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  1. She surprised me as one of my favorite minifigs of the line, something I wasn't expecting. I swapped the face with the previous face her minifigs used as my favorite combo, and it also allows one of the old style duplicates a way to stand out.
  2. What kinda round did we get for DC this time??? Everyone's generic or Mighty Micros! This is fun! I look forward to each new round!
  3. I dunno, but I just got it for $111 a few days back on Amazon.
  4. I got one last year, let's see if I can succeed now! DC: Dr. Poison Marvel: Dr. Doom's Iron Man suit
  5. Amazon has the ultimate Batmobile $20 off, so I ordered it. Don't know if I'll keep any of the additional vehicles built, but the main Batmobile part itself is so incredible. Thankfully, it gets delivered my next day off from work!
  6. "Exclusive" Batgirl with the movie, "exclusive" Penguin with the book... I really hope they're including less-than-stellar figs here to use better ones in the future stuff.
  7. They will gradually reveal the roster across their twitter up until release, if it's anything like previous games.
  8. Nice Blues Brothers reference. However, I suspect they won't be in the mighty micros.
  9. I like this variant. The stubble, presumably the same as will be on the other upcoming version, is very nice.
  10. Same. Classic Ollie is delightful!
  11. I probably should've used the real names. Boomie was Captain Boomerang, and yes, Hugo Strange is reported as CMF.
  12. Yes, we can expect the two. Boomie is expected in a smaller set and Tweety is a CMF.
  13. I'll tell you what would be cool: A Kyle Rayner-style mask.
  14. This needs to be a set. It would gain my money.
  15. Agreed. While not highly likely, Maxie Zeus is sliiiiiiiightly more likely to show up down the road than characters who have had no impact since the sixties show. I'll take any obscure ones I can get; I'm still ecstatic over an official Polka-Dot Man release.