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  1. Unfortunately for my wallet, I'm not gonna wait for that Flash figure when really it's the only thing I want out of the set and I don't expect it to drop in price so much that waiting would really be worth it. So thanks J3D1-T, Lego Flash is speeding my way as fast as the snail-mail force will let him.
  2. Same shape, new color.
  3. He was back when Affleck was supposed to direct it, who knows what Reeves has planned though.
  4. Circe isn't quite that well known and Metallo hasn't really been as prominent in pop culture recently to the extent Flash's villains have been. The DCEU thing is a long shot, but the director only left earlier this year so depending on how soon they design sets they may have had some very preliminary sets designed. Probably not though. There isn't much else Lego is likely to do the rest of this year aside from comic based JL sets (Superman and Flash heavy make the most sense as one is one of DC's top two and the other has been getting a lot of exposure lately) and Aquaman movie sets.
  5. On top of that Lego seems to be focusing on the six JL members from the upcoming movie. - Cybrog has no well known villains, if any - Wonder Woman's only well known villain is already in a set next year - Batman and Aquaman probably won't get much love since they don't want them to compete with their other sets released this year or next year - Superman only has a handful of villains left that are popular enough for sets: Doomsday, Zod, Bizzaro - Flash has a popular tv show running that has helped introduce some of the Rogues to a wider audience Plus, Lego may have already designed a set for the Flash movie that was supposed to come out next year which was supposed to feature The Rogues, so they may just want to release it with comic variants so they don't have to waste the design and have to come up with a new one.
  6. I believe it's a Toys R Us exclusive.
  7. Is this a hint that one or both of them are in this set too?
  8. Raven looks pretty good, can't say much for Beast Boy and Starfire though. Especially Starfire, those eyes will haunt me.
  9. Agreed, though I hope she has that alternate face.
  10. The orangish yellow doesn't look so bad anymore.
  11. I really hope they'll make an exception and use a yellow hip piece this one time. If not, hopefully they don't change the color of the whole suit and it'll be easy enough to replace the hips with a yellow piece.
  12. The third set is called Batman's Helicopter; Chase for Batman's Freeze Car.
  13. Looks like another great range of figures, though I am wondering if either Mr. Freeze or Captain Cold may be in that last one driving the freeze car. Not too many sets in this theme with just 4 figures in them and this one does sound like one of the larger ones given how it includes both a helicopter and a car. Having arch-enemies for Firestorm and Wonder Woman now is especially great.
  14. We've gotten Kite-Man before Doomsday or a comic-based General Zod and have gotten four, going on five, Flash villains to Superman's three (not counting comic con exclusives and movie sets). Superman is getting no love at all here.