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  1. Hello, Have you noticed that recently on the Facebook official page of Lego Technic, there is a lot of activity related to the historical sets with "voting" options like: "Which one is your all-time favor" I wonder if this has any connection to the potential celebrations set for 40th years of anniversary of this Lego product lines? What do you think? Regards :)
  2. Exactly, those sets, that line if we call it this way, was a good source of specific line of parts like Electronic. Pneumatic, Flex-Cable and standard parts (small sets) I think that "revolutionary" year of 1990 was the start and we could see all type of new flagship models, that in fact contained parts from smaller sets like Universal Sets line. My Questions: 1. why we have for number of years the same steering system and it is even repeated in the flagship models - basically we have all the same type either it came with suspension or with out it. 2. returning to suspension, we know that when 8865 came out the only way to make rear independent suspension was to make it so wide... and in the way if we look for current vehicles we too see that they suspension is also far to wide comparing with the model body - example 42029 or 42037 - the same happen to 42039 (but here the body was build around it). 3. Is the "engine size" impacting the over price of the model? example: 42029 why it had V6 and not V8, the same 42037 it had R4 where should have V8 or back in the past the 9397 with R4 - where the "original" 8868 had V6 as well as the 9395 V4 where should have minimum V6 or V8... 4. Any possibility of introducing new fast electric motor - such as old RC Buggy? 5. Is there a particular issue with putting the AWD into the model? As for example 42029 or 8297 - they should have the AWD and not RWD ...
  3. agrof, that is true - it would be nice to have a new version of hubs that were in 8880 - specially their size compare with the existing ones...
  4. Eric, that Autosan is beautifully! Reminds me childhood. :)
  5. 8868 no doubt on that - ~900 parts and looks how many functions it had ? Still probably beats the current sets on the play-ability.
  6. Interesting thing, on the video we can see that person who is filming is actually moving the model 42070 forward and reverse without any problem, having in mind that for movement it has XL motor then it would be rather hard to move it - so the drive system can be disengaged, and there is the reason why there is a 4th differential in red color ?
  7. Thank you for that it will hepl a lot to build your Model-C. By the way, did you tried the Midel-D.E... ;) ?
  8. Question, so we will get "only" 3 new sets in H2-2017 + the 3in1 8860, correct? How often per year are the PullBack coming in? Only in the H1? How was it in the past, can someone recall me that? Regards
  9. I can be use to "power" the functions that are going thru the gearbox
  10. Ok, all is clear now, till then :)
  11. Please remind me where exactly :) ?
  12. Grohl I wonder if the "new" 8860 has been designed by you? You make a lot of Model-C,D,E,F... based on official sets, so is this one is also yours? :)
  13. Another spot about "new" 8860 - have you noticed that it has: 1. rear suspension like 8860 had, but with single spring, something like Tarta's have 2. a gearbox and lever to change gears 3. front steering system, not in the way as 8860 had. I wonder who is the designer of it? I could guess that it could be Grohl by the way how he is making a lot of Model-C,D,E,F based on official sets :)
  14. In my opinion, and this is just my, the current era LGT designers have taken all the 40 years of Lego Technic line legacy and have flash it down... It is really disappointing. If we take a look for the 2017, all of us had great expectations of what designers would made just to celebrating 40th years of Technic. In first half year they have given us the 3l brick with printed 40th years 1977-2017, this half what they made was a combined model that reminds the 8860... and that is all... Unless there is a hidden surprise for "ultimate" this year will be a "dark age"... :(