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  1. The CMFs revealed so far are honestly a tad disappointing - It's like the Asylum Joker, but repeated over and over again. Spinjitsu Training Nya just uses an outfit common in the sets and puts her head on it, as far as I can tell. Wu is no different besides his face Lloyd's torso and legs are re-used. Some other figures, however, are really cool, like the fish villains.
  2. Love the inclusion of Mother Doomsday, and that Galidor shirt is amazing! I also see Ronin makes a cameo appearance, which is great. so many great building techniques here (those crowbars!)
  3. Huh - the angle that the Green Ninja Dragon is shown on the box was probably one of the worst possible angles to display it at - it looks exponentially better in the regular photo.
  4. I'm guessing that because we are getting a new voice actor for Lloyd and we are still dealing with time in some capacity, Lloyd will probably be aged up in some manner.
  5. Went looking for the Battle Pod in 2 separate TRUs and sadly didn't find it - just learned of this promo. Does it officially start now or next week? I can't seem to find any trace of it on the official TRU website and only heard about it through here and The Brick Fan... thanks!
  6. Basically, I kinda approached it the way I'd solve a programming issue (if you're familiar with coding). It's a tad hard to explain but I removed the propellers one by one and tried to see if the issue was in one of the four props. Since it wasn't, I removed certain parts of the technic axle system, reattaching the one I had removed before testing the next one. Finally, I removed one connection and it flowed smoothly. Once I figured out I had made it too tight in that area/it was a bit bent and hard to turn it wasn't easy to fix. Sorry I don't exactly recall where it was; I built it a few years ago. Hope this helps!
  7. I had this exact problem and figured it out partway through the building process - basically what I did was go through a rigorous "debugging" process - I separated out the props, figured out if the axles were catching, and eventually, through lots of testing, I was able to narrow down the issue to one place that I had tightened too much. It seems to have been a common issue with this set and unfortunately it's a lot of work to isolate the issue and fix it. Good luck!
  8. No, Season 8 is 20% complete (in terms of everything: voice dialogue, animation, music) but I assume the work he's referring to for Season 9 is his work on story and concept etc.
  9. I'm pretty sure the main vehicle of one of the fil's key protagonists will be featured in a set, but I am very curious on how it will be accomplished though. I'm sure Lego designers will find a way, as usual - after all, the vehicles in the movie evolve as a natural process of designing sets, so if it was impossible at some point, I think a change would have been made.
  10. Ah, so a bit like how we got the Batwing polybag before getting the actual set in the second wave. I actually like this; it's a neat way to tide people over until the sets come out.
  11. Some good news - TA confirmed Season 9 is under development! Plus, we'll figure out why Wu aged so much in 40 years in Season 8, which will be great!
  12. I can see why James Bond didn't work though - even though it was pitched as a normal non-Dimensions game as well (and a trailer was made for it) that probably would have meant accompanying sets for a theme that's really not that suitable for kids. As for Minecraft, it was actually supposed to come out as a Story Pack for Year Two but was canned, sadly. Yeah - I'm honestly surprised they cancelled Minecraft so late into development (It was part of the Year 2 update). I guess they were worried a full-on Story Pack wouldn't sell...
  13. Some new artwork for the movie has been released on the Ninjago website, featuring the Ninjago Harbor and Destiny's Bounty: 2014/wucru/missions/2017/mission 72/wucru_week22_gallery_banner.jpg?l.r2=656410719
  14. It's crazy to me how far Minecraft went along to the point that it was included in the Year 2 update and then removed a few months ago. I'd imagine development was almost completed until they realized they couldn't manage to sell enough copies of an expensive Story Pack.
  15. They were in talks with a 3D scanning company (the name escapes me) but it seemed legitimate. Yeah, no problem. I found it fascinating as well and am looking forward to the eventual article detailing exactly what was I store for Year Three once cancellation is announced. Also, Vortech's interactions were leaked as well, although it's unclear whether or not he will ever be released: