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  1. I'm now playing Borderlands 2. Never beat the first one, but this one I plan on it. Sadly not playing the Injustice 2 Beta anymore, as it is over. :(
  2. I dunno, he just has a goatee. Willshot has a full beard.
  3. Does anybody know a good head for Will Smith's Deadshot? At some point, I will have an (admittedly non-purist) mask for him, but I want the rest of the figure to be purist.
  4. I so badly want the end credits Joker. It's so ridiculously gaudy; perfect for the character!
  5. Finally got to see Split. Good to see M. Night release a good movie again!
  6. My best answer is this: the unrealistic rules of these types of media allow the storytellers to provide a very original story. No one can actually shoot laser eyes or become a magical space monk, but asking "what if" allows possibilities that otherwise couldn't be explored. In particular, for me, comics often do delve into deeper and murkier waters. Take Swamp Thing: he is a sentient plant, to oversimplify it. There is only so much a human can do to question "what does it mean to be human?" because, naturally, they always will be, genetically, human. Whereas Swamp Thing wondering "what does it mean to be a person?" can be explored so much further, as humanity and personhood become entirely distinct from each other.
  7. I suppose iPhone does make sense as an expensive product a rich guy would use, so it isn't too out of the blue.
  8. That's elaborate! A full on car chase and everything! I'm curious to see where it goes from here.
  9. I have a couple for Jay. Jay Garrick Torso by Charlie Griffin, on Flickr I posted this one before, but I've tweaked the lightning bolt to be more proportional since then. Jay Garrick Torso (Classic) by Charlie Griffin, on Flickr And here's a version more in line with his classic look. I'll look into making the other two torsos if I get the chance over the next couple of days.
  10. Technically, if they make the Flying Fox and it is fairly accurate to the descriptions, it would be both a "vehicle" AND a playset, although I doubt it will get that big.
  11. Hello, everybody! I'm putting out word for a Batman brickfilm I'm needing voice actors for, and I figured here would be a good place to post it as well! Casting Call by Charlie Griffin, on Flickr Long story short, I'm looking for actors for each of the characters in the picture. They all have one or two lines a piece, and this one will be a loving parody, so it's nothing too serious. There are more details on the flickr page itself, so if you're interested, feel free to comment here, there, or send a message on either, and I'll get back to you with what we'll do. Thanks in advance!
  12. Agreed. I'd love to see some sort of piece used like that for him in the future, to give an wrinkled burlap look to his mask.
  13. I'm not sure why the discussion of the movie's pace is in spoilers up there. It's no spoiler to say it's a fast-paced movie.
  14. Nice try, but it's already been established they aren't allowed to just give us the list. They are permitted currently to only give snippets and hints.