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  1. On behalf of my daughter and myself, I wanted to say thanks for another great event! It's a pity I had to leave early and miss some of the contests, etc.,but I hear it was all good fun, I'll see you all in Billund next year!
  2. Two Green Arrows now held for you! We can sort out later, either a trade or a reasonable price based on average bricklink minus a bit.
  3. Sorry, change of mind about the ticket for my daughter; she reminded me that she'll be going to Billund in September, so I'll get a Merlin pass for her as it will work out cheaper in the long run. Thanks anyway, and the notifications about posts is really helpful, I agree!
  4. I'll have an annual pass, but a ticket for my daughter would be much appreciated, thanks, Holodoc!
  5. Thanks, everyone, for all the positive feedback. It means a lot!
  6. Thanks, everyone for all the positive feedback! (And no, I didn't get much sleep during those eight days... they passed in a bit of a blur, actually!)
  7. I'm sitting here on a wet Sunday morning, should be outside tending to my dairy goats but have put it off for an hour since its so nasty outside,,,, a cup of tea beckons. Shoud be starting my next big MOC (planned to start it last month) but wondering if I should put it off for a bit more and enter the mini modular competition instead.... found this thread while idling; it suited my mood perfectly!
  8. Capitol Building for me, too, please, if there's any left! What a great price!
  9. Built as a set of commissioned works for Warren Elsmore's book Brick by Brick Dinosaurs and his tour Brick Dinos , this series of dinosaur dioramas is the culmination of six months of hard work, late nights, lots of research and loads of fun! Each dinosaur has been designed as accurately as possible and has been placed in a setting suitable to its environment and era. (I call my collection "Jurassic Brick" as a whim, since I am well aware that many of the creatures actually lived during the Cretaceous period!) Anyone interested in building these dinos should get a copy of Warren Elsmore's book. Warren did a brilliant job creating clear, step-by-step instructions which turn my rather complicated models into something readers can confidently build at home themselves. I really enjoyed designing this series of dinosaurs and hope others get pleasure from building them! For close-up views (or to see some of my other work) please go to http://janetvand.deviantart.com/gallery/ and click on the folder icons on the left-hand side. Thanks! TRICERATOPS BRACHIOSAURUS PTERANDON ARCHAEOPTERIX PARASAUROLOPHUS ALETOPELTA TYRANNOSAURUS REX CORYTHOSAURUS SARCOSUCHUS SPINOSAURUS DIPLODOCUS STEGOSAURUS STUTHIOMIMUS (WITH SKELETON) BRONTOSAURUS SKELETON IN MUSEUM
  10. Thanks, Are! Actually, I had to build two of them since I needed a prototype (the travel agency wanted the model glued and I was afraid to glue whilst building unless I was sure of what I was doing!) So, my "copy" is going to the Paredes de Coura fan weekend.... it seemed a fitting location since the real cathedral is so close by. And yes, having to build two meant I had to have double of everything in stock!
  11. Built as a commissioned work for an Irish travel agency promoting the Camino di Santiago, this model of the famous Santiago de Compostela cathedral was created on a tight budget and an even tighter timeframe of only eight days! Since there was no time to order any parts, I could only use parts that were already in my collection. The biggest challenge, however, was to incorporate as much detail as possible in order to make the model instantly recognisable and yet keep it to the required scale for ease of transportation, display, etc. Completed in January 2017, the model consists of 4,548 elements. For a clearer, more detailed view, (or to see some of my other work) please visit http://janetvand.deviantart.com/gallery/ and click on a folder option from the left-hand side. Thanks!
  12. It would indeed be so but, fortunately, my son was in Gunzburg last October (loved it!) and my daughter exhibited at Skaerbaek last September (which included a day in Billund) so neither of them have had a deprived childhood!
  13. This sounds fine to me! By the way, it'll be my daughter coming with me instead of my son (they agreed to take turns!) She's 18.
  14. A double room would have been enough for us, but if there is not a second one available, then the family room you have listed is okay.
  15. I have a couple of the Limited Edition Green Arrow Dimensions polybags, if anyone is interested (new,sealed) https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/ON/0/71342-1.png