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  1. Brickset.com has an interview with Milan Reindl and Samuel Tacchi, two Technic designers. https://brickset.com/article/29340/interview-with-technic-designers Some neat insight into the design process.
  2. Yeah, I figured the 32L axle would flex. Your solution to make it more stable is very good, I like it because it's compact. However, it may get pulled apart with prolonged use - I hope I'm wrong about this.
  3. I agree that the power source is irrelevant - you set up the experiment in such a way that apples got compared to apples. I was just curious about the power source. I made a DC motors vs servo motors video a while back and it also shows the same discrepancy between DC motors, minus the detailed analysis of freeze-frame. I also used a battery pack - it's good enough to drive home the concept.
  4. Very well thought out experiment. What power source did you use? I believe @Philo uses a regulated power source instead of a battery box to avoid voltage variations.
  5. You may want to consider a torsion axle suspension. They work very well, they rarely damage pieces if implemented correctly, and they are very compact.
  6. This is a very good looking build. Excellent job!
  7. Jeez, is it the same leg that you broke, or are you spreading the abuse over both limbs? I hope you heal quickly. Good progress on the model, it is starting to take shape. I forgot how rigid the base is, your pictures reminded me of it.
  8. Very good concept, but the mechanism has a very jerky up/down movement. It seems like the top non-rotating section has some give in the rotation, and causes slowdowns and acceleration in the up/down motion. It looks like a spring that gets loaded and released intermittently. Any way to make it more solid?
  9. I've been doing a lot of building in LDCad for the past few months and the part tree - particularly the Technic one - is extremely logical (with a few outliers). What's even more useful is the Favorite Parts virtual bin, where I put in my most used connectors, beams, axles and gears. The remaining parts are always in the back of my mind, but are only accessed through the official virtual bins when I need them. I am planning to eventually organize my parts the same way - stuff that gets used most often will be close, other parts will be hidden much deeper in drawers or bins. I imagine each builder will have a different Favorite Parts list. I don't use flex axles or pneumatics very much for example, but there are others who will need those parts in their Favorites list.
  10. It may allow a higher gearing, and as a consequence, a theoretical higher speed. If you gear the motors beyond a point where they can start rolling the car from a standstill, a one-time boost from the pullback motor could help get the car to a speed where the motors could take over.
  11. Thanks for the WIP pictures, they show quite well how you approach the shape of the car. I like the full-sized engine in the front, nice job eliminating space between it and the suspension.
  12. Very good review Sariel, thanks for the thorough examination of all the functions (as usual). I find the door mechanism fascinating. For some reason I thought we'd be getting more purple pieces, but it's a different shade. This will be known as the Rainbow Technic Era.
  13. No C model from me for the BWE.