on the front of the canopy looks like the old school neon signs.
  7. It would be neat to get an elephant that was 2 parts, like those horse costumes you see. One person as the head and front legs, and the other bent over as the rear quarters. Not sure how they would pull it off, and it would obviously take 2 bags to work, cost-wise.
  8. That was tough between Gingy and Scarecrow and the two Disney picks. Ended up basically flipping a coin.
  9. Nicely done!
  10. I was prepared to not buy any of this series of CMF, but those initial photos have changed that, even if they are more parts than anything. I can't wait to see that pink and blue hair piece. I am thinking it might match up ok with Unicorn Girl from a few series back. Same with the drink cup, like she is taking a break and has taken her headpiece off. I love that scarf and hope to see it in more colors.
  11. Stitch, one of my favourite Disney characters. Wanted to vote Donald as well, so this was a bad round for him to be in. Alice is one of my least-liked characters. Don't know why, have never liked her much.
  12. It was a tough choice between Jester and Peter Pan, but Jester just edged out.
  13. Hiker all the way. Love that guy and his accessories.
  14. Received and sorted my box of 60 yesterday. 99% correct guess rate, except I thought there was an extra Highwayman. A second check revealed it was the missing Hotdog Vendor... had misfelt the hat. Looks like I will keep most the box for parts, and may attempt to onsell some. Some really nice figs in this series. Standouts for me are the Butterfly girl, Chef and Rocket boy. But theres not a single one that isn't useful one way or another.