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  1. You did it.... once again. So many things to look at. Beautiful. How about that alley?
  2. And you forgot the amazing upcoming Ideas' Old Fishing Store... Wich is not going to be cheap, either...
  3. Agree. Is just perfect. Well done.
  4. Hats off to you, mister.
  5. You are gonna need a bigger square...
  6. I love this, congratulations. So good to see a Sisters fan building Lego, too! :)
  7. Pet shop has modern refrigerators... And, if recall it right, radiator heating system...
  8. A school would be great, even a small one. The kids have the right to learn in Legoland.
  9. You're welcome! Kinda sad see how the Pet Shop is going. It looked like it would live forever in the shelves.
  10. It is labelled like that in Spanish S@H. I didn't check in other countries, but I guess it will follow the same path little by little in every country. Also labelled as Retiring soon are Sydney Opera, SW Sandcrawler and Ewok Village.
  11. So, that's it for Pet Shop. Finally labelled as 'Retiring Soon'. All those you still don't have it, grab one before is gone for good.
  12. Yep, and the gap in the middle between the two excavator pieces is even worse.
  13. In general terms, I like the set very much. And I agree with Rick, I also see resemblances from the MOCs he posted earlier. My least favorite thing it's that sand green on the Flower Shop building, it feels kinda sad to me mixed with the black on the window frames. A switch to a sand blue, IMHO, makes it looks better, and also blends better with the rest of the buildings. A friends light yellow could also work. Something like this.
  14. You are gonna need a bigger square, @Legosjaak.