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  1. The hair won't work because it's too short and doesn't look like Valkyrie's. IMO Rey's hair works wonderfully
  2. Hey guys, uhh I don't know if this has been posted around here, but there's a new teaser for Lego Marvel 2
  3. Aquaman can control water with his trident, but the thing shown in the set is probably just some cheap gimmick TLG thought would be great.
  4. Why does Valkyrie's hair look so ugly? What would work as alternatives? Also I can't see really well, but does Thor have leg printing in the Ultimate Battle for Asgard set? Ugh these sets are so underwhelming. Lego get your crap together!!!
  5. It's the same color of her hair in the BvS set, which is dark brown
  6. *shudders* Why did you bring that up? I just got over the nightmares! Anyways I feel like with such a letdown of how this homecoming wave is, the Thor sets are probably gonna look better. I mean, the minifigs already do (well except for Loki in my opinion, at least shocker's accurate)!
  7. So kinda like the Iron Legion heads but in a blue shade?
  8. Damn what else has Brickset been hiding from us?
  9. Where did you find the picture? And that's true, Shocker is just.... unbearably lazy
  10. Well Lego's clearly learning from their Giant Man mishap and hiding Shocker till the last possible minute XD
  11. I think a better example would be the Rocket Raccoon Polybag we got in 2014 (which I think no one saw coming), but IIRC it showed up on EBay first, so a polybag could be likely. Also @THELEGOBATMAN the article may be six years old, but the contract still holds up and we should really stop this debate. Thanks a lot.
  12. Well they could do a crappy set with homemade spidey with the other two bank robbers, but why do we need that? Honestly we don't need a third set (in fact it should be Thor which gets a third set if they are gonna make three sets) since we get all the heroes and villains. In my opinion, the confirmation of some non-powered, easily customizable character doesn't warrant a third set. Oh and there's bunch of custom homemade spideys which look pretty accurate :)
  13. For the love of god please just stop. Clearly you haven't read the entire article and just got enticed by the headline cuz in there Hiddleston says "I don’t know! Honestly, I don’t know,” when the reporter asked him about Infinity War. “They haven’t got their ducks in a row yet. They make it up as they go along.” Clearly no one knows if Loki will be in Infinity war so DON'T put your foot down and say he won't appear. Please just stop arguing and let's shift the attention back to Lego and not some drawn-out debate about some speculative future. Thank you.
  14. Firstly, Loki has been rumored to be in Infinity War, and his contract has six films, which if you include his cameo(?) in Age of Ultron and Thor Ragnarok, he's only been in five films, so Ragnarok ain't his last and he'll probably be in Infinity War. Can we please end this debate here and talk about plastic figurines? Thanks!