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  1. Right? Especially since it includes a big-fig.
  2. We might get an Ego like how we got the Rocket in his uniform from the first movie, in an polybag a little bit later down the road.
  3. Huh, Lego is usually on top of leaks like this. I really don't understand the color scheme of the sets. They remind me of the Avengers Assemble sets and how colourful they were, but even then those sets colors made much more sense.
  4. Thank you for the image! The minifig for the most part is fine, but couldn't they have made the face look more like Jeff Goldblum? They can make a Nova officer look like John C. Reilly among other minifigs having likenesses, why couldn't they do so here?
  5. The face is different than the generic woman face she had previously, I like it.
  6. Can someone with Mr. Freeze Juniors set tell me if Batman has a regular starch cape or the newer shiny starched cape.
  7. Looking if anyone has spotted another odd variant of a Super Hero figure, but this time I'm looking for a keychain. This user posted receiving two blue Batman keychains both with gray hips. Seeing as one person was able to receive two, there must a few more out there. It may be harder to find another decent copy of these since keychains wear pretty quickly when used. I tried reaching out to the person to see if they would be willing to let them go but I got no reply back.
  8. If it helps, the statue is most likely supposed to be Amadeus Arkham, the founder of the Asylum.
  9. Don't recall seeing this, but the summer Super Hero Girls sets were revealed.
  10. Seems the same to me.
  11. Haha, loving those robbers!
  12. Loving the new Iron Man and Vulture, though kinda bummed that the Spider-Man is the same. Truck looks average.
  13. Yeah! They found a way to match the proportions and not make it look odd (Which Lego has done on occasions).
  14. superhero

    Well I'm sure he doesn't want it due to the big difference of availability of the two, hence why I added the emoticon.