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  1. That would also be great. Any Spider-variant would be nice, here or in set. 2099, Noir, anything really would grab my wallet.
  2. I'm quite looking forward to seeing it; I'll be going on my next day off. My last movie was Guardians of the Galaxy. Honestly, it was a'ight, but I felt like it was a letdown in a lot of ways.
  3. It's a Batgirl. The only part unique is a face variation.
  4. Nah, you're in my boat. I'm quite excited for 'em!
  5. If Spider-Gwen or 2099 are promo figs, I may preorder. If that Goliath fig that's floating around the internet is the promo, I definitely won't bother.
  6. Injustice 2 is finally out, so I've just started playing it.
  7. Honestly, I was very underwhelmed. There were plenty of good moments, but I felt like the whole movie was lacking, which is a shame, because the first one was my favorite Marvel movie. I felt like a lot of the humor fell flat, and it took so long to establish "real" conflict: I could tell the early opponents weren't going to be the "main" antagonist, which in turn, made things a smidgen too predictable when things turned out the way they did. I did particularly like Yondu's fight scene (you know the one), and there were some very good character moments too. However, the post-climax scene felt overblown. And while the cameos in the first movie were surprising and fun, here, they felt too heavy-handed. Stan's cameo was pretty meta, and I applaud that though.
  8. Well hello, you wonderful little minifi--- AAAND THEY SNUCK IN A CLONE HEAD. Great fig anyway, though.
  9. I'm definitely keen on Cyborg. That new arm should be fun to play around with, see what people do with it.
  10. Thanks! Does Batman have an old-style black torso in that Scarecrow set?
  11. Both are highly detailed figures. I can't wait to see some sharper pictures!
  12. Yeah, that would be great.
  13. The Brick Fan site has run a story on it. I'm quite interested to see; I got a kick out of The Lego Movie's game, and hated we didn't get a non-Dimensions game for The Lego Batman Movie. Maybe we'll get a Batman character pack; I'd love to see any characters from the first two Lego movies appear here.
  14. Good point. It is printed on a dark headpiece without "tanning"!
  15. I love it! They have perfectly blended the dark and light red, and those expressions are spot on for Flash!