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  1. Avengers had 4 sets Avengers; AoU had 6 sets I could easily see Infinity War having 8 sets. Then again, i suppose they'll have Avengers 4 the next year so 6 sets in 2018 and 6 sets in 2019 would probably cover all the characters. Information is innacurate regardless. Was shared on a comic book site, not sure which one. Which aviator helmet? Which goggles? Mostly concerned about the torso as unsure what to go for?
  2. Yeah, Shocker is a disappointment, same as Vulture. Will probably try and replicate this version that may or may not be in the movie as the over-sized gauntlets would look better. The mask would be difficult but other than that it seems possible.
  3. So have they all dropped arm printing? As they really looks rather cheap looking with the simplified designs and lacking the arm print.
  4. Been working on it, problem is that i dont think i have enough of the curved pieces for the hull and trying to make the bow is proving difficult. Along with finding a good method of making the hull either sturdy enough to support the weight on its own or have good enough supports to be able to manage the additional weight. Shall try and get some more work on it done once more of the hull pieces arrive
  5. Same here, they just look a bit simplified and lacking in detail. Maybe we'll get lucky and these are for the cheaper sets and the bigger sets will give us more details... but i doubt it.
  6. - You cannot use the top piece on its own without it looking silly (Bandana that covers the upper head, side's of the face) - You cannot use the bottom piece on its own without it looking silly (Bowl shaped), making it not as good as the previous mouth covering piece Would rather they include the normal 1-piece normal mask and potentially the previous mouth covering piece, rather than spend money designing a 2-piece mask where both pieces are useless on their own. It seems unnecessary and just provides an extra piece to get lost. Plus the additional lower segment makes it slightly more tedious to remove the mask, as now you have to remove the head to remove the mask - rather than simply removing the mask on its own. The 2-piece mask in general as of the moment does not seem justified - unless someone can find something interesting to do with the pieces seperate from the figures.
  7. Shall probably display Vulture without the helmet, with some custom wings and maybe swapping out the legs and arms for printed ones. The helmet has started to remind me of the Rocketeer for some reason.
  8. I'm not the biggest fan of the Vulture helmet for this Lego version, so hoping the head is somewhat useful. Even if it's just a Batman head without the strap. I would speculate that; Alternatively Lego just decided to give us something different to a Tony Stark head, which i dont really mind as we've had a bunch in the past. Maybe this will be the default head for Iron Man suits in future?
  9. Same feeling - i'm hoping that it's just due to budget being allocated to the Lego Batman movie and Ninjago Movie and that we'll get amazing set with Infinity War. At the moment i'm concerned that Thanos might end up being a brick-built figure like Steppenwolf.
  10. Destiny's Bounty - did not have a watermark. Appears that there may be an associated app-game.
  11. Unsure the names as the images i have are a different language, but here are some desriptions; 10739; Appears to be the Ninjago Juniors set. It has Kai riding a Lego bike with a flame piece at the back. He is racing towards a Shark minion who is basically a figure wearing a shark head sitting inside a vehicle that is made to look like a shark. In the background we have a small display which appears to be a training area with what appears to be a Lloyd variant in training clothes. Included is a small 'break the wood' feature to replicate cutting through the wood and a wall where you can hang your swords. 70606; This is the training area, it's a small set and likely one which you'll skip over or forget exists. It's basically bland except for a small area behind which i cannot really make out the details. Though there are some things for the Ninja to punch/slice and a sword-rack using the piece that is used to allow a Ninja to have two swords on their back. 70607; This is the market place which was described. It involves Lloyd, Nya and an officer (in a police vehicle with three wheels) chasing a thug. Behind them is a nice little store build with some lamposts and a connecting wire with hanging lights. 70608; This is the 'Master Falls' set. It appears to have a cage hanging from a tree branch, Kai appears to have escaped the cage and is dangling from a bridge that spans between two cliff structures. Meanwhile Wu is facing off against Garmadon (who has four swords and a hat similar to Wu's) A small skeleton rests in the corner. Could easily see someone replicating the bridge scene from Temple Of Doom. Worth noting is that the image did not give a title to the Skeleton. Garmadon is named 'Jungle Garmadon' in this set and lacks the robe exposing his muscles. 70609; Manta Ray Bomber, as i speculated a while back. It looks almost identical to the trailers and even appears to be of a similar scale. It actually has a Manta-ray brickbuilt face on the front. The set also includes another Shark villain variant, this time being a 'Great White' shark helmet on a figure. This set also includes Cole, Shen-Lu (a civilian running away) and a shark army gunner who looks different to the general shark army thugs. 70611; Nya's vehicle - with her and Kai facing off against a thug and a villain called 'puffer' with a pinkish puffer fish on his head. Most noticeably Nya's vehicle appears to have the ability to walk on water. The display picture showing a building with a shrimp in the background. The build itself looks fairly close to the trailers with articulation at the feet and knee's of the vehicle (possibly the middle though its unclear) The middle section kind of reminds me of the Sentinel's from The Matrix. 70612; Lloyd and Wu face off against Charlie (a thug) and Garmadon (who is firing a laser. Sadly Lloyd's Dragon does not live up to my expectations. The face appears to be made-up of two molded pieces with a brickbuilt eye, breathing purple flames. The overally appearance is very thin and while Lloyd can rdide on the back of it, it does look a bit too small for him - which appears to be why they've made what looks like a seat on the back of the Dragon's neck. Garmadon has a purple robe covering his front. 70614; Definitely Jay's vehicle from the trailer facing off against a small crab vehicle build (number appears to be either 19 or 13) - i believe we see it scuttling during the Garmadon shark walk attack scene from the trailer. The most interesting of the figures to me is the inclusion of 'Jelly' who appears to be the Jellyfish domed character from the trailer. 70615; Kai's mech we've already seen - most noticeably includes a Shark villain with a Hammerhead shark helmet piece instead of a regular shark. It also includes a Jelly warrior. 70617; Basically the set with all the Ninja and Jungle Garmadon - it lacks Wu. The two stone brick-built dogs are impressive. The temple itself is wider than i anticipated and the majority is focusing on a large door at the center which is where Lloyd and Garmadon are fighting. Jay is trapped in skeletal cage on the right of the structure. It's primarily a purple and grey build and the surroundings give a 'haunted' vibe. At the top appears to be some sort of mystical item - which looks kind of like the Necronomicon mixed with Kremzeek and appears to be stone coloured. 70618; Destiny's Bounty has finally arrived and it looks pretty epic. This set contains all the Ninja and Sensei Wu and looks much better than the Temple set. The ship itself has two brick-built dragon head carvings at the front, three sails displaying (two making a dragon with the back displaying a shield.The majority of the exterior is smooth bricks. The back has what appears to be a canopy covering a captain's cabin and potentially a lower area for the Ninja. The only small critique is the middle of the lower segment of the ship is mostly square/rectangular and sticks out a bit. Other than that it looks amazing and will be a set that i'm definitely tempted to get. Ninjago Movie most definitely. Kai's Mech and the Destiny's Bounty certainly make the Ninjago line-up stand out more than the Batman sets. The only thing the Ninjago sets lack at the moment is more interesting figures as a majority of the sets contain thugs, villains with helmets or civilians. Though yeah, nothing in the Batman line-up is as good as the Destiny's Bounty.
