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  1. Not sure... would question why they did not show his face print at NYTF. Who knows, could happen, i just think they would have shown it off more if it was a unique head.
  2. I'm sort of interested in the larger Spider-man Homecoming set, but i'm not sure if its worth it. Hopefully we see Shocker soon to be motivation to get it. Unsure also about the new Milano, i'm not as much of a collector of the builds as i used to be and it's not really sparking my interest - but it'll probably be cheaper to get the set than bricklinking the figures We are aware of 'Tinkerer', a third villain, and we do not currently have a release of any of the more focused on side characters such as Aunt May or the roommate character. Though admittedly they would be unlikely to draw attention. The first might draw people in. The second does not provide much to attract attention. The third is already available to everyone easily via other themes.
  3. I think as a figure he'd look sort of like Force Awakens Luke if we got a figure of him.
  4. So, this is a promotional image (so not a spoiler) released of Ego. A character in the new Guardians Of The Galaxy film. I'm hoping that he will be released in addition to the current GOTG sets. due to the characters role in the story, which will not be discussed here, and the design of the character as we do not have many bushy bearded figures in the MCU line-up. Just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to provide any pieces to make a custom version of this character.
  5. There's bene a few other guess/wishlist topics, so here is my thoughts on a few figures we could get. Trailer 1 - Lloyd, Night wear variant (1:45) - Outfit is IDENTICAL to Emmett's from the Lego movie, i remember hearing quite a few people asking for the torso, arms and legs to be released. Perhaps they have and i'm just unaware, but seems logical to have Lloyd released with his night suit 2 - Garmadon, Night wear variant (1:48) - A funny take on the villain would be perfect for the CMF line-up 3 - Afro fiancé (1:30) - Afro piece has only appeared in the CMF range other than a birthday set 4 - Wedding dress fiancée (1:30) - Most prominent figure in trailer, though does not appear too unique... 5 - Beach Ball beach goer (1:24) - Beach ball piece and printing seem unique enough that i can see justification for a figure 6 - Woman with baby and bottle (1:28) - The baby appears in other scenes including Lloyd defending it from shark villains
  6. Shall do :) Should speculation about the the mysterious figure in the Spider-man Homecoming set and the Thor Ragnarok sets go there? Just wondering because we've heard information on what they include - but have not seen them. Is it a case where we discuss future sets in there and then go here once official images appear?
  7. ATM set; $19.99, 29.99€ Vulture set; $39.99, 44.99€
  8. Also, in terms of the Avengers, i feel Thor should have arm and leg printing this time around - and hopefully we get an updated Loki as all the versions are based off his Avengers movie appearance and he's changed costume since. Official left, custom right.
  9. Beware the Vulture should be the same price as Ayesha's Revenge. Instead in some places its the same price as the GOTG2 Milano set. If Shocker has full printing; arms, legs, head, torso... then i may get it at full price. Otherwise it's a pass till it drops price. There is a rather nice custom floating around by Phoenix Customs - unsure if its for sale anymore though There was an increase in prices recently globally, the UK apparently suffered more-so. I expect the sets to go on sale to a more reasonable price, similar to the TLBM sets dropping prices by about 20% barely a week or so after the movie's release.
  10. Do we get a topic for speculation then? Just wondering as the Pirates theme has two topics for the POTC 5 sets, one for confirmed the other for speculation. Pretty much - if they ever release an exclusive figure that is important to the theme such as if they were to release Ego exclusively to SDCC with no plans to distribute elsewhere, it would put me off collecting the characters given it'd start to become too expensive to get all the main important figures. SDCC exclusive's should be random weird characters based on the comics
  11. We cannot dismiss the possibility of getting him at SDCC or via other methods of distribution such as polybag's - unless you are certain the SDCC figure is not going to be him? and that he will not be released in any way in 2017. Dont forget to buy a few of this guy while you can. I believe his arm's would work well on Star Lord, Gamora, Yondu and potentially Taserface or other Ravagers. Generally the Ravager-style red GOTG figures work extremely well with his arms.
  12. Not sure... just saw chat about them.
  13. A small bunch of the Ghost Sharks appeared online briefly recently. This does however hint that they will be released soon in some fashion, as they probably are in mass-production now.
  14. Well looking at the previous versions below, a price increase to about $150 would probably increase the piece count to around 1500 and have a minimum of nine figures Its worth noting that the size of the ship has not increased much in the previous versions however the detail of the ship has increased. So we could potentially see a more detailed version of the ship potentially stretched a bit to allow more space for figures. Destiny's Bounty £59.99 / $79.99 / 79.99€ Figures; 6 Builds; Destiny's Bounty, Snake pillar Pieces; 680 Final Flight Of Destiny's Bounty £99.99 / $119.99 / 83.99 € Figures; 9 Pieces; 1253 Builds; Destiny's Bounty, Dragon, Tool Rack ================================================================== Honestly with the style of ship it is, i'm expecting a build similar to below, perhaps with the addition of a cabin; Pirate Ship Ambush; £89.99 / $99.99 / 99.99€ Figures; 9 Pieces; 756 Builds; Pirate Ship, Catapult
  15. Oh, was unaware they would release Marvel figures if Marvel were not in attendance - thanks for letting me know. Yeah, personally hoping for Ego also.