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  1. I remember several people avoiding purchasing sets previously because the figures were subpar. Not everyone buys sets due to the vehicles - many people nowadays buy sets for the figures and view the builds as a nice addition because after a week or so they end up just dismantling the builds. Licensed themes especially have a larger following for the figures than the builds. The Spider-man Homecoming Bank Robbery set to me is an easy pass primarily because of the skimping on the figures. The Spider-man figure is great but i'd be getting it in the other set that has Iron Man, the main villain and the side villain. As such i'd only be buying the set for a bland building and two out of four of the characters needed to replicate the trailer scene - so its not worth getting the set. If they had included two alternative heads for the other masks then i may have brought it - but by skimping they lost a sale.
  2. Hope the build goes well :) Shall do. Have a few fixes planned. The earliest will probably be repairing various segments of the current model. At the moment working on the cabin, the railings and the golden spires :P The much longer project will be expanding the model's size to suit minifigures.
  3. Just finished The Silent Mary, easily the longest build i've done primarily because it was incredibly frustrating to build. The asymetrical design plus the lack of knowledge as to which parts this set has 'spare' meant that i was constantly double checking myself. It is incredibly annoying to build and i'm still unsure if the parts i have left are meant to be spare, i followed the instructions and checked multiple times yet i'm left with parts that i feel were supposed to be included in the set. I also found that for some strange reason some of the parts were in different bags - the majority were correct but one or two plates were in earlier bags even though they were not included until later - and i'm certain there was nowhere else for them to go until then. Going through the build process i noticed several times that it asks to build multiples of a part and i feel this is a bit cheap on specific segments, the four towers at the back for example all have the same damage on the lower segment because they are all the same design, just turned slightly. The finished build is quite impressive, its slightly longer than the box it is packaged in - though it is the same size as the box in height when the middle mast is put ontop as the box instructs. Removing the steering wheel helps immensely - suprisingly removing the bell also helps, i think its just very slightly too large for the surrounding objects so it stands out as being a little akward. Figures definitely should'nt be displayed on The Silent Mary, i'd recommend potentially having them in the accompanying boat or simply infront of the model for display purposes. For playability the only real function is the raising front segment, The middle mast is easily my least favourite part of the set - it cannot be positioned other than completely fallen other and because of the build process, having it stacked ontop makes it 'pop off' everytime the front of the ship is lifted - so ensure you hold the mast and the middle segment when lifting the front. Despite reviews there is a bit of ship 'bend' near the front - its not going to break the set or anything as i'm fairly sure its an intentional thing Lego made into the riveting joints to ensure they last longer - though it does mean you have a bit of a wobble and slight bend when displayed. The set's scale is perplexing and the best guess is that it's somewhere sort of smaller than that of a short-legged minifigure (Salazar with short legs to demonstrate) I'd definitely recommend it - the design is impressive and with the included figures and Ghost Sharks it feels worth the price. Though if you can get it on double/triple VIP points or on sale then it'd certainly make you feel the purchase is more justified. In the UK there was a Lego price jump by about 20% - meaning this set would have probably cost around £150 instead of the £180 - which it honestly feels like without counting the figures/sharks. With the figures and two unique sharks i think its worthy of full price. Here are all the parts, as always, click to see the larger versions :) :3 =============== I now begin the process of 'fixing' her :3
  4. Edit; Silent Mary just arrived, will be building her this evening I'd enjoy discussing this further with you, but i'm fairly sure that we should probably chat about Lego or at least how it relates to Lego in this topic :P In regards to the Silent Mary and some of the remarks you've made, i do think it would have been better if Lego had experimented a bit more with the ghosts. The best we got was a leg and a head being transparent. I think they could have varied it a bit more perhaps with a transparent arm or something. I'm still a little disappointed that it'll not be possible to army build these.
  5. No confirmation. Except the Doctor Strange teaser trailer (a film released around the same time as Thor Ragnarok) released April 11th - so its quite likely the Thor Ragnarok teaser trailer in April also. Releasing a new Spider-man Homecoming trailer with GOTG 2 would also help encourage Marvel fans to see Spider-man Homecoming. I'm hoping that Shocker has arm and leg print - primarily because it'd help better justify the set. I'm not a fan of the vehicle or Vulture's wings and helmet - so i'd otherwise just be paying for an Iron Man colour swap and a torso print for Vulture (along with possibly a unique head?) Things tend to go by so quickly with the MCU that i dont tend to desire the sets unless they are either incredibly well made or represent something iconic that will be re-used - with Infintiy War next year and Avengers 4 the following year, chances are that we'll see a large line-up of sets for both years so trying to save where i can. I believe due to concerns about multiple villains generated from The Amazing Spider-man 2 and Spider-man 3 that Marvel wants to avoid showing Shocker to avoid worrying fans about the potential three villain scenario for the third time. Notable Sony's variant of the trailer was the one that unvieled Shocker, it also focused more on Iron Man to try and sell the film.
