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  1. 2. largest almost definitely the night crawler. Smallest might be some playset. Maybe a sewer parademon nest. -unless they are "re-releasing" the batmobile in its new more weaponized configuration. seems unlikely since the batmobile set is still being sold.
  2. Best I can think of.
  3. Bank set is super dull, but the issue i have with it is that on top of being boring it's very redundant The only unique thing in the set is 2 heads. The price is similar enough the larger set so it kinda don't need to exist. If they wanted a cheaper set for younger kids they should have made it a small set. I think only issue with van set, is the underdeveloped Vulture minifigure. Which comes across as a little bit offensive considering it's the big bad in the film and likely the only time we will get the mcu vulture.
  4. It matched whats see in trailer does it not? just in trailer its not all the pieces together eg no hood,
  5. We've seen him with head covered in mask in filmset images.
  6. Not final masked Shocker.
  7. Legos press release said they will be revealed later in the year. WW and JL
  8. Can almost guarantee we get tactical batman minifigure. The merchandise has been promoting flash as bright red with dark red details, so lego is following that.
  9. That's just the same limited amount and resolution images that yahoo had.
  10. Barely any official images are released. It seem clear they are holding off on the shark being shown for now. For what reason i haven't got a clue.
  11. I think Dc have been giving lego longer lead times than Marvel does. If that's the case then we should be better off. So far the 3 JL minifigures we've seen appear to be accurate. I think the 2 larger gotg sets are fantastic. the largest homecoming set is completely fine (just the vulture minifigure sucks)
  12. Well i don't think it was intended to be a feature, it was just a way to connect the mast that should constantly be hanging off the edge. - The little 'doors' are quaint, it makes it look right at a glance. lego scale is always a bit wobbly but it looks nice in my opinion.
  13. Fbtb has more images:
  14. The bank robbers use city and knight rider torsos.