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  1. Little smaller than i would have liked, but i can definitely see this working in regards to the idea that Lego fish fans could turn this into a fairly organic looking shark with fairly minor changes to the build. In regards to the sets so far - may end up getting most the mech's and maybe the Destiny's Bounty. Interested to see about potentially combining the mech's together.
  2. D23 is believed to be the main Marvel thing this time around instead of Comic Con. We may get a brief tiny teaser for Infinity War - but mostly you'll be more likely to get the second trailer for Thor Ragnarok. This is fine depending on what they include and the size/price of the sets. We'll probably get some sets for Avengers 4 the following year.
  3. For such people you have technic and could easily expand the technic theme to include more joints via technic pieces. Constraction was big before because it was primarily an off-shoot of technic - which gained increased sales when attached to a good story. As i'll cover in my reply below, it's also difficult for them to branch off now from anything other than smooth humanoids. CCBS at the moment is jumbled in regards to an aesthetic; - Lots of smooth pieces (Sometimes printed) contributed by Hero Factory - Lots of robot themed pieces contributed by Bionicle - Lots of smooth pieces (Sometimes printed) contributed by Star Wars They are doing 'ok' trying to blend the smooth pieces together for Star Wars, but that's removing a majority of what they made for Bionicle which is too specific to be used for anything else. It's not a cost effective solution because if they vary from Star Wars humanoids then they only have the Bionicle aesthetic to fall back on in regards to pieces - unless they made more.
  4. Yeah, hopefully we end up getting a variant. Would be better than having two identical versions and a variant of him in his diplomatic suit would enable us to get a head to use for him when he unmasks without giving us duplicated figures.
  5. I feel the following are the only characters that need to be included in the possible Black Panther sets; - T'Challa (Diplomatic uniform) - Black Panther (New Torso and Head) - Klaue (With sonic arm) - Everett ross (In a suit) - Erik Killmonger (With mask) - Nakia M'Baku/Man-Ape is confirmed for Infinity War - so i dont mind if we get him in one of those sets instead (or even a BP sequel wave of sets) Personally more interested in the Infinity War sets primarily because it'll be a chance to get all the heroes in the most up-to-date outfits and could be great replicating scenes. D23 is Marvel's thing, will probably get an Infinity War teaser of some kind coupled with the second trailer for Thor Ragnarok - July 14–16, 2017 SDCC is July 20-23, 2017. I am unsure if Marvel is attending as they may just attend D23. This would be where we get the SDCC exclusive Lego figures though. Lego was never originally going to branch out into having any skintone other than yellow. It's not really a limitation as much as they are expanding into a new territory that they never really planned on and may drop completely if they ever stop doing movie tie-in's - given they have went from having one skin tone colour (yellow) to having at minimum three which is more costly to make hence the majority of non-licensed or non-specific themes sticking to the regular yellow figures. If we get tie-in figures where a main character is a 'black woman with glasses' then we will likely get that represented in Lego form - the issue at the moment lies in a lack of that particular character being shown in movies in main roles. However we will be getting exactly this with the Nasa women's set that passed Lego ideas - though admittedly the skin tone used in the final product may end up being lighter than what you would use for a figure representation (judging from your DP)
  6. Bionicle and Nexo Knights were intended to be two 'big bang themes' at the same time. Bionicle was planned to run from 2015 - 2017. Nexo Knights was originally scheduled to run from 2015/2016 to 2018. Both of these seemingly ending a year earlier than the basic three year plan is definitely saying something about the viability of a new 'big bang theme' - in essence, that one would be unlikely to be introduced. If they had plans for a new 'big bang' theme they would have likely planned to do so in 2019 instead after deciding whether to extend either Bionicle or Nexo Knights. While Nexo Knights ending with this summer wave is not confirmed, i doubt it would last until the end of 2018 which would be the end of the normal three year plan.
