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  1. I see what you did there.
  2. It's not quite that straightforward; so far, all three DCEU films have been profitable, with a strong enough support base (despite being so divisive). Even if these next two films follow the pattern, they will still turn a buck and have defenders. They would have to truly crash and burn at the box office for Warner Bros to consider derailing their many (many) plans for upcoming films. And while I can't guarantee this far out what Justice League hype will be on release, Wonder Woman being the first female-lead superhero movie since Elektra in 2005 (twelve years, dang!) is likely to have a strong draw to it on that front, not to mention any other number of factors.
  3. Replaying Assassin's Creed 2 for the first time since High School. It was the first game in the series I ever played, and even after all these years it holds the same sense of wonder and mystery as it did in the first place. The Uncharted games are good for breaks between open world games for sure. I get overwhelmed if I play too many open world games in a row, so I always try to mix up what kind of game I play. Only a weekend? Wow, you have some strong willpower to break free that quickly!
  4. The Lizard and Bane are definitely my favorites!
  5. I didn't get one either. It doesn't bother me, since it is just an extra, but I do find it odd that the reviews tend to have it.
  6. Currently, that's just a quirk of the system. Hopefully they'll patch it soon.
  7. Cap, this is astounding! My jaw hit the floor so hard I'm going to need someone to fix the hardwood!
  8. Well, not the newest-- this was her costume during the "DC You" run, which has now been changed with the Rebirth books again. It is a great minifigure, though, and I always welcome a new version of Diana!
  9. Highwayindividual. Highwayhuman. Highwaybeing.
  10. I'm not terribly surprised by this; most of the entries would have been incredibly pricey, even if they were designed down, and a license for Spaceballs would be very hard to obtain, as one of the agreements Mel Brooks had with George Lucas to allow the "fair use" of the spoof was a lack of real-world merchandise. And at the end of the day, I'm okay with this; more female designs are always welcome with me, since they are still catching up in numbers. I have purist figs to make, after all!
  11. And even with a repeat minifigure, that's okay; the DCEU Wonder Woman is easily one of the highest quality minifigs we have gotten from the theme, so I'm okay with it in this instance.
  12. I'm now playing Borderlands 2. Never beat the first one, but this one I plan on it. Sadly not playing the Injustice 2 Beta anymore, as it is over. :(
  13. I dunno, he just has a goatee. Willshot has a full beard.
  14. Does anybody know a good head for Will Smith's Deadshot? At some point, I will have an (admittedly non-purist) mask for him, but I want the rest of the figure to be purist.
  15. I so badly want the end credits Joker. It's so ridiculously gaudy; perfect for the character!