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  1. It has been some time since i had a chance to look at front suspension. I need a new low set up. I have decided to use new parts for my next MOC. The front suspension uses the new Steering arm from the snowmobile 42021 Part 15459 Technic, Steering Arm 5 x 1 with Towball Socket Rounded, Chamfered This for me is the most interesting new part for 2014. Here is how i have used it in my new suspension: Skyliner
  2. Technic Three sets to be released in the summer: a bulldozer, a 4WD pickup truck and a Volvo-licensed remote-controlled trench digger.
  3. started with buying the 42000 - Grand Prix racer - bought 5 of these 4 for MOC's Also bought 42005 - Monster Truck, 9398 and 41999 crawlers and the 8110 unimog and the 9396 helicopter
  4. i think congratulations to the lego technic team, next years models look full of possibilities! love the new parts!
  5. i have some BMW 8461 stickers.
  6. I like both, Sheepo clearly has the original concept claim and the first model, Jaaptechnic seemingly took this concept [ as inspiration, which is fine ] and reworked it as an MOC, the actual result is two different models if you look closely, both are different enough to be seperate MOC's but i agree they do have similar lines in key places, however with legos that can happen. Both involved alot of work.
  7. very nice work, love it.........welcome to the Kenworth K100 club!
  8. on average i guess i spend £200 - 300 a month, i have bought the 8466 - 16 times in the last 5 years!
  9. i have added instructions for this MOC you can download parts list at rebrickable.
  10. Thanks for your insight and input 'Hopey' , i will explain for your benefit :) Yes if you are in the uk the set is £80, however the set is actually selling at £129 on ebay, i guess these sets are going abroad where the set is not yet on sale. You also need to take into account 15% for international, paypal and ebay fees, etc and the time it takes to source the set, sort and post parts etc. This auction is just to give people a chance to get the hubs early who are outside the uk simple as that perhaps they should contact you? can you help them? maybe you can help them cheaper? i will reduce from that price :) regards steve
  11. Lego Technic Racers 42000 - Steering Set - Grand Prix F1 have just listed two sets of steering parts.
  12. Interesting new hero factory part http://www.brickset....s/?part=6022718
  13. Thanks, thought this set may be on sale early, didnt expect it so soon, just bought 2 sets :)
  14. well done, got to love the detail on this