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  1. Stitch, one of my favourite Disney characters. Wanted to vote Donald as well, so this was a bad round for him to be in. Alice is one of my least-liked characters. Don't know why, have never liked her much.
  2. It was a tough choice between Jester and Peter Pan, but Jester just edged out.
  3. Hiker all the way. Love that guy and his accessories.
  4. Received and sorted my box of 60 yesterday. 99% correct guess rate, except I thought there was an extra Highwayman. A second check revealed it was the missing Hotdog Vendor... had misfelt the hat. Looks like I will keep most the box for parts, and may attempt to onsell some. Some really nice figs in this series. Standouts for me are the Butterfly girl, Chef and Rocket boy. But theres not a single one that isn't useful one way or another.
  5. Neither did I, but for that price? Plus I want multiples of some for their parts, especially Hotdog Vendor for the trays to use in the Pizza shop, and others.
  6. Ha, love the rocket! Finally caved and bought a box. The website had 20% off most Lego, so I saved around $80NZD. Too good to resist.
  7. Brilliant. Looks ready to hop away.
  8. These have been seen in the wild in New Zealand. Photo was on Facebook, store apparently had permission to break the street date. Hoping others across the country will follow suit soon.
  9. That is brilliantly executed. I love that it has so much movement while also being stationary.
  10. Great review, as always! Many in here that spark my interest and several will be duplicate buys. I hope they make use of the new ray gun in the future, in new colors.
  11. A very strong series, this one. At the moment, I'm not concerned about getting the Highwayman, simply for the fact we don't know what he looks like. Many of the ones I can see are must buys, and some will be multiple buys, like the Hotdog Vendor.
  12. For some reason, the idea of a cake-costumed minifig would not leave me alone yesterday, and I thought of a way it could be achieved. A three tier cake. The bottom level could be done using a mould similar to the new skirt piece as used on Minnie Mouse. The middle level could be created with an armour-type piece, that goes over the neck and leaves the arms free to have a little movement. The top could be done using a white head and a new accessory, like a melted candle shaped helmet, to allow the "plume feather flame" [64647] piece to attach. Wouldn't look as good as if it were a one piece, like the hotdog, but better than nothing.
  13. Looking forward to the ski-themed sets. Likely end up with 4 of the ski lifts, two each for going up and down, and then try to link them together some how. Will need to get a heap more white bricks to make a decent slope and skiiing area.
  14. That's the kind of pairing that would appeal to me. I like to have "foils" in displays, like Clumsy guy and Banana Suit guy.
  15. Wow, he is gorgeous, and instantly recognizable. Well done!