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  1. There looks to be a new inverted arch piece which could be used to complete round openings on the falcon. white piece on left side. Steve
  2. The 2X2 plate with chamfer on the walker looks new?
  3. great use of parts on Anakin's pod racer. Steve
  4. great looking set. You forgot 10/10 for playability. You can simulate the entire mission with this set. Steve
  5. Small update. I started to work in the back vents and have been messing with the cockpit interior and structure. Not sure I am happy with the gaps and need to work on the gaps along the docking tubes. Steve
  6. Making my way around the ship. Then back around again for finer details. Have a happy Easter. Steve
  7. I was on vacation fro a week. Here is an update from today. Soon I am going to have to build a section to test out the design before proceeding. Steve
  8. Digital glue. LOL I do try to stagger joints and at least two connecting points for each panel. the mandibles are built directly onto the frame structure. However The thinness and size of the falcon does not make them very swooshable. Steve
  9. I have been working on a new design for a falcon. Looking at photos of the ship it has a pretty smooth outer surface. So I am trying to use as much snot techniques as I can. The scale is based on the size of the cockpit piece being 8 studs across. I have imported many photos into a cad program to get the proportions as close as I can. The dome shape id the hardest area. Here is what I have so far. Opinions? remarks? Should I stop now? Still a work in progress. Steve
  10. SILVER CHAMPION from the transition era. It has many techniques for connecting beams to bricks. wheel hubs built from different parts not just a special piece. 8043 for its complexity vs. it's size. It can be held in your hand and Some newer sets may have more functions but the over all size of them makes them hard to play and display. Steve
  11. nice model. I like this scale for a Falcon. I have the last version of the Falcon and always thought it should be a little bigger. Steve
  12. 8045 is nice and simple. I find it relaxing to just pick up, move, and set down the skid on top of things. Steve
  13. Here is an early drawing of a 3 stud engine I am working on. This is what I thought Lego should have created for the Porshe GT3. Larger size for bigger models. The piston is 2 studs diameter. The stroke is 2 studs. New part allows for 90 degree cranks. works with existing engine block ends. pins on top for creating cylinder heads. If there is interest I may make available at shapeways. May have to wait for brickshelf approval to see images. thoughts or concerns. Steve