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  1. Did you see Steve Trevor's plane and could you describe it? Also, how big would you say the brickbuilt Ares is?
  2. Light spoilers ahead: Non-spoiler: Alfred will probably make an appearance.
  3. Am I reading it wrong or does the $90 set only come with 3 figures?
  4. Possibly the Alfred with the alternate costume rumored for the summer wave.
  5. Just an update on this, the book I found was Lego DC Comics Super Heroes Adventure Book as opposed to DC... Build Your Adventure. No new exclusive figures with it, just a old Batmobile polybag.
  6. If that Batwing does indeed include that Harley truck, here's hoping we get more than just the three figures listed. I'd hate for another Penguin car incident.
  7. Those teddy bears symbols on Bane's truck are fantastic.
  8. I was in the store today and I'm pretty sure I saw that book on the shelf. I'm not 100% positive that was the one, but even so I didn't really look at it closely to say what was in it. Sorry. Edit: Just looked through the different Lego DC books on Amazon and I can't find the one that looked like it. Now, I'm pretty sure it is it. I'll try and get back to that store and see if I can find it again.
  9. They would make great exclusives for Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick's Day, and Fourth of July. Disclaimer: I know nothing.
  10. I'm pretty sure Crazy Quilt earned that title.
  11. If you have one of the previous Mr. Freezes, you could switch out the heads. I'm not sure if it'd help, but it's worth a try.
  12. The first one back in 2006/2007 had 6 cells.
  13. Wasn't Gentleman's Ghost in there at one point? Edit: Please don't run rampant with this, I could have sworn though he was rumored for the scutter at some point.
  14. 70904 sounds like it could be Clayface.
  15. I can't unsee this.