  7. Tbf, other than the creatures and one or two characters - there was not much that really warranted being made into a set and with it being a new property i can understand why they might be wary With the other 5 (?) films planned to lead more into being a prequel to the Harry Potter series i could see them decide to give us sets later on. Maybe just a singular UCS Hogwarts Castle as i'm certain that will show up in the film series and i expect they could give us something a lot better given the advancements in construction techniques and the willingness to make larger more expensive sets with more pieces.
  8. I understand the desire to see more constraction sets, but over time i've come to accept it as incredibly unlikely. The arguably toxic response from a majority of Bionicle fans mixed with the poor reception, sales and shelf-warming nature regarding the reboot (G2) has clearly disuaded Lego from focusing on constraction in the future. I would'nt be suprised if we do not see constraction as a seperate theme ever again, instead minor representations of characters from other themes seems the direction they are going. Lego is also drifting more to mech's (Ninjago Movie), brick-built villains (Nexo Knights), giant brick figs (Giant Man, Ares) and vehicles (Lego Batman movie, The Billion Brick Race) Constraction may have a place in Lego's future, but at the moment they are trying to popularise the idea of the Lego figure and making constraction pieces for a singular or even two themes would still be counterproductive and add additional costs with minimal returns. As mentioned by ZORK64 above the general consensus is that people are shifting from constraction and CCBS with a limited number of specialised pieces to simply using normal Lego pieces with the fairly new mixel joints and the focus on new sets focused around creating action figure versions in Lego style are clearly trying to encourage this. Why have a specific system for action figures when you can just create joints that work with regular Lego so people can make figures of their own with the normal Lego you already have in abundance?
  9. I guess it'll be similar to what often happens in Ninja movies, especially Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Lloyd will go off on his own at some point either for fun, on the run or as a vigilante hero or something similar using his Ninja skills.
  10. Worth noting, two sets would not create a ring - i expect you'd need about 3 or 4 minimum because a piece of the wall is missing and it would'nt create a completely walled in circle.
  11. In February, Just2good was on a podcast and confirmed that the Shark Mech was going to be a retailer exclusive one, at the time the only Shark Mech we were aware of was the one in the trailers. In April, We saw the sticker book, up until this point we had no idea that the Hammerhead Shark Mech was even a thing. Shortly afterwards, Sir Von Lego confirmed that we would be getting the Hammerhead Shark Mech as a set. I suppose its likely that the Shark Mech that Just2good was aware of is the same as the Hammerhead Shark Mech mentioned by Sir Von Lego. Though i do hope we get the walking Shark Mech.
  12. The BP minifigure for me is acceptable. If they wanted to give him an upgrade at some stage they could easily give us sets for Black Panther 2 or Black Panther 3, which i am almost certain we will end up seeing down the line. I dont expect him to get a new suit for Infinity War and his current Lego figure is fairly alright, though the details are more noticeable and standout more than the official suit. Maybe leg printing but other than that i think he's alright. Ant-Man in the same respect will have its sequel and possibly a third movie also. The helmet is unlikely to change - as i feel they would prioritise Wasp's helmet instead (as long as they dont mess up by using the comical Iron Man one) I'd rather they prioritise necessary figures for Infinity War that may not appear in any movies after it, those that we have'nt got or are changed from the previous versions.
  13. Thanks for letting me know, must have missed the pics of the Hammerhead shark mech previously. Though what about the walking shark from the trailers, i remember someone confirmed we would get that as a retailer exclusive?
  14. This and his hammerhead Shark mech are what i need to see.
  15. TBF; - We already have Black Panther in Lego form - If we dont get Black Panther set/sets then we'll likely get Ant-Man and the Wasp set/sets instead - Avengers 3 having at least four sets was to be expected, regardless we get Avengers 4 with a set line-up the year after so we should manage to get a full range all the characters we need to replicate most the movie's main scenes - The Avengers Infinity War sets could have a similar price layout to the Justice League sets from this year