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  1. That's one great looking locomotive. Outstanding work on the details.
  2. That's a serious station. So much detail, so large, it all works even. Great job.
  3. Cute, awesome, and innovative all in one. Great work.
  4. Great MOC. The carriage looks great. I can bet those windows were a pain, but the end result seems worth it. Hooking it up to that vintage electric locomotive only completes the look.
  5. Nice station design. It reminds me of some of the older stuff in California. All you need are some palm trees and it'd really look right to me.
  6. Nice build. I like the design, especially how you did the fins. And since you scaled it to the new Saturn V, even better.
  7. Those are actually the modified tiles with the grill pattern on them placed sideways. You can kind of see the inside of the opposite side along the wiring on the right side.
  8. Nice trains, interesting layout design. I like the vertical change, it's different from what you regularly see. Do you have issues with them derailing from speed on the downhill?
  9. Nice Geep. I like the looks, details, and especially the lettering without stickers. Have you considered trying an L motor for more pulling power?
  10. Nice work. The torpedo car seems built on the same idea as the Schnabel car. And the yard locomotive is cute too.
  11. Nice work. You've got the look down for the size. It's good to see others working in 4 wide.
  12. Nice locomotive shed. I've seen a few like it around the historic railways in Europe and it looks spot on.
  13. Sweet. My wallet will scream in more pain when we get to add parts to our order.
  14. Great video. I like the whole getting out and having fun while enjoying LEGO. Also, one would think it's a little cold to go without pants up there. :)
  15. But??? Anyway, will we have the option to add extra track on after if we decide we want more?