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  1. Oh man, this is awesome! It looks fantastic. I have tried to build a few boats in LDD but never got the hull right. Do you mind sharing how this hull is made through some more pictures?
  2. Hello everyone, Since I am going to be making more town related vehicles, I decided that I should probably just put them all in one thread. My latest creation is a MAN TGS 8x8 crane. I have a 4x4 tractor with low-loader coming soon Thank you for reading.
  3. Glad to help! Looks great thus far. I'm assuming you're going to add the rear lights in the holes on the bumper. If you're happy with it, I would begin to build it IRL.
  4. The fifth wheel looks a bit oversized for the wheel diameter, but I could be wrong. Here are some of my favorite tractor units: Arocs 3363 6x4, DAF XF 510, Volvo FH 16, and any Scania S series. You could try something like this:
  5. I have a few suggestions in terms of details. 1. Add orange highlights somewhere. 2. Replace the black lining and 1x2 technic brick with 2 holes with one of these and these (sideways). 3. add 1x2 grille tiles in chrome on the steps to the cabin (lego actually makes these). 4. Horn? 5. Lengthen chassis and add larger fuel tanks?
  6. You captured the overall shape very well, but I think the cabin might be too tall, as well as the engine hoods. I realize that this loco is probably difficult to replicate due to the many angles and vents. I would compare your locomotive to this scale drawing.
  7. Picked up 42043 for $180 (28% off ) from Walmart online; however, the box was heavily damaged. Two years ago I found 42009 for something like $170. My advice would be to visit the websites of Target, Walmart, etc at least 1/2 year after the set has been released for a significant discount.
  8. You've definitely have a great idea; however, I can see a few problems thus far. Firstly, all of the axles would have the same steering angle; however, if you can squeeze a space for gearing the servomotor, this wouldn't be a problem. Secondly, servomotors are 25USD each, which means that even on an 8x8x8 you'd spend 100USD on servos. A potential solution would be to to have an axle on top of the assembly that connects all other axles to all of the gear-racks.
  9. Search this topic: FYI I am working on a twinsteer front axle without drive using linkages and "leafsprings" so I will send you the LXF when I am finished.
  10. Very impressive at this scale! Did you ask yourself should you, before thinking about how it could be done? As a non-powered model, why would you add a function that is derived from movement? Don't get me wrong, you must have done some amazing work to fit all of this stuff into such a small scale, but do you think it makes sense? On a side note your front "leaf springs" look fragile, as the axle could pop out of the connector piece given a sufficient force. The added weight of a cabin may cause problems; however, the lack of heavy pf elements may make your system feasible. I have been experimenting with lego leaf springs for over a year now, so I thought I'd just give you my opinion.
  11. Simply beautiful! Your solution for the 3 wide windows is great!
  12. Simple: use gears to change the maximum deflection of the servo. 8 and 24 tooth gears will reduce the deflection angle by 1/3, so 30 degrees. Remember that two gears will offset the return position of the servo, so add 3 or more to solve this problem. Keep in mind that more gears increase backlash, which decreases the accuracy of your steering system.
  13. Your work is very inspiring and make it look like child's play. Wait, you actually asked the manufacturer to send you detailed information about the design? What was the premise on which you sent the email. Did you mention that you were making a LEGO model? I seriously hope that you get a response! One small observation, The 1x3 tile adjacent to the fake drive sprocket looks like it will just fall off as it is only held on by one stud. You might consider replacing it with a 2x3 tile, if possible.
  14. The body looks great, but the bogies are disproportionate. I think the frontmost axle on each bogie looks like it is one stud too close to the front. However the buffers are fine where they are.