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  1. I agree, name and email not needed! I don't really like any survey that starts by asking for personal information. But I will answer your main question. For my storage solution, I use a multi-pronged approach... I use Plano boxes where they are useful... mainly small Technic I use Akro-Mills drawer systems for other mostly Technic The rest (standard bricks and stuff) I use plastic food storage bags in 15 quart plastic bins. There is some overlap in what I store using what system depending on circumstance. Finding shelf space for all that... That's the real trick. My main goal in my storage is knowing where to look for specific brick-types, if I have one. IHTH Andy D
  2. Nice little camera dolly. Good size, looks like you can get real close to the action with this rig. Andy D
  3. Very nice Mods! The 3 axel trailor is more astecially pleasing. keep on Modding! Andy D
  4. Very nice truck. The lift gate is really very, very clever. I have a feeling others will "borrow" the design for other uses. I would not build a truck, but I would like to find a way to incorporate the mechanism into something else. overall... Great! Thanks for sharing an for such detailed photos. Andy D
  5. Looks like you got it! Congratulations! Andy D
  6. Happy Pi day,we had pizza pi(e) for dinner!
  7. I have been using the LED kits from Brickstuff. They are rather costly, but they are small, fit into and under LEGO bricks and the wires are easy to conceil. I don't know the connector type,but they are small. IHTH, Andy D
  8. I think I remember one of the videos referencing that the chassis instructions would be released in August. I really don't see the need to wait until then (except to build more hype... mission accomplished) as all the sets required are already available, in fact I have them just waiting for the instructions. I would really like to see some more detailed photos so that maybe I could attempt the build before the instructions are available. oh, well, Andy D
  9. I am missing my 8258 Crane Truck. I had 2, for some reason I sold both,one used, the other NIB. I am not going to pay $400++, so I will look for a trade, not looking too hard, but one day it will sneak up on me. Andy D
  10. There is a really cool thread about storing and sorting, that continues to be updated, great resource... Your info would be a great addition. Have a look.
  11. I must have a very understanding spouse, because she only says that the LEGO must stay in my studio, and must not to encroach in her hobby room under penalty of... I don't want to find out what the penalty is, I just keep my LEGO in my studio. As for collection size, according to Brickset with 186 sets that are 105,000 parts my ranking is 33,867 for sets and 8,450 for parts, so I guess my collection is small, but I am running out of space. Although I do have quite a few sets that have not been entered into my Brickiest database. Must slow down. but then last night I bought the 10255 Assembly Square (4002 parts). What to do, what to do... Andy D
  12. I think something may be off. Rebrickable says I have 116 sets that are 105,000 parts and it is way out of date. With some 466 sets I believe you must have closer to 400, 000 parts from sets. In order to not let people form an opinion on the size of my collection, I keep it well stored out of sight. Note to self: Quit looking at Rebrickable, quit buying so much LEGO. (not gonna happen, but I have slowed down) Andy D
  13. I don't think the "seller" really wants to sell the item. Sell price $600, shipping $60... You have got to be kidding me! Just MHO, YMMV, Andy D
  14. I have only used lighting products from Brickstuff and my experience with their products and customer service has been great. I highly recommend their products. Just MHO, Andy D
  15. Your's could arrive any day. I live in the USA and mine arrived Saturday. Andy D