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  1. I completely agree! Everytime he just says that its his "source's" fault. Amazing Bricks, nothing against you but we know you do not have any information for any sets. I pointed this out, when you claimed you saw the Wonder Woman set picture. I know the correct thing to do is to ignore it, but thats not possible when half of a page is dedicated to people talking about false rumors. Just please dont lie. Anyway the set looks GREAT! Wish they had one more figure. I think WW is the same 99%. And she should have recieved a training outfit.
  2. Well not everything can be bright and colorful like Marvel. DC likes to take a different approach thats a bit darker. Not everything has to be the same. And sure the last few movies havent been on par, but at least they are trying to fix their mistakes. I can also guarentee they will not repeat the flash tv show storyline with his fathers jail sentence. Zack Snyder has proven he can make exceptional cinematography for these movies just not the best plot. The acting is great and the cgi is mostly on point. The scenary is 10/10. From the trailer, I am 10 times more excited for this movie.
  3. I mean tell us something we dont really know. We know this is a cheap set and obviously she has a lasso of truth as that was in the trailer and plays a large part in the movie. Hate to be rude but if you really do have a "screenshot" of this set give us something we can actually trust you on. You always seem to day you know something or have seen the set, but in the end whatever you tell us is not true. This was the case with the Lego Batman Movie sets. Hope this doesnt come off the wrong way, but dont just say you have seen it if you cant back it up.
  4. I read on a website( not sure which) that there were no DC movie sets shown.
  5. Couldnt agree more.
  6. Wait, so when are the Guardians of Galaxy set going to be released? Im guessing March. Lol
  7. Going back on the topic of when the ser should release and when we should see pictures, I think I have an idea. I think we will see the set pictures for the Wonder Woman set by the end of this month, like the second to last week. I also think that the actualy set will release in mid/late March. I do have a reasoning for this though. Take for example the recent Doctor Strange set, thr movie released in November, but the set came out in August and we saw set pics in June. Same timing happened for the retail exclusive Captain america Civil war set. Remember the Wonder Woman set is a retail exclusive. Another example is the Batman V Superman sets. Even though they werent exclusives, they can be taken into consideration. The movie came out in March end, but we saw pictures/leaks in November, and the sets released in Jan. So yes I think the Wonder Woman set will release mid March, and we will see pics/leaks very soon, in a few weeks.
  8. No worries dude. All is good. I do feel like this topic has barely any conversations though.... oh well
  9. Flash is on tonight at 8 ET. Vibe will be getting an official costume and a bounty hunter, Gypsy, will come for Harrison Wells. Wally continues to help Barry prevent Iris's fate.
  10. The Flash is definetly picking up. However it suffers from the same problem as Arrow season 3, a far to similar plot to previous seasons. I like Savitar, still he is a speedster. Ugh. Love Tom Felton as Julian Dawn. I can practically assure myself if Barry saves Iris, then Joe will take the death. Caitlin will become Frost completely probably before episode 16. Wally will probably turn evil for an episode or two to advance his storyline. Love this show so far! Also anyone(mod) know how to change the group name to be a over CW shows disscussion?
  11. Does anyone have any idea how I can get my hands on any of the cmf figures. I have spent a week searching in a dozon target, walmart, and toysrus stores. I am open to any option. Any way to check if the store has it in store. I like in New Jersey for those wondering.
  12. Is there any way to check if my local target has the batman cmf in stock. I dont think there is a way to check through brickseek and I dont think calling would be much help.
  13. Overall, I love every set now!!! Must buy are Arkham, Catwoman, and Ridder Racer. Any one know how much the ridder racer and Catwoman are?
  14. I searched through all the targets in NJ to see if we have any sets. Nope. None. Sucks. However, only sets I think are well designed are the Arkham, Batcave, and Lowrider. IMO, the idea of combining the 3 sets is good but not used well as the 3 sets did not apeal to me. Cant wait to see the Penguin Limo, Croc, and Catwoman sets!
  15. What Sci said there were 4 sets found at target, which ones were they. I know there is the batcave, the lowrider, and the batmobile, but whats the last one.