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  1. Nice late model GP 7. They are classic second generation diesel locomotives and you did a good job modeling it. Innovative use of cones for the radiator bulge.
  2. Great looking locomotive. You've captured the look and feel rather well.
  3. Here's the latest on my SD70ACe. First, the extender cable did the trick on making it easy to run two motors on one channel. With the open channel, I managed to install front lights. Next, the L motor upgrade has been completed. It was done in conjunction with an upgrade from the AAA battery box to the AA one. This makes the motors connect directly to the ends of the battery box. The frame has stiffened considerably. It hauls 8 cars around without issues, but I usually run it with only 5 well cars. I have run it once with 14 cars and it slowed a bit in the corners. Finally, the fuel tank, sides of the trucks, and prows were changed from light bley to dark bley.
  4. Nice work. There seem to be a lot of well built Big Boy locomotives pulling freight around here lately.
  5. Yes, that will work perfectly. Once you get some switches out on the market, then I'll make an order. That's the big thing I'm holding out for. After that, I'd be willing to try some of the electronics. Oh, and the decoupler.
  6. Exceptional work. If that's constrained, I'm impressed and don't care, it's that good.
  7. The upgrade makes it even better. Keep up the good work.
  8. You've really got my attention with this. If you can manage to make the entire system run from a tablet only, then we'll talk. I'd love to be able to take this on the road for shows. Being able to control everything from one tablet is great and would make life so much easier. If you add in double crossovers and remote control capabilities for them... the sky's the limit.
  9. Nice EMD you've built. Good detail work on it.
  10. Very cool little switcher. Good use for an old SD40 frame. You MOC looks great and I love the way you powered it.
  11. Nicely done. Well detailed and the size is about right.
  12. Ingenious, love it.
  13. Nice pair of cabooses. The BN looks great and the Freedom is definitely patriotic.
  14. Very nice. The shelves and products are nicely designed.
  15. I store them in clear plastic 20 litre tubs. I found a bunch at the local discount store for cheap. With a cardboard divider, I can stack two levels in one. The smaller cars fit the short direction and they hold quite a bit each.