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  1. Different companies different marketing launches. Somewhat similar to fforce friday.
  2. Less than 2 months till the release off the sets folks!
  3. Don't think so. We know the designers does a lot of "sketch" builds so even if one was built it might not have ever ended up close to a final model.
  4. If the leaked image of the aquaman maquette is correct. He has a different trident next year, which does look more like the lego trident. I think a new trident mold would be sortof wasted, even for the JL Aquaman.
  5. All those tiny scales printed allover Aquaman's torso. Gonna be great in hand.
  6. Nah, Jason momoa has those spots under his eye.
  7. Here's a good look at the Aquaman design from the film that hasn't been artificially colored. Good to have around as everyone's judging the minifigure.
  8. They're always that grey color. but they are normal beyond that, Lego making his eyes weird is overkill. So it's good they gave us options for normality.
  9. Yeah the box image of him has normal eyes, so does the blurry first image we saw of the figure.
  10. The other side of the head doesn't have those action-eyes. =]
  11. Its shorter, ticker, doesn't have a clean mid partition, more hair going from the front to the back. It also there's more hair going onto the face.
  12. Hopefully we do. It unlike a lot of pieces looks very versatile.