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  1. That was what I was hoping as well. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how many adults/knowledgeable kids would be watching and interested to share the audio online. Hopefully something other than a shoddy cam job will emerge, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.
  2. Yeah, I know TA said it's in season 8, I was just saying I would have thought that it would be in HoT, because that would seem appropriate
  3. What a development indeed - I wonder how they'll work that into the plot. I'd assume it would have something to do with the Time Blades and one of them ages him up like Wu, but there was no hint of that as far as I could see in the episodes...
  4. The developer's notes had POTC listed, but no images were present.
  5. If anyone's interested I dug up some images of upcoming DLCs and downloads -
  6. So excited for both, especially because that means we will most likely get the zombie shark in-game Really hyped for the Classic Space pack, but some of the vehicle choices are a bit odd - Aside from XT-5, the other two are pretty unattractive vehicles and I would have preferred some nicer sets, although either a.) they couldn't put older parts in the game and had to select from models with only current parts or b.) not everything is there in the game files yet.
  7. Hello all, I was extracting my Lego Worlds files to solve an issue I was having when I came across some interested new additions to the items, vehicles, and character lineup. Starting off with stuff without pictures, there will apparently be a Pirates of the Carribean DLC, despite the fact that the developers stated that they're avoiding licensed themes for now. In addition, despite all the vehicle images being present for the Classic Space DLC, the figures themselves weren't present. However, a user on the forum Rock Raiders United was able to extract their facial expressions, confirming Benny and the standard Classic Spacemen (obviously) Without further ado, here are the pics: Classic Space DLC: 6841 Mineral Detector 6809 XT-5 885 Space Scooter Dino DLC Sue Montana Rex Tyrone Helicopter Pilot 5883 Jetboat Raptor Brown Pteranodon 5887 Dino Car 5885 Cage Truck Triceratops 5886 Lifter Heli 5888 Jetboat 5887 Helicopter Green Pteranodon LEGO News Show Dan Brickman Helen Stone Power Miners: 8708 Cave Crusher Pirates: Old vs New 6242 Brown Boat 70412 Brown Boat 6241 Blue Boat 6243 Blue Boat 6243 Pirate Raft 70410 Pirate Raft Ancient Biome Battle Goddess Roman Soldier Generic Medeival Male Marble Urn 2 Gladiator Sword Wooden Gladiator Sword Terra-cotta Urn 2 Gold Spear Gladiator Shield Generic Medeival Female Stone Chaise Roman Commander Gladiator Roman Shield Wooden Sword Roman Chariot Roman Emperor Terra-cotta Urn 1 Marble Urn 1 Robots Evil Robot Clockwork Robot Lady Robot Robot Misc Worm 60077 Jetpack 8057 Wreck Raider
  8. I'm pretty sure Lloyd not being there is a mistake - it's not like they'd exclude him on purpose. Personally, I like Misako's addition, showing her relevance as a character to the plot.
  9. Allen, writer of the Brick Fan, "feels confident" that it's modular and it's coming.
  10. In Episode 40, (Spellbound), Kai and Nya's parents (Ray and Maya) appear in a flashback along with the rest of the elemental masters, sans Acronix, Krux, and Libber (Jay's mom, semi-official name). I assume you mean their parents, though.
  11. Based on the description and photos of the poly it seems like it's just a different print
  12. This is not only funny but sadly true
  13. I was just in the process of doing that - thanks for saving me some time and posting it.
  14. So the episode is up in english... as a cam job. As was the case with DoD in October when it aired in Canada, it was a shaky, blurry cam job scattered with "sub me" remarks. I'll refrain from watching until there's a better quality version. Let's hope the U.K. version on the 25th will be actually recorded properly.
  15. I really like these - and not sure if it was intentional, but the third build really looks like one of the hover-trains from the TV series, which is cool!