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  1. Not normally a fan of Nnjago, but this set does look interesting. Just when I thought I was going to get off easy this year. I'll have to see it, but at first glance it looks good for a Modular Building collector, so it is a big maybe. Andy D
  2. This little truck just keeps getting better! I'm not sure which I like better, the red or the blue. I may be leaning towards the red, no blue, no red... They are both great! Andy D
  3. Welcome! That is quite an introduction. This is one great (and huge) MOC. Very detailed. I hope you did not have to pay retail for all those sets. Are all your MOCs this large? Andy D
  4. A few extra parts, no big deal, close to a C-model is really great! Andy D
  5. Great! Thanks! I am looking forward to it. How close to a 42061 Telehandler C-model did you wind up? Andy D
  6. Everytime I come back to this thread, I like this little truck more and more! I really hope there will be instructions of some kind at some time in the not so distant future. I would really like to build this. Not sure if I could build from the pictures here (great pictures, my skills may be lacking). In fact this would look great on Rebrickable so even non-EB members could see it. Andy D
  7. Very, very nice micro build! Your micro's always amaze me, looking forward to more. Andy D
  8. Very, very cool! I really like the collection of buildings, park and walkways. Really nice implementation of a part of a "walking" city block. I looked on your Flickr, some really nice buildings there as well! Andy D
  9. Thanks @grum64 that means a lot to me. I had a great time building and you are correct, I waited a long time to collect all the parts. Andy D
  10. @jotta93, @TechnicRCRacer, @Ivan_M, Thanks for your comments, I am glad the write-up was enjoyed (this is why I did it). I highly recommend that you find the missing parts and build this set. It is a fun build and the functions are enjoyable (despite my minor quibbles). As for switched direction of functions vs battery switching, well we all have our preferences and I find it much easier and more intuitive to reverse a mechanical function than to remember to switch the power. Despite my minor quibbles I recommend anyone who likes this set to try to find a way get the parts (or set) and build it. It is a fun build (which is why I like LEGO). I build and enjoy the complex functions of Technic, then disassemble to build another day. I have many, many more sets disassembled than assembled, waiting to be built another day. Andy D
  11. I recently completed my 8258 Crane Truck from POH (Parts On Hand). I only bought parts I did not have, and sometimes that meant I needed to change some colors as I did not have all the panels in all the colors called out for the model. I tried to integrate the different colors to make it look like it could be just an alternate build, not a rainbow. I first examined my inventory via BaseBrick to determine what I had and the I needed to order. The only thing I did not have that I did not order was the hook as it was listed for $16 and up on USA sellers on Bricklink, I decided then that I would just build a hook. All-in-all I spent about $20 for parts I did not have. Pretty good to be able to build the Crane Truck. I then pulled my parts and organized them, much as I would if I had the actual set. I waited for the parts from Bricklink to arrive and then started to build. I took me about 13 hours over 7 days to complete. Maybe a little longer than some would take but I took time to study a number of sub-builds and the gear box and distribution up the crane. Hopefully this will help me to learn more for MOC’s. During the build and after completion I studied the model and formulated some opinions. This is a really nice model, I am glad I took the time to build it. (Again!) The gearbox is great in how it works and distributes all the mechanical functions. The crane arm is fantastic! It reminds me of the arms used in robotic construction and as such it could be used as a basis for an arm in a MOC. The outriggers use quite a few parts. Not as many as the 42009 but seems like more than the 42043. The model appears quite fragile, not like some of the newer large models. It seems the the 42009 and 42043 are both more sturdy than the 8258. Maybe with the addition of 300-400 parts in the right locations the model could be more sturdy (this is beyond my design capabilities). Sometimes some of the functions don’t work quite right, particularly when they reach the their limits. An example is that when either the lower boom or upper boom reaches the limit, it sometimes causes the crane to try to rotate, which is understandable considering how the mechanical power is distributed through the turntable. It is very clever, but maybe could be designed differently. I really don’t like the fact that you need to reverse the motor to reverse a function. I much prefer the new way of reversing functions by putting the function selector in the opposite position to reverse, much like the 42042 Crawler Crane, 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator and the 42054 CLAAS . But this is the way the 8258 was designed in 2009. Excluding the quibbles in items 5, 6 and 7, this is still a fun model and I would do it again. When I disassemble this model I will most likely store it as a set so when I decide I want to build it again I will not have to hunt for parts in my POH. During the build I applied Designer-Han’s modification number 3 to the PF-LA brackets. I really could not see what the other modifications would help, so I did not use them. My favorite parts of the model are the gearbox and crane arm Overall I would give the model a 9/10 (an A letter grade) for a 2009 set and a 8/10 (a B letter grade) compared to 2013 to 2016 released sets (particularly the 42009, 42043 and 42054). Here are a couple of photos: The Front View Crane Truck, Front by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr And the side view. Crane Truck side view by MyPlasticBricks, on Flickr From the photos you can see how I changed the colors. I tried to substitute colors where it made sense. I replaced the cab top with all black (because I was missing the red side panels) , and the crane arm with black for most of the the yellow beams and red panels for yellow ones. The yellow beams on the third section of the area were replaced with red because half of the arm was already black and I thought red would look better there. Also the red panels on the cab back and covering the controls were replaced with black, because I did not have the red rectangular panels. Also notice that instead of an expensive hook I just used the hook from the 42009… I think it looks OK, particularly since I don’t plan to hook anything anyway. I hope you find my Crane Truck pleasing to view. Andy D
  12. I know spammers and spam bots are a pain, but as @Peppermint_M said, the moderators do a great job of eliminating spam quickly. I'm sure the moderators do not mind how many of us report, but just report... they will take care of it. Some of the suggestions have been going around for years and I agree that making it difficult for new members to get in and post would be a pain. Compared to the numbers of new members I believe the number of spammers is relatively few. When I see spam, recognized from a subject, I either ignore or report. I should report more. Andy D
  13. @Anto This is a wonderful MOC! So many functions. I particularly like the gearbox and steering modes. I don't know how I missed this when you originally posted this. Are you planning to put this on Rebrickable? I would love to build this! Again, sorry I did not recognize your name on YouTube. Andy D
  14. I just found this wonderful MOC on YouTube. Whoops, I just discovered this is by one of our members as well @Anto I got so excited when I saw this that I just want everyone to see it! I hope I did not step on anyone's toes. and it would be really great if @Anto would post it here on EuroBricks as well. It really is a wonderful model! The functions are superb. Again sorry if I posted this too soon! Andy D