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  1. The GBC models made from the 42042 and 42054 from PV look really good to me. I just bought another 42054 in anticipation of getting the instructions for PV's GBC instructions. PV has a combo deal in the $30 price range that looks real good and includes GBC modules for both the 42042 and the 42054. Merry Christmas, Andy D
  2. I have to agree with teos, the red font is very hard on my eyes as well. The Internet standard blue for links is mush easier on my eyes. Just MHO, YMMV, Andy D
  3. I think sets are your best option. Buying parts individually is more expensive than when you buy a set. I would recommend looking at the currently available sets from LEGO and on Amazon. Then go to Bricklink to see what parts are in the set, then choose the set(s) that have most of the parts you are seeking. You should be able to find most of the parts for which you are looking, then Bricklink only a few special parts that may not be in the sets. you can get some real bargains on Amazon, I recently got a CLAAS for $130, $50 off retail, 6.5 cents per part, lots of beams axels and gears. i just checked and right now the BWE is available for $240, that's $40 off retail an almost 4000 parts, lots of useful parts! IHTH Andy D
  4. Am I the only one who just got it? Oh, the huge manatee! Maybe CopMike is hinting that we are getting a crashing air ship. Andy D
  5. Thanks CopMike! The X-Mas raffle is always fun! This year is really special with the huge manatee as a prize. I can hardly contain myself. Thanks again, Andy D
  6. Well, then maybe that is not the best place for me to buy instructions. Thanks anyway. Andy D
  7. Only online viewing of the instructions? My internet connection is not always reliable. Andy D
  8. Bravo! I really like this, especially the building. So many features! I would buy instructions. Andy D
  9. This is a great MOC! Even better that it is a C-model. it looks like a pneumatic version of one of my favorite sets, the 42009! The instructions look very high quality! I am going to have to buy the instructions and build this. Thanks for doing this! Andy D
  10. I like the speed of the animation. It gives me time to se and enjoy the steps. Good job, looking forward to more! Andy D
  11. It never snows here... Then one day a snowball appeared! Snow Ball by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr
  12. Thanks for coming to this thread, but you should embrace your youth. Come back in 3 years and you will be banged up. It is surprising and neat that folks are coming back to be badged up. In my mind you and many others are honorary members of the OTD club. Andy D
  13. I really like this. I agree with others about the very nice chess set... But, the chess set takes up 1/4 of the park. Maybe this is a Chess Park. good luck Andy D
  14. I did not realize that the chain could be the most expensive part at $.13 per link in quantity. I think I may have about 150 links. How many links did you use? Andy D
  15. Wow! This is double fantastic! I have a couple of GoPro mounts in progress, but I really like this one. I just may have to build this. Thanks for posting! Do you have any additional photos to make it easier to see how it is built? Thanks and keep it up! Andy D