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  1. Addok-Zo takes note of the tiny man's comment and grunts at him. "A mutt tasked with fetching five heroes? Seems rather absurd. Who in their right mind would draft such an important task to a dog? What if none of us could understand the dog?"
  2. "Fair enough. Exactly who are you waiting for?"
  3. "Depends. What's in it for me?"
  4. Addok-Zo clenches his fist and puts it over his heart. "Aye, indeed so. I am alive, can't complain." He bellows. "And yourself?" He then turns to the stray dog. "What is your name, mutt? I have never met a dog as intelligent as you. Exactly who are you spying for?"
  5. OoC: My stats need to be upgraded. I will fix it, sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Addok-Zo signs up for Quest #158.
  7. "That, I cannot answer confidently as people have different reasons. I once met a man, before my Heroica days, who had his legs replaced with mechanical ones solely to run faster and longer. But then there are rumors, at least I believe them to be. Apparently there is a cult that supports the idea of leaving their biological bodies to be replaced with mechanical ones, to challenge the gods. Time and sickness would practically become ineffective to them. Crazy stuff to digest, I know."
  8. Addok-Zo lets out a faint, sinister chuckle after listening to the young elf and old man converse. One word struck his mind - pathetic. How could someone not want to exceed their natural boundaries? It is a strange concept that clouded his thoughts. "What is wrong with one wanting to ascend to a higher potential? I have heard tales of men fusing themselves with mechanical limbs solely to be stripped of their flesh, to abandon the suffering of wounds - both inside and outside. I recall hearing about someone who changed from man to machine. I forget who it was, I think it was a dwarf... anyway, he succumbed to the sickness of body modifications to the point he was no longer himself. Some say it's madness, I personally think it is genius."
  9. The mention of putting Sulphur on oneself reminds Addok-Zo of the stories he was told as a child. Still, he is unsure whether or not they are true but he begins to wonder. "Sulphur is no good for your body... at least from what I was told. The elders speak of our origins in a rather positive way. Me? I dunno what to believe. My ancestors are said to be humans who were on their own journey through the harsh wastes of Abra. Their water rations began to quickly disappear, some began to die. Either it be from dehydration or the scorching sun. Eventually they came across a Sulphur field. They knew not to drink it but they eventually broke and began to drink the contaminated water and bathe in it for several weeks while they built our city. Blasted idiots! Their skin began to slowly rot and look like what you see today." He points to his face and lets out a grossly smile. "At least that is what the elders say." He then attempts to change the subject. "How does one meditate for several days? Don't ya get... bored?"
  10. Agreed. The thing is, Sandy made the posts for most of the threads you mentioned which poses a bit of a problem. I am not sure of a practical solution other than the threads be recreated or someone else be given access to edit the threads.
  11. As the hall doors open, Addok-Zo hears a faint timid voice speak out. He sees the young woman knight donning her shiny armor. He never quite understood why they keep their armor so shiny. Perhaps to blind their enemies? He then looks at his armor which looks like a pile of junk in comparison. He shrugs and keeps in mind that appearances mean nothing, functionality is all that counts. As she walks forward, the familiar scent of Sulphur pierces his nostrils. He speaks. "You... miss knight, you reek of Sulphur. What lands have you returned from? If you don't mind me asking..."
  12. Addok-Zo enters the hall after trekking the long road back home. He loosens the straps that bind the rusted plate to his chest and tosses it on a table. He proceeds to undo the armor protecting his limbs. He catches the attention of a bar wench by gesturing with his hands. "Water... please." He then falls onto a chair and lets out a lough sigh.
  13. Possibly. There is just not much to say honestly, at least nothing I can think of at the moment.
  14. Any updates on a new quest coming soon? There are a few of us from Quest #154 in the hall sitting idle.
  15. Not sure what is going on with Quest #154...