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  1. I agree with BusterHaus. I also enjoy your "ramblings" they add the you to your build progress reports... Keep the photos and ramblings coming. Andy D
  2. Thanks for all your hard work. I don't know if this feature is gone, or just not back yet, but... I the topic list view in each topic on the right side was a little button that allow one to just see the unread posts for a topic. I used to use that extensively on threads I was reading. Please ignore if it is coming back, but just not back yet. Also if this feature is gone.. Is there another way to accomplish this? Thanks, Andy D
  3. Thanks to the admins and mods! The forum looks good and clean, not quire used to it yet (first day) but I think it will be very nice. Thanks for getting it back , I was having some minor withdrawals yesterday. Andy D ps. What is the "Insert other media" button at the bottom of the reply area?
  4. I am wondering what it takes to make a build a Technic build... Is it just that the model is built with Technic elements, Studless or studfull? For example some Bionicle space ships are built entirely of Technic elements. I know those are Bionicle, but what about something else built with just Technic elements, and what about official Technic sets with no functions other than rolling wheels? Lots for the Mods to consider. Andy D
  5. [quote name='Superfield' timestamp='1474328703' post='2661205'] Same here. Thanks for the post :) [/quote] Me also! Andy D
  6. Hi Clive, Not to many photos! I like all the detail you provide. Keep'em coming! Andy D
  7. Just ordered a 42054 CLAAS on Amazon US for $135. Get'em while the're hot! Andy D
  8. From what I have seen MT is not very popular so a special forum for MT could be the least visited forum on EB as a result MT could disappear (which would be bad). I do think that MT needs to be distinguished from Creator and I feel that we already have a good differentiation... MT is Technic-like in that it has functions, could be as simple as steering or more complex Technic functions. However Creator may only have rolling wheels or opening doors or other opening areas. Creator has motors that are display only, Technic has motors with workable pistons, frequently driven by a driveshaft. I think MT continues to get more exposure (as it should) in the Technic forum and could MT could disappear in a dedicated forum or in a Creator forum. If we are voting... I vote to keep MT with Technic and creations that look Creator like with no real Technic functions should continue to go in the Creator forum. Just MHO, YMMV, Andy D
  9. This a really nice MOC! I really like micro builds, and you nailed the scene with this build! Andy D
  10. [quote name='RetroInferno' timestamp='1473789991' post='2657044'] Yeah rotation is an healthy habbit, keep 2-3 big premium display cabinets ( mines are lit and made of glass ) and stuff the rest in regular cabinets or in the closet. [/quote] Rotation is a great idea, I guess my rotation is rebuilding sets as I currently do not have room to store assembled sets. I like building better than displaying anyway. [quote name='dr_spock' timestamp='1473817859' post='2657371'] Have you tried displaying in different parts of your home? Hanging models off the ceiling? I have stuff upstairs and downstairs. [/quote] The displaying in other parts of the house would not work. I have one room and some additional storage space and that's it! I have been told that my LEGO will not migrate to other parts of the house, except for a few small Architecture sets in the office. When too many things are special, nothing is special. Andy D
  11. Even with a room totally dedicated to LEGO, I find I do not have room to display all my sets either, so I bag them and put them back in the original box, or plastic bin, or put parts in my inventory for MOCs. I really don't want to display all my sets anyway, because... When too many things are special, nothing is special! I only display a few special sets at a time, that way they are special. Just MHO, YMMV Andy D
  12. [quote name='grum64' timestamp='1473664597' post='2656147'] Thank you for your kind comments Andy. Having my shed means I can now keep my models on display. Previously I kept them assembled only long enough for Jake & George to have a play around with & then the model was dismantled, put back into it's box and into the loft it went. I've got around 65-70 sets I've yet to build/rebuild so it'll be quite sometime before I build anyone of them over & over. [/quote] In terms of numbers, I'm on par with you (afraid to actually admit the number of sets I have NIB). As for build and rebuild, I only have a few like that, the 42009 in particular. I rebuild that set because it is so much fun to build, not many like that. I should start building some of my NIB, but I keep getting new sets that I like more. Maybe I need to sell some... Nah, I would just wind up wanting the ones I sold and spend way, way too much replacing them. Maybe I will just trade some of my duplicate modulars for some Technic. Still looking to replace my 8258, had 2, sold 2... Stupid, one assembled, one NIB now I have neither just waiting for you to build after the CLAAS. Really looking forward to your CLAAS build, it might be my next Technic build, but due to Halloween and Christmas I don't think I will be able to start it until after the first of the year. Happy building, Andy D
  13. [quote name='Lipko' timestamp='1473618044' post='2655825'] Those errors you are having are very strange, since LDD doesn't let collisions to occur. That's actually an axle-pin there in that particular place. Is it possible that during instruction generation, LDD screws things up? And it's also clear that you are not following my advice about building the groups as they are , and after that joining them with the other parts. Anyway, I uploaded the current Ldraw file and the (hopefully perfectly) corresponding LDD file. [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] [/quote] @lipko. Do you think it would be more straightforward to build from the ldraw or LDD? Andy D
  14. Congratulations on completing the 8880. It was an interesting process to watch and almost be a part of. Just curious, how long do you keep models assembled, or is there a certain number you keep assembled? I find lately I am continuously building and reboxing. Just not enough room to keep them all. Andy D
  15. [quote name='Lipko' timestamp='1473571442' post='2655463'] Yes, the pdf version will have some small modifications for easier building. These won't affect the look and function of the completed model. But because I build something for the pneumatic contest, don't know when I'll have time. I have the digital file with all parts and most of it is already stepped, so maybe you would be interested in the ldraw file too? [/quote] Thanks for all your hard work on this, I really want to build your telehandler when I get time. I just installed Bricksmith and ldraw on my Mac. I really would appreciate the ldraw files, where might I find them? Also is there a later lxf file? If so, where might I find it as well? Thanks again, Andy D