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  1. You forgot 2 words. Bor. Gullet.
  2. 75178 Quadjumper 75180 Rathtar escape
  3. The last talk Kennedy and Miller/Lord had (and the reason they got fired) KK: "The lead in the Han Solo movie is a strong female right?" Lord/Miller: "No, why?" KK: "You're fired!"
  4. A troll if I remember correctly.
  5. Thanks for giving me a good laugh all day (and for ruining The Last Jedi! .... I already fear the moment Snoke comes on screen for the first time and I think of this comment )
  6. I'm not disappointed with the ships/vehicles (the 3 we've seen so far) but more with the minifigs of these sets and the other ones that were leaked. We get new molds for a black FO helmet (almost similar to the Imperial one), a new BB head for a FO black BB8 (almost similar to the original BB8 head) a new Resistance helmet and a new hairpiece for Rey. I hate it seeing TLG making new sculpts of these things instead of new alien/droid heads (we're still waiting for Nien Nunb... or PZ4CO, etc) I fully understand the Rey hairpiece, but the new FO helmet and BB head are imo such a waste.
  7. Ok, but which site is it on?
  8. Which one? (I tried to find it... without success)
  9. Yet still you post fake info (according to CM4Sci and Sir Von Lego; 2 respected insiders).
  10. We just got an A-Wing (the ROTJ version with Lando) and a year ago we got the Rebels version of an A-Wing (the set that also included Darth Vaders TIE) so I don't think we'll get an A-Wing again this soon.
  11. @Sir von Lego: can you confirm this? (Bitte? Danke schon) :)
  12. Nah. Then it would have included a Cloud Car and a Dagobah and Cloud City playset.
  13. 4 microfighters I guess? ... and 3 buildable characters... ... and this is where it gets interesting. A Jedi Council pack? Similar to the Bounty Hunter pack we just got? A War Room? Maybe this is a D'Qar set?
  14. The fact there isn't a dedicated thread yet shouldn't stop people from posting info, right?
  15. I'm curious! Please tell what you heard!