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  1. Oh, right, there's that second wave. That's probably where the other vehicles are
  2. I'm pretty sure the "walker" vehicle is Nya's Walker, and perhaps they mistook Nya for Cole as they both wear a darker garb. I'm sure Zane's tank, the Shark, and Cole's mech are coming, but they'll probably be retailer exclusives or D2Cs perhaps... in the second wave
  3. Will we be seeing these at NYTF or is there a media restriction?
  4. Yeah now I really want that Riddler moped!
  5. Here's some more looks - just uploaded a bunch of pictures to my Flickr and can't link them all, but here's some of my favorites: Link to all photos: Haha, thanks - here's some more. Bunch more photos in my Flickr account. I tried to take a picture of all set related things. There's a lot of other really cool storyboard and movie stuff in there too; it just doesn't belong in this thread.
  6. Just picked up the amazing Making of book - here's some highlights:
  7. Wow - yeah, they're really similar. Huh, that's interesting. Really looking forward to seeing it in a set!
  8. So excited to pick him up! On the one hand, I'm happy we're getting him, but on the other, it's a shame he doesn't appear in a set, because that would probably give us a few more GL characters. I thought LEGO was going towards more GL sets with Lego Batman 3's major Lantern Planet focus, but I guess not...
  9. Yeah, I assume that's the case like in the other sets
  10. Yes! I'd recommend: Tale of the Wind/Ghost Story Built to Protect Day of the Departed Theme What Powered Zane Farewell, Garmadon Family Divided And, of course Overture
  11. Really liking the look of this! Criticize it as you may, "Bad Blood" is one of the few pop-culture shoe-Ins that actually makes sense in terms of the story. as far as the vehicles go, they all look amazing - I made a post about them in the 2017 set thread and I'm excited to see them all.
  12. Here's the best shots I could get of the new vehicles. I assume they are majorly scaled up like all the Movie Vehicles but I'm excited to see how the sets look in comparison: Nya Spider Walker: Jay's Flyer (this one kinda looks like the Milano...) Lloyd Dragon: Cole Mech: Zane Tank: Kai Mech: Destiny's Bounty (?): Garmadon Shark:
  13. Really loving those new vehicles, especially the dragon! Wonder how Cole's vehicle will work logistically, but they all seem amazing!