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  1. I think the collectible series for Ninjago is really good, even if you didn't know it was Ninjago it would have been good.
  2. I'm not normally a Ninjago fan, but this is absolutely brilliant.
  3. Why is their so much hate for the two Simpsons series, I thought they were both quite good, but I do understand that other figures are viewed as better.
  4. A flamingo, a tiger, an elephant and a swan and they look really good.
  5. I there is lots of side stalls, like candyfloss, hook a duck, coconut shy, that can all be packed away because I think that was a really good selling feature for the first one.
  6. That's really life like.
  7. I think this looks quite good, but will there be more sets?
  8. I just wanted to know if there are any early rumors about a new fairground ride to go with the Ferris Wheel and the Mixer?
  9. I hope we get something new
  10. This is amazing
  11. Don't get me wrong I like the set but I also loved the fossil museum.
  12. Can I say I don't particular like the new Harry Potter hair
  13. I think these are very good.
  14. After seeing the preliminary images I thought it was OK, but after seeing the hi-res ones and the video, I think it's really good. The price point is very reasonable as well.