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  1. It's fine - i'm still not 100% sure on it myself. I assumed that the reduced number of figures and the focus on the gladitorial aspect would mean that the Gladiator Hulk set would be cheaper - though Brickset says the opposite. Either way, a spaceship set for roughly the same (or $10 more) than the Milano Vs The Abelisk set... so hopefully we'll end up getting something for the spaceship to interact with. Even if it's just a small asgardian vessel or something to either give a sense of scale or simply to make it feel more like a larger battle.
  2. Did we see the boxes? must have missed those. Though the main thing is with constraction that it can sometimes be unpredictable in regards to what you'll get - technic is seemingly cheaper to include so i could see a €19.99 (£14.99, $19.99) priced figure being given a technic vehicle or something and it being sold as a €34.99 - (£29.99, $34.99) set.
  3. Thanks for the summary. Though yeah, other than Jestro/Electro Jestro, i never really got the feeling that a majority of the villains were meant to be lightning and rock. They probably needed to do something with the details to show they were embued with the power of lightning or something.
  4. Forgive me if i've missed it, but did we get confirmation its a figure rather than another vehicle and character set? As for who they are, i'm guessing; Rey, Luke. Kylo, Snoke Rey being the cheapest, Snoke being the most expensive Possibly switching out Kylo with a Storm Trooper variant. Rey will almost certainly get an update as she had a very specific outfit for TFA and i doubt that will remain for TLJ
  5. Edited the list with the recent names - names do not appear to have a source other than brickset however align with previous speculation - so please be aware they may not be accurate. *Blue's are believed to be retail exclusives/D2C's *Red's have images and all details listed for them are confirmed. 70606 Spinjitzu Training - €9.99 70607 Ninjago City Chase - €19.99 70608 Master Falls - €34.99 70609 Manta Ray Bomber - €34.99 70610 JS (Believed to be retail exclusive Garmadon walking shark/Shark Mech) 70611 Water Strider - €44.99 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon (Lloyd's Dragon) - €54.99, 544 pieces, at least three figures (Lloyd, Sensei Wu and Garmadon + additional figures?) 70613 NW - €69.99 (Believed to be Nya's Vehicle) 70614 Lightning Jet - €69.99 (Believed to be Jay's Vehicle) 70615 Fire Mech - €79.99, 6 minfigures (Kai, Zane, Male citizen, female citizen, shark suit villain, jellyfish bowl villain) 70616 ZT (Believed to be retailer exclusive Zane's vehicle) 70617 Temple Of The Ultimate - €109.99 (Sir Von Lego mentioned a temple priced at €129.99 Two brick built lions, 8 minifigures - it may be this set as prices may have changed) 70618 Destiny's Bounty - €169.99 70620 - $300 USD (Rumours believe this to be the Ninjago City which would be a D2C set) Juniors Ninjago Movie set (Confirmed by Just2good) 71019 CMF Ninjago Movie Polybags Notes; - Sir Von Lego confirmed Garmadon's Hammerhead Shark mech - though the exact set is unknown its believed to come out in the first wave - Just2Good confirmed Garmadon's walking shark (Shark Mech) as a retail exclusive - though the exact set is unknown its believed to come out in the first wave - Tragic Banjo may have confirmed that Cole's Mech isn't in this wave
  6. I still dont get why the bigger set is for the Hulk Vs Thor match. I know the Two Henchmen in the TUBFA set will probably be copies of each other and that the big-fig Hulk increases the prices of the Thor Vs Hulk set, but i'm struggling to imagine what they are going to do for a layout considering other than the area where the Grandmaster and Loki sit and potentially a door with a smashing feature, most the rest of the arena is a basic curved wall which would'nt really intice people into getting it. I'm still suprised at the lack of Heimdall or any of the potential larger threats we've heard about that the movie might have. Hopefully TUBFA turns out to be somewhat reminiscent of 'The Milano Vs The Abelisk' in that we'll have something for the ship to interact with - fingers crossed for something Surtur related. 76084; The Ultimate Battle For Asgard Description; Ship build Price; ($49.99, 54.99€) Figures - 6; Bruce Banner (With Green eyes/turning to Hulk), Thor, Valkrie, Hela, Two Henchmen 76088; Thor Vs Hulk; Arena Clash Description; Gladiator Ring Price; $59.99, 69.99€ Figures - 5; Hulk, Thor, Loki, Grandmaster and a Guard I mixed a few aspects of the list. I forgot about Bruce due to him having a weak figure representation and Valkryie because we have not seen her figure.
  7. I have'nt really followed the TV show or adverts for this year's sets, just the box art - so i apologise for thinking they were only rock monsters. It just came across that way with a lot of the designs - only Lord Krakenskull looked like he might fit with a lightning/water subtheme.
  8. It's like someone took a look at Power Miners and decided to do it backwards. We get Lava Monsters first and then downgrade to stone/rock monsters in the second year. They essentially took the coolest and most interesting aspect and did it first and then decided to do a watered down version of it for the second year. I've seen drawings of other potential villains they could have done such as the plant-based or water-based villains and those would have worked a lot better than simply having lava/rock followed by rock. First year; Lava + Lava Rock villains Second year; Rock villains Plus the villains for the 2017 sets do not really have as much personality oozing from them as the 2016 sets did. In the 2016 sets we had a lot more variation while most of the 2017 villains are fairly generic stone army - even the exceptions to this look like watered down copies of the previous year. Just a heads-up, like those involved with films, Lego Designers would be told and potentially contracted by Lego to not announce the ending/cancellation of a theme. This can and does have a drastic effect on sales - as why would kids/families buy toys for a theme that is no longer going to be around - i'm sure there are reasons some FOL's would buy the sets, but Lego would'nt want to risk potentially scaring away customers. A perfect example of this is how Customer Services, Lego in general and the Bionicle team handled the ending of Bionicle. Even though it was quite clear the theme was being cancelled, they kept denying it up until shortly after the release of the final few episodes on Netflix. Customer Services are often not told about a themes cancellation and only discover which sets are around when they recieve the catalogues, which can sometimes be months after we've recieved news. If a theme was cancelled tomorrow, chances are you would'nt be officially told it was cancelled until after that theme's final wave and/or final related media was released. In the case of Hero Factory i dont believe it ever recieved an official announcement that it was ending - and it took them a year or so to even acknowledge the theme was over. I doubt the designer would out-right lie, but deflecting rumours is exactly what happened with the cancellation of Hero Factory and Bionicle.
