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  1. I think King's Port, given its total Independence, could also be an option you haven't thought about.
  2. Gov. Monezterrell, Ericc Evercrees and Farrucio Paraja cast 3 votes for option 3d
  3. Great move! The ship is awesome, especially the Beak - makes it really look like an old Galleon! Looking forward to where this goes! But I wonder - what happened to the horses and the Ox?
  4. @blackdeathgr well you guys keep on buying my POPPED CORN
  5. Who knows, maybe the fish he caught fit into the goblet? The use of that alien head as a fish is fantastic! Love the pet skunk they have
  6. Ohh, finally you post this! I think you had this up on flickr for a while now, I'm certainly looking forward to whatever happens next! I set my bet on Hades and that we'll be seeing a ghostship from you very soon! We'll gladly sink another ship of yours
  7. Have to agree, those plants are always great to see The faces above the tomb are also great details - that grin is perfect! Well done! I think I'll also have to dig out my natives and join you building in this settlement!
  8. Main focus here was the background - I wanted to try that for a while already Thanks! Didn't even notice that the shadows are once good for something Someone had to include the vulcano - I feel like it has almost been forgotten. Thanks! Same as above
  9. Yes! Feel free to use them:D Thanks! For the ship you'll probably have to wait another ~2 weeks as I want to finish it before posting the completed one. Thanks! I hope so too! Feel free to steal them Its only gonna carry as many dinghies as I can put together and fit on there sadly, I think more than 4 or maybe 5 will be quite difficult to fit Here is me hoping that I don't have to cancel the next chapter again because of other unexpected actions taking priority (and having to re-setup our home network, which is more difficult than it sounds like...)
  10. When Captain Mesabi of the WTC called for aid after the tragedy in Nova Malto, and Eslandola responded in record time. This build marks the arrival of our Regiment there, to help with humanitarian issues as well as help finding the reason for the recently blown up ship.
  11. Anywhere else and it'll just fall over Hey, another classic Captain B ship! While I think the bow is very rough and could use some hinges or snotted slopes instead, I think its still a great ship in general. Especially the colourscheme really pops - the azure blue works very very well with the brown, and the curve in the gundeck(s) works quite well too! Lastly I must add my usual compliment for the lanterns - gigantic, a bit too far out but amazingly fitting with this style of ship Better don't loose that silver to the pirates! (Well, I hope for them they don't manage to stay right in front of this beast either - that massive block would crush any ship :D) Looking forward to the next one!
  12. @Phred In the property license form, section 2 (plantation selected) - is it possible that Citris is a typo for Citrus?
  13. The properties won in CH5 by Eslandola to be placed on Isla de Victoria in a new settlement (Puerto Desafio) were split up among the participants: 2 Large licences - @Captain Braunsfeld (claimed); @Maxim I 3 Medium licences - @Faladrin; @Kai NRG; @Legostone(claimed) 4 Small licences - @Capt Wolf; @Sir Stig; @Elostirion(claimed); @Garmadon 1 small license - @Professor Thaum
  14. In CH5 we won 2 large, 3 medium and 5 small microbuild licenses to be placed in a new Settlement on Isla de Victoria. We have decided to split them up among our participants. 2 Large licences - @Captain Braunsfeld (claimed); @Maxim I 3 Medium licences - @Faladrin; @Kai NRG; @Legostone(claimed) 4 Small licences - @Capt Wolf; @Sir Stig(claimed); @Elostirion(claimed); @Garmadon There was one more small license left - we have decided to hand it out to the one non-Eslandolan who decided to support us in more than a single Category - @Professor Thaum and hope he accepts it. ______________________________ We stumbled over a recently abandoned Citrus plantation in the Jungle and claimed it.
  15. While exploring the area around Puerte Citrus Plantation. We had already been wondering why the Marderians that lived here before rarely ate anything else - now we had our answer. Seeing the usefulness of these fruit, we quickly sent out a crew of workers to keep the plantation running. We'll probably put them to use on our ships, not go on a diet based purely on them though... Medium Plantation, activated as a Challenge Reward via microbuild