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  1. yeh, i am nod that good in creating a good looking roof. i'll revisit that part of the building some time
  2. I would like to show you my latest creation: What are Wildstyles and Gandalf doing on the roof??? They must save the mad professor who build the dimensions protal in is own lab.
  3. I see you have the machine that says "ping" haha
  4. Verry creative and well done! The formula car is the best! That last car is also great.
  5. Well done! It is nice to see how you managed to build this with only the original bricks.
  6. Ow thats a cool fire station! I like the colours an style of it!
  7. This is cool The bar is really well done and i like the hottub
  8. no reply's :( well then here are some pictures of the ecto-1
  9. I really wanted a fire station in my town. I sacrificed my townhouse as it was no use in my setup, and i tried to build a fire station in the same style. the fire truck i already owned. and to fill the small garage i wanted to build a SUV firetruck. but then i had the idea to downscale my ecto-1 and that just fitted! so now it is also Ghost Busters HQ let me wat you think
  10. scale. It is cool that they are making models that look (a bit) like real life cars. But i think that they do not fit in with "normal" lego sets.
  11. i don't think speedchampions belong near a modular building
  12. your question inspired me to try something myself and this is the result: when you google "pinball lego" there are some ideas i think this one is the best one on google.
  13. it is a beautifull build! i like it
  14. wat a great build!
  15. [sound of jaw dropping to the floor] awesome! i like the small streets