  6. Personally i expect its actually a highwayman rather than a Pirate - but could be an explanation for the hat.
  7. Eh, depends on how he ends up looking in the movie. Dual molded legs are an 'ok' substitute for most characters whose legs would otherwise be blank - but i'm not sure we have a dual molded black & 'whatever shade his torso is' - it also might interupt the flow of the design going from detail to none. Ideally we'll see the Thor Ragnarok Teaser Trailer around the 12th April and the Spider-man Homecoming Trailer 2 with GOTG's UK release on April 25th - which should hopefully give us an idea on the accuracy of figures.
  8. I can see that being somewhat passable - though without leg print there would be no possible leg print that we could use to replicate his outfit (unless its a proto-shocker where he's wearing normal trousers or something other than the stripe covered version)
  9. I believe that the ghosts are the state they were at a specific point during the destruction of the Silent Mary, as we see the magical stuff reach Salazar while he is drowning - so they were probably transporting something cursed. The ship reflects this as do the people. Salazar is in a constant physical state of drowning. I believe it would be the Bermuda Triangle, given it has also been called the Devil's Triangle previously.
  10. To do Shocker right he needs to be fully printed - arms, legs and torso. I believe we've seen a top image of the box with the figures shiloutted and he didnt appear to have a helmet so there's that. If he lacks arm or leg printing despite having a detailed torso he'll look terrible. One of the key features of Shocker is the pattern and i cant see them doing that without the legs and arms.
  11. Was just mentioning in regards to the concerns people have about the scale of the doors - honestly a basic mod to this ship would just be removing some of the out-of-scale aspects such as the wheel and having the additional door pieces added of the same scale currently used. Could probably use micro-figures or statues and the ship would be fairly in-scale with the micro figures (other than the lack of a lower deck and part of the back segment) It's like the Helicarrier in that respect, it's not really meant to be shown with the figures on the vessel. Expectations rarely can be matched, so the work i and others are doing into their own various modifications to the Silent Mary may not meet them. Personally this is the first Pirate ship build i have attempted and with no other work of mine as a refrence i could understand potential concerns. I have certain criteria i want my version to match and that may not be accurate entirely to the original vessel (such as a lack of certain colours for piece being made by Lego). Though i hope people will like the finished version.
  12. In terms of the Lego Silent Mary the ship itself is not in-scale with the figures and its not actually a complete replica, it's missing an entire back segment and several other aspects (including an entire layer of the ship which would have included more guns). I can see both sides of things personally - but in regards to the ship, they are in-scale with the rest of the scaled down design. Every door in the Silent Mary version that they built was human sized for actors that were roughly , the only doors not built were the front one's however the real life scale of the rest of the ship coupled with the size/scale of the turrets implies that the front doors would also be human sized. Lego chose to represent doors from the middle and doors from the front using the same scale, which also implies that they would be the same size. In total the vessel has eight doors, here is a very basic layout; List of doors (From left to right) - Two at the front (Replicated on the Lego ship smaller) - Two in the middle of the ship built towards the front (Missing from the Lego Ship) - Two in the middle of the ship built towards the back (Replicated on the Lego ship smaller) - Two at the back of the ship behind the wheel (Missing from the Lego ship)
  13. Ordered mine Friday morning, think around 6am. I called up customer support this morning as my payment had not been taken and it was still 'In processing'. They were kind enough to chase things up, one of them even mentioned how they had a Silent Mary in their office on display and we chatted a bit, they seem to like the ship :P If lucky it may arrive this week. On the bright side, if there is such a large demand then perhaps it will convince Lego that Pirates is a viable theme - or even encourage them to continue the POTC license.
  14. Wondering if anyone has designed a bookshelf for Nexo Knights book's? Just have a few of them from sets and thinking of a good way to display them?
  15. Executioner was not on the list from Delta_Customs. Only chance for him to get a figure would be if he's released at SDCC or something similar. What's noteworthy is the actor mentioned he is mainly in armour, so potentially he could have the same external appearance as the two Henchmen included in the larger set. Thought it was battle damage, but still its an alternative costume which is nice to get.