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  1. Pretty sure they're printed. For some unknown reason almost all of my zx hood's "+" part is wearing out slowly, even though I haven't laid my hands on them for a while.
  2. More evident to proof that the samurai is spoiler. Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled!
  3. Didn't Tommy said it was an error? I think it's supposed to be Saunders.
  4. Wait, when did Tommy said that? And I high picture are you referring to? Did I miss something?
  5. Nah, I kinda want Echo Zane to stay as a rather goofy character, like Dareth.
  6. Shadow looks kinda different from the show, but he does looks very cool!
  7. I'm hoping that at least one set ( the biggest one ) will get revealed in those mysterious boxes. Cuz it honestly will be a total waste of they don't promote the movie in this toy fair.
  8. I'm just glad that they made an accessory pack for the EMs. It's nice to see Skylor's new suit got made into a minifigure, and she finally get a hair piece! In the meantime, I really hope that they'll make the rest of them into minifigures!
  9. The whole synopsis thing for the movie in this website is pretty much the same with what we've received before, except one thing, spinjitzu. It seems like spinjitzu has finally be confirmed for the movie!
  10. Guess we really have to wait for the trailer to know if he really lost his charm.
  11. Guess I'll finally express my opinion on the "new ninja" . And frankly, I don't like them, this is just NOT Ninjago, I know it's a re-imagine version, but that's just way too far from the original. Nya looks like a combination of Wild style and Barbara Gordon, Jay looks like he has lost all his positivity and humor, as he's described as "insecure". And Zane, that's just not Zane at all, that's just too far from the original, I mean, even Kopaka G2 looks like Kopaka Mata. I would like them if the movie isn't titled "Ninjago", the minifigures look cool, cool new molds arm printing and all, except Zane's hair though...
  12. Finally went through the Alt DotD once yesterday, the dialogues are pretty much the same, even the overlord name drop is there, the only parts that are different are the opening fight, Cole VS Yang, and the Royal blacksmith part. I will try to provide a file with subtitles for those parts.
  13. Wow, Lego is doing a really great job at keeping secrets this time, the only thing that could be consider a "leak" is the cast list.