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  1. 1 more hour left to vote! It is still possible for the outcome to change ;) @TitusV Remember that cow next time... Like I told you last time
  2. :P I'm not counting them, but considering 5 are covering 2 studs in length and the path is around 80 studs long I would guess around 200.
  3. Cat B - Admiral's End - For Eslandola
  4. As the Secretary of the Eslandolan Navy I have quite some control over our navy - and every now and then I also need to invest a bit into it. We're sending out our flagship, under the command of Admiral Brickwall Adurnos, out against the Marderian Scum blocking our island. Their basic defenses stand no chance against the firepower of a ship of the line! Off course we can also transport lots of troops to land them there. Sadly, the landing didn't go quite as planned... View from on top: And the end of our dear Admiral Brickwall Adurnos: (quick note: I'm quite short on time this month, so excuse the little time spent on taking pictures. If interest is there I can retake them in about a week) (Also, if anyone is interested in a picture of all the guys here - click here) (Lastly, this is well within the size limit at 16x96 = 1536 with 48x48 = 2304)
  5. Have you checked the March summary? I see you got 217 DBs there... @Maxim I Professor Thaum seems to be missing. @Phred Time to add someone to the sheet again...
  6. ...Maybe I should think about the context. I was wondering for a second why there is a hat-shaped lamp infront of the entrance
  7. Can one of those who owns the set send pictures of the parts list in the instructions?
  8. I guess replacing the current construction with round 2x2 bricks should improve it a bit... Btw, is there a 16l technic axle going through the mast? Its certainly more than 12 as far as I can tell.
  9. Well, 2x2 round plates also have one and would make more sense too. Well, the masts on the ship are ugly anyways...
  10. Btw, has anyone noticed that the sails on the main mast are on the back of the spars? Should be an easy fix for those who get it though.
  11. 1) Nah ;) And well, the rules will be slightly different next time around anyways... 2) That's not how this works:P But you may send me a message with the shiptypes you need and the price you are willing to pay and your ships may or may not be prioritised in my shipyards... (uncommon shiptypes are always something interesting...)
  12. I'm not building any walls here:P Maybe later then :D We'll see, its all hypothetical... Well, we are the only faction holding public auctions, so I think that's a moot point. Hey, all of the merchant ships in the last auction were sold to non-Eslandolans... And always said that we wouldn't get anyone into trouble for selling the (war)ships they bought in our auctions to anyone (surprised nobody has made use of this)... Currently I'm occupied with refitting my captured prizes (I think I have at least 4 more... I need to check my lists), but anyone interested in obtaining a ship from me may message me at any time; I can't promise quick delivery as I have a bunch of other ships that have been ordered/reserved over the past couple months...
  13. - Well, we haven't captured any mocced vessels this far, and all the vessels I've sold so far (except for the first one nobody but Bregir wanted and still has (I doubt there will ever be a deal like that again)) would've been available to everyone. - Well, the vessels capturing these licenses are typically built by Eslandolan shipyards. This might change temporarily for the next auction (NO Promise here), and we are the only faction with a government auctioning off ships. Argue as you want, in the current situation it makes most sense to have the captured warships remain in a faction where they will be used against our enemy. - Well, there hasn't been an answer to this. Maybe you should've clarified this the first time Maxim asked? Also, don't get mad the next time we accidentally capture a Marderian merchant - you are doing the very same thing (and be it on accident)... Oh, and btw - is it still possible to buy islands and what how much does one have to pay to get one?
  14. @SkaForHire Any news to when we can expect the new MRCA rules and shipclasses? If we'll be running the next MRCA using it already(no idea if that will happen), it might be a good idea to release the rules now so everyone can start making plans, getting estimates for their ships done (even though a couple of them might sink - would still be a good idea) and so on. I think it would, most likely, quite messy if we only have 2 or 3 weeks after the release of the rules until the actual MRCA. Also, any rule to how many unused licenses (captures) a player can hold at a time?
  15. First off - I didn't donate the vessel, I sold it for a fair price. There is no reason to donate a vessel to me. But I would gladly purchase it for any (reasonable) price you give to it. I would guess the vessel would be at least a 4T2, so feel free to base your estimate of a reasonable price on what I had offered for a 5T (if no Oleon officials mind you selling it).