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  1. Actually, dao refers to the blade part, well, at least to my knowledge as a natively Chinese.
  2. Someone just sent me this image, not sure what the source is, but I don't see any confidential mark on it, so I guess it's safe to post. Link :
  3. Actually those are "spoilers" to season 8, not hands of time. So we don't really know if it's true or not.
  4. Well they're "spoilers" for season 8, some people may not want to know anything about it yet
  5. Tommy just tweeted a picture with 3 Season 8 spoilers, and only 2 of them are real.
  6. Since where I live is already the 1at of April, the 3 Hands of Time songs are already available for me on Spotify. Here's a short review: The temporal whip reassemble the original whip the most comparing to the other whips. It sorta mimicked the forward timeblade's effect in the middle part, which is kinda weird tbh. But overall it's a good remix of the whip. Rise of the vermillion sorta gives out the vibe of the day of the departed song from day of the departed, which is awesome. This song sounds darker than the other two, which I really like. Overall, this is the best out of the 3 new songs. Last but not least, the time is now is pretty... chill. I really liked the chorus part, and there really aren't much to say about it. Overall these 3 songs are surprisingly good, they're better than what I expected them to be.
  7. Pretty sure they're printed. For some unknown reason almost all of my zx hood's "+" part is wearing out slowly, even though I haven't laid my hands on them for a while.
  8. More evident to proof that the samurai is spoiler. Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled!
  9. Didn't Tommy said it was an error? I think it's supposed to be Saunders.
  10. Wait, when did Tommy said that? And I high picture are you referring to? Did I miss something?
  11. Nah, I kinda want Echo Zane to stay as a rather goofy character, like Dareth.
  12. Shadow looks kinda different from the show, but he does looks very cool!
  13. I'm hoping that at least one set ( the biggest one ) will get revealed in those mysterious boxes. Cuz it honestly will be a total waste of they don't promote the movie in this toy fair.