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  1. not confirmation, but in my opinion a huge hint dropped in the carousel reveal video, bellow is a screen cap, interpret as you see fit. (I do apologies if this doesn't belong here, but it felt relevant)
  2. wow really tough, I've a soft spot for Dengar thanks to the EU, but that Ashoka Tano figure is hard to beat.... Ashoka Tano it is.
  3. Simon Pegg gets my vote (aka Unkar Plutt)
  4. Maz Kanata, though I really wanted to pick K-3PO. the uniqueness of Maz wins out over the white reprint of C-3PO.
  5. Nice Pagani, if you are curious my MOCpages has an LDD file you can compare your build to. and I am honored you took the time to build your own. :) Valkyrie, I wanted to call it Valliant, though in my mind RB-001 sounds more fitting of a car of that caliber. you can see my Aston Martin Valkyrie Here (made before the official name was announced) or my modified Porsche 917k from the SC set Here, though that is now out of date as more mods have happened.
  6. if I'm counting these votes right we are STILL at 1 vote difference on this one. (maybe we call it a tie?)
  7. Give me A-wing on this one. shore trooper is great too, but I love the A-wing itself, and this pilot is just awesome.
  8. oh wow, forgot about this thread. I've some new ones I should add to my index post some time. there is now a Vector W8, and a BAC Mono, An Aston martin RB-001 (forgot it's official name) all of which need added here. as to the Lamborghini Gallardo, I've contemplated that several times, in fact almost all of the Lambo cars I want to build but I am very picky with cars I am passionate about so until I get one "perfect" you guys wont see it. but yes I do want to build one, (and maybe a Miura too)
  9. going to go with Lor San Tekka, great Jedi esque robes and a nice face print.
  10. Hover tank Pilot, that helm is a great piece, and the printing is just as good. we've already a Vader on our tops list, and emporer still has that weird green yellow skin (really needs to be more pale/grey but not completely grey tone.
  11. yup, Chirrut Imwe gets my vote here really like the red trimmed cloth for his robes. (and I also missed last round, though I would have picked Dengar)
  12. lets go with the Death Star Droid, none of those really was a WOW figure on the looks alone. Tarkin is a must have for who it represents, but the figure is simple so the droid wins
  13. Death Trooper for me too, love that black on black style
  14. also if you have kids in the age 6 - 12~ish range the Lego Kidsfest events are actually pretty cool, went to one in Cleveland years ago. for adults only there really is very little to do, shop in the mobile Lego store, and maybe try out the kid centric hands on things. for kids though, almost the entire event is hands on, a giant Lego pile to build in, car build stations with ramps to test them on, Monochromatic build stations. and some guided build events possibly with a "Master builder." I've also done brickfair VA, and Brickworld Chicago, and for me I prefer VA, but it's a longer trip so I've not gone in recent years (hoping to be able to go this year though)
  15. I don't know if these candies are available in your area, but we found some sweet-tart like candies that were brick shaped and buildable. everyone got a sizable amount in a custom box (cardboard). another thing we did for ours was "build your own center piece" we provided around 120-130, 2x4 bricks per table and let the guests build what ever they wanted. from all accounts this was a great idea. although mildly expensive (think it was around 500 USD, for the 2x4 bricks, back when you could buy a box direct from a Lego Store)