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  1. Very nice indeed. I like the roof especially.
  2. Nice curved wall, and I like the window design alot.
  3. Thank you Maestro! I'm all over it Titus, Thanks! Thanks LW Thanks Zoth, I appreciate it! Thought you would love blue waters more, Thanks! Thanks Kai! That was the goal, Thanks Henjin, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing a peaceful (ish) build. Thanks Umbra! Thanks sir! Thanks SK! Thank you CF! The old brown would've fit much better here but to get that much in bulk, just wouldn't be practical. Thanks Grover!
  4. I am very Impressed. You've represented every guilds' style very well, easy to see that there was a lot of planning, effort and forethought put into each build so they would all form a coherent story line. Your story itself reflects the same amount of effort you put into these builds. My fav build btw is definitely the Beggar King.
  5. Green Abyss is a town hidden deep in the swamps of the Moruth. A haven for refugees and criminals alike, this town's populace asks very little questions and hate's the authority of both the spire and the resistance. Another freebuild..thanks for stopping in and happy building! To see detail shots, head on over to my flickr page.
  6. A Very nice and colorful build.
  7. Yea, I'm not to fond of ships..but this one was begging for a rebuild. Thanks Cap! Thanks LJ! Thanks Gideon! Thank you sir!
  8. That ruined version came out very well sir. This was a good read as well..
  9. This is a very pretty build..I like that you used brown for the path instead of the go to dark tan that we see alot (not that there is anything wrong with dark tan, i just know dirt is a multitude of colors.)
  10. Nice job and this, I like the irregular base and the amount of lean you have put into the shack.
  11. I'm reading through this in pieces, but I wanted to atleast comment on the collection of builds that you have put together. I see we had similar ideas with the bone tree, though you brought it to life more than I did. Great work!
  12. Of that's clever, very functional looking as well.
  13. Very nice work on the texturing of the walls and floor in the tavern, I am particularly fond of the hand built griffin head.
  14. Very nice twist on the have some solid builds as well.
  15. Easily my favorite build of yours. Great work man!