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  1. I built a platform taking pictures used in stop motion animation. Some features: Platform can rotate Camera can tilt Camera is mounted on a quick-mount bracket to make battery changes much easier. This required the drilling of two plates. The table is rotated as follows: 8 tooth gear is connected to a manually operated lever 8 tooth gear drives 24 tooth gear 24 tooth gear has a 2L worm gear on the same axle 2L worm gear drives the old-style large turntable The result is a very slowly moving table which is helps cover differences in the rotation angle. The platform is made of two layers of panels stacked together. It's very rigid and is covered with white paper. The platform is supported by 4 beams, which makes it more stable than wheels, but increases friction during rotation. To reduce the friction, I added clear tape (Scotch Tape) on top of the support beams. I also pulled or pushed the platform gently as it was rotated, to make sure that it was always at the end of the physical travel. The camera tilt is controlled through two small linear actuators. Play in the tilt mechanism is eliminated with red rubber bands. There is also a position lock on the other side of the adjustment shaft. The result is this:
  2. @Myers Lego Technic You have now made two posts (since my counter arguments) without discussing this project. All you talk about is about your right to express an opinion, and that nobody should question it. This discussion will continue of you get back on topic, otherwise you are wasting both our time.
  3. Why not? You stated an opinion, I stated mine. We're having a civilized discussion and nobody is attacking anyone. Are you suggesting that your opinion should not be discussed or go unchallenged? Yes, it's perfectly acceptable to voice a dissenting opinion. What's not acceptable is you trying to shut down any discussion of it afterward. If you're posting something on a discussion board, you should be ready to discuss it. Please note that your post made no counterpoints about the project, didn't defend your position, just asked everyone to validate your right to express an opinion.
  4. You may be misunderstanding the "rugged" tag associated with this car. It's not about its offroad capabilities (it has none) and it's not about its utilitarian look. The ruggedness refers to the building methods that @Didumos69 used, primarily Pythagoras triangles. They make the whole car very rigid while relying on only on legal connections. Once you start examining the build you realize that a great deal of mathematics, thought and "engineering" went into the design. The result is a very complex build that performs really well. Its appearance is simply a byproduct of the design - this was not meant to be a showcase of angled panels and curved flex axles. It's akin to comparing an Ariel Atom to a Lotus Evora - both are very nice cars, but have a different look that may not appeal to everyone.
  5. Very nice work, Roland. It looks very good, even if it's not rendered. You can try removing the floor and/or floor reflection to speed up the render.
  6. This is great! Nice work!
  7. Thanks, that solved the problem. I didn't have a "libraries" folder, so I created it and put the files in it. I also updated complete.zip - I'm not sure which did the trick, but it works fine now.
  8. Hi, I'm using LPub3D version 2.0.20 and have an issue with some new parts not showing up in the step part list. As an example, I manually added part 23801.dat to the LDraw directory: The part shows up in the assembly image but does not appear in the step part list. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.
  9. Those stickers look really great, I'm very impressed with the amount of "resolution" they have. Congratulations on finishing the build, it looks beautiful.
  10. A while back I suggested structuring the voting the same way the "Porsche Of Your Dreams" contest was structured. Details here:
  11. The BuWizz is covered by "Other 3rd party parts are NOT permitted." The rules for real-life competitions probably exist as far as size goes, but I don't think weapons are limited. There are bots with flame throwers, drones, giant hammers etc. The most effective battle bots fall into one of two categories: flippers and momentum wheels (not the technical term - flywheels maybe?). Flippers use a wedge to go under the opponent. The wedge then springs up and flips the opponent into the grinders that surround the arena. Momentum wheels rely on a heavy mass rotating at high RPMs. Opponents who come in contact with this wheel sustain quite a bit of damage - shields, wheels and weapons are often ripped off. Both flippers and momentum wheels are quite boring as far as looks go: one looks like a hot iron: and the other one is basically a controlled spinning top:
  12. Looks like you guys had a great time! There were some great entries, I like the walker most.
  13. You're welcome. If all goes well the instructions should be ready in about 8-12 weeks.
  14. Excellent work - the movements on the zombie are really smooth. I'm surprised it doesn't veer to one side.
  15. The techniques and pieces you use for some of the small details are quite clever. The guard rails, the stairs, the rope posts in the back... I think your client will be very happy with the results. Beautiful work, Edwin.