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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! There were some great entries, I like the walker most.
  2. You're welcome. If all goes well the instructions should be ready in about 8-12 weeks.
  3. Excellent work - the movements on the zombie are really smooth. I'm surprised it doesn't veer to one side.
  4. The techniques and pieces you use for some of the small details are quite clever. The guard rails, the stairs, the rope posts in the back... I think your client will be very happy with the results. Beautiful work, Edwin.
  5. Very nice work, everything is so well hidden. Even the steering shaft between the cabin and trailer looks authentic.
  6. I think the DBG was almost mandatory, considering that part 18654 has a very limited choice of colors and that it is used on a the seat "cushion". The second color is more flexible, I like LGB. Both colors match the gears, bushes and axles, so the seats will look very uniform.
  7. LDCad features a couple of scripts that can be used to add some nice content to your videos. You render individual frames which can then be turned into an animation that's inserted into a video. Pick a script: Scripts -> Samples -> Expolde (camera test is the other useful one) Export the POV-Ray file: Session -> Animation -> POV-Ray animation export In POV-Ray, edit your exported file. Remove the floor "#declare doFloor=false;" //-----Base tex/mat properties -- set "reflection 0.05" sky_sphere -- set "rgb 1" In POV-Ray, you need to edit the povray.ini file to include the line "Final_Frame=xxx" where xxx is the number of frames you want to render. Add this only once you're happy with the settings, otherwise you'll be rendering all the frames. Here is the result in GIF format. It only has 256 colors, but if you use the rendered frames in any movie editing software, it will preserve the original colors so it will look even nicer.
  8. I like the blue seats because they match the blue friction pins. By the way, I started mucking around with the LXF file. The conversion to LDR isn't perfect, there are some parts that are in the wrong position and/or orientation (edit: there are parts missing as well). Most of it is pretty easy to fix. I am in the process of making instructions for the front suspension. It's one of the most dense components on this build so it may not have been the best subassembly to begin with, but I have now developed a fairly reliable workflow. I'm guessing the chassis design is locked down, so I'll focus my efforts on that. I had a question about 3L friction pin color: a lot of them are black, even though they are hidden. Is there a reason for this? Do you care about the pin coloring?
  9. It's great to see this coming together with real bricks. It looks fantastic. Did you decide on the tires yet?
  10. In November of 2013 I built a biped with a single motor using only parts from the Lego Mindstorms 31313 set. It walks and turns when it detects an obstacle. Turning is achieved by throwing the walker off balance (motor spins fast for 180 degrees and then slow for the next 180 degrees). This makes one foot slide and the other have traction. It works great on slippery surfaces like wood floors, but I did not test it on carpet. In January of 2017, Mindstorms Boards user "myibookmoe" made photo instructions, which I am hosting with his permission. The program for the biped can be downloaded here.
  11. Good start! Looks like your wheel rims have held up quite well - the crack rather easily.
  12. This is probably your best option. The alternative is using a single motor with a two-stage reduction, which increases your build size. Leonardo's suggestion of hard-coupling allows a built-in speed reduction: Add the red 20 tooth gear on the other side of the differential to help brace it.
  13. Porsche fender panels in purple! And is that a batter box in the back of the Fire Truck?
  14. Tight little build! The MiniZip cable really allows for some small builds. I'm excited to get the BuWizz brick, I think the size will be the second closest thing to the MiniZip and SBrick combination.