  9. I guess - was just expecting it to be 'Escape from Asgard' or 'Asgard Sky Battle' rather than something that is seemingly going to represent a final/ultimate battle. It's only a name so it wont matter too much i suppose, just seems like an odd decision if it is solely for a spaceship. Will obviously need to see the set, but to me the idea of a singular vehicle in a set does not really scream ' the ultimate battle for asgard ' - so hopefully it's something more than that - maybe if we're lucky it'll be the spaceship against another threat that could be brick built such as;
  10. Not sure how its an 'ultimate battle for Asgard' considering it only contains Hela and two guards fighting Loki and Thor. Potentially it's implying we'll see more than just the spaceship - maybe something for it to attack? Simple but effective. We've seen a purple henchman which is presumably for the Arena set. I'd guess Hela's henchmen if they are varied would either be generic Asgardian soldiers OR something similar to the GOTG Sakaaran soldiers from the first movie's sets. Though fingers crossed we should get a reveal soon - though anyone have any idea when?
  11. I think so, not sure - most of the list is copied from the previous list so it's possible he confirmed it was in a different wave at some point between the set list's i've been compiling.
  12. *Blue's are believed to be retail exclusives/D2C's *Red's have images and all details listed for them are confirmed. 70606 GA - €9.99 70607 TT - €19.99 70608 SA - €34.99 70609 MP - €34.99 70610 JS (Believed to be retail exclusive Garmadon Shark Mech - Shark Mech was confirmed by Just2good as being a retailer exclusive) 70611 SC - €44.99 70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon (Lloyd's Dragon) - €54.99, 544 pieces, at least three figures (Lloyd, Sensei Wu and Garmadon + additional figures?) 70613 NW - €69.99 (Believed to be Nya's Vehicle) 70614 JJ - €69.99 (Believed to be Jay's Vehicle) 70615 (Kai's Mech) - €79.99, 6 minfigures (Kai, Zane, Male citizen, female citizen, shark suit villain, jellyfish bowl villain) 70616 ZT (Believed to be Zane's vehicle) 70617 BS - €109.99 (Believed to be Garmadon's Hammerhead shark mech - Sir Von Lego confirmed that the Hammerhead shark mech would be a set) Temple - €129.99 (Two brick built lions, 8 minifigures - Confirmed by Sir Von Lego) 70618 ?? - €169.99 (Sir Von Lego claimed this set to be the Destiny's Bounty) 70620 - $300 USD (Kevii23 claimed this set (the D2C) to be the Destiny's Bounty, though rumours believe this to be the Ninjago City) Juniors Ninjago Movie set (Confirmed by Just2good) 71019 CMF Ninjago Movie Polybags Seems we have a bit of a contradiction on whether the Destiny's Bounty is the $300 USD D2C set or the €169.99 normal release set. I think its more likely that the €169.99 will be the Destiny's Bounty while the $300 USD will be the rumoured Ninjago City. Other than that, everything seems to be lining up now. Four confirmed set descriptions with no specific identity; - A bridge over a river, 4 minifigures (Lord G., red Ninja, sceleton and Wu) (Confirmed by Sir Von Lego) - A blue flying vehicle with looks like an animal (insects) (Confirmed by Sir Von Lego) - The Manta-Ray flying vehicle from the trailers (Confirmed by reports from the toyfair) - The white police "golf club car", part of a small scene set with street light in Asian style, a building with looks like a market stand and 5 minifigures (Confirmed by Sir Von Lego) if Cole's Mech is not a retailer exclusive then it would have to be '70611 SC' in order to be somewhat in-scale with the other sets. Otherwise it's not in this wave. A similar situation with Zane's Tank if its not '70616 ZT'
  13. It appears to be the piece used with Chima/Ultra Agents. We should hopefully see the back of the box art soon which may reveal whether it is - however for now it very likely is. Just to clarify so nobody misunderstands this - he means two Shocker's are confirmed to appear in the movie. That doesnt necessarily mean that we'll have two Shocker's running around at the same time. It's very likely a case where the version we are getting is based on the first version of Shocker played by Bokeem Woodbine. Likely chosen because he either fits the scene being displayed. Marshall-Green's Shocker will probably be the design that we saw on the display (the black/yellow suit with mask) and i expect that we could end up not getting that represented until potentially a Homecoming sequel or eventual Sinister Six film. If we do get any promotional figure/polybag/whatever - basing it around the older costume that Peter is forced to wear at one point in the movie would make more sense than giving us the updated Shocker.
  14. Grey boxes would have been nice to see, think it's best if people save images that appear in future so takedown's dont cause issues like this. As for the prices, we already had those from another site a while back - only three sets are missing prices as of our current understanding. 70606 €9.99 70607 €19.99 70608 €34.99 70609 €34.99 70610 ? 70611 €44.99 70612 €54.99 70613 €69.99 70614 €69.99 70615 €79.99 70616 ? 70617 €109.99 Temple €129.99 70618 €169.99 City $300 USD