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  1. Looks great! It's a pretty little thing
  2. No one thought the new trailer was great?
  3. LMD arc isn't bad, it was better than what they had prior certainly, but I watched Westworld first and I guess that's not a fair comparison.
  4. I've been watching Agents of SHIELD and it's basically a bad version of Westworld these days.. Legion has been really interesting though!
  5. Ahh the Spiderman sets aren't great
  6. Glad we're getting two FO Troopers! Other sets look alright
  7. I really like the Snowspeeder as well. It's the first Starwars I got excited about in a long time haha
  8. Seeing the pictures of the book, it seems like they had a lot of fun with making the movie!
  9. Aren't there usually S@H promos for superheroes? Like Martian Manhunter
  10. Ahh the split vehicles don't look that great
  11. Very funny trailer!
  12. Hmm the new Milano looks a lot cleaner than the one released in 2014
  13. 32.99, 43.99? those are odd prices, aren't they usually like 34.99 or 44.99?
  14. Sooo what was the point of the Slingshot thing?
  15. Rogue One made Force Awakens look like trash. So much happened in the last 30mins