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  1. Is the new superman hair in grey yet?
  2. Nope, that has the 'tiara' printed
  3. And uh oh, the jacket inside his coat should be brown not grey. Changed hair and face. And what he could look like if Gordon hair existed in brown.(perfect)
  4. Beautiful torso, jacket should continue onto legs.
  5. Good old days? it looks freakish! =/
  6. Oh come on, only new minifigure print in the whole set is a torso. And the Lego batman movie Gordon hair suits him better. Far as eyebrows goes the head suits him, but i do not care about those cheekbones.
  7. But the JL 'updated' batmobile looks worse. I they made it as part of the flying fox set wouldn't the design of batmobile likely be compromised leaving it less pieces? I guess it's better to have it part of a set than being a set of its own. I love the bvs lego batmobile :]. As for minifigure amounts. GOTG2 sets of same price same year: 20 dollars : 3 figures 50 dollars: 4 figures. considering JL sets (likely) has generic soldier figure Parademon we might get 5 figures in this set Generic parademons might be a cheap way for lego to bump the figure amount in the largest set, lego often don't give enough figs for high priced sets but with a generic fig that would be in multiple sets it could help out. I assume one of the samller sets will have Cyborgs scientist father as an object of rescue.
  8. Leaks like that just comes with the territory. as for the molds legs known to not use fantastic odsl they have when they would fit perfectly so who knows. As i'm sure have been said multiple times, the sharks are in the trailer, and the director tweeted an image with sheet music named 'shark attack'.
  9. I presume the guy just assumed there would be 2 sets since thor and spiderman got that. So I wouldn't get any hopes up yet until there's an answer. If he have any official information at all i'd like to know the price of the wonder woman set.
  10. That's the sorta messages lego says most of the time. As for the earlier messages of the RE release, that's for diferent to a new version of the ship.
  11. " no sets were shown for Wonder Woman (the two sets have been rumored to be retailer exclusives) " 2 sets? we only ever heard of 1 ?
  12. Larger image off lego's official facebook.
  13. -No it didn't depict the prison scene, it was the knowhere scene. -I disagree, that helmet with hole is not good enough.