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  1. Here is the style lego based their Thor figure on. We know he is wrong. It stands to reason the rest of them will not be redeemed by the movie either.
  2. It doesn't cover her face in the trailer. Shes covered in makeup.
  3. No its more than just the color that the issue, the actual printed parts on his torso doesn't match the movie either.
  4. Same costume diferent cape. it's just the lighting and stuff in the arena that makes it look blue. Lego did not make him correctly.
  5. 5 of the 5 figures we've seen are wrong. Good job there marvel/lego. At least thor and Loki's heads seem more accurate than before.
  6. Big figs can hold things. The printing on the big figs is perfectly sufficient.
  7. There would be absolutely no issue in making him into a bigfig. Why do you think that. I really hope he's not another brick built guy.
  8. Not leaked, released by LEGO.
  9. Well we could hope they fix the color issue on the shield in the JL sets. But considering WW shield is also using the light color instead of the gunmetal, I doubt it will happen.
  10. Or wait for that same shield to be in JL sets.
  11. Non lego movie DC sets is what's suffering, not the marvel sets.
  12. No more sets for WW movie..
  13. Well her smile is new on the JL box graphic.
  14. Is good loki is getting a proper tom hiddleston face, considering his new clothes are so foreign to his character in the films.