  12. I was just theorising a few days ago about the idea that they would have a Motherbox in each set - and seems they've done that. The sets look terrible overall though, a massive disappointment and i'd already set my expectations low - all of them are an easy pass - though may Bricklink a few of the Atlantean Guards or Green Parademons for army building. What a massive mess. 76085; Innacurate non-iconic figures unite Probably the only somewhat redeemable set due to its price. The figures are a bit terrible though and the set is rather bland. - Aquaman, in an outfit other than his main outfit and presumably we are'nt getting his main outfit until potentially Aquaman movie sets - Two Atlantis guards in bright outfits that do not appear to represent the image's we've seen of them so far - The less appealing Parademon, sporting the yellow'ish colour scheme which we have not seen yet 76086; Knock-off ugly Scuttler This thing looks like a mess, in both the movie scene's we have seen it in - and in the Lego form. For a €20 increase over the previous set, this should have had an addition figure - perhaps Aquaman in his actual outfit? The only upside to this set is the inclusion of two Parademons in green which actually look 'ok'. 76087; Flying box of repeated figures It looks like a massive box with a poor attempt at adding wings. Seems clear that they struggled with the idea of how to put the batmobile inside the Flying Fox. It feels more like a larger version of the Iron Skull submarine. The weapon-covered Batmobile looks silly and the figure assortment is not enough to justify the pricing. All the figures are re-used from other sets except possibly Cyborg and Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf looks like an absolute mess and has an incredibly cartoonish face (Hopefully this sort of thing does not happen with Thanos in the Infinity War sets)
  13. These sets are ugly, disappointing and honestly make me question whether it's worth even getting the figures due to how much they've skimped on detail on most of them. A majority lack arm or leg print that they need and several of the colour scheme choices are mind boggling. Hopefully the Infinity War (and hopefully Black Panther and Ant-Man 2) sets are much better. The Ultimate Battle For Asgard; Might pick up this set because of the Fenris Wolf, Thor and Hela (Even though she lacks printing and may not have a movie-accurate helmet), as it'll probably be cheaper buying the set than Bricklinking each of them and the Wolf. Though i hate the ship colour scheme they chose - in the movie its blue and gold, here its red, yellow and black - and the design could have been better. Most the pieces went into the Fenris Wolf and i can't help wish that we'd gotten Surtur instead of the silly looking vibrant spaceship - they took what could have been an epic spaceship and turned it into trash. Thor Vs Hulk Arena Clash; With a massively vibrant non-accurate colour scheme and design for the arena along with looking empty and generally bland this may be an easy pass. While the battle variant of Thor and the battle-armoured Hulk might be nice, it'll depend on the movie and how much of the movie has the Hulk looking like the Gladiator form. If he only has it for a short battle then i'll skip this set and bricklink the Thor figure at some stage.
  14. Information is basically a combination of what we already knew. The list of figures and general information about the set came from Delta_Customs The official titles and pricing came more recently. The only difference is that the Henchmen in the Ultimate Battle for Asgard are now given the title of 'Berserkers' Either way, still disappointed that the Thor Vs Hulk set is more expensive - hope it justifies it with the build
  15. Would much rather have had a double sided mask situation e.g. Hulk & Thor on one head, Cap and Iron Man on the other. A fairly generic looking robber face with a bruise and a plaster is kind of generic, i suppose its useful to some, but i'd rather have had something i could use to replicate the movie scenes. Giving us an alternative mask on the back of the head would have convinced people to get two of the set. Getting two of these sets and having the four robbers together would have been epic. Instead seeing as we'll likely never get the Thor and Iron Man masked heads, i dont see any reason to really pick up the set as it cannot fully replicate the scene and the build looks bland. The trailer primarily showed him fighting with the Thor and Iron Man mask wearing robbers, so arguably it'd have been better to include them. Alternatively they should have given us Hulk and Thor - given that we already have an alternative Captain America head we could use (the light blue version from the TV show based sets) and possibly the over-sized comic inspired Iron Man helmet.