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  1. The ring looks great, but there's something a tad off with the ship - the cockpit seems a tad too elevated, although it might just be perspective - I'll have to wait to see it in the plastic to decide.
  2. Apparently there's an explanation for Wu's overly-increased age, according to Tommy Andreasen.
  3. We're in luck - Season 8 is in production and completely written! Out of curiosity, I assume you watched it on TV in the UK, right? Or have they been released online in good video and audio quality in English?
  4. Once I get back to my computer, I can check my history and see what exact DKK values I typed in and converted.
  5. This site has a list of the sets and official prices, as well as grayed-out prelim set box to get a rough idea of the size. 70606 - $14.99 70607 - $29.99 70609 - $39.99 70611 - $54.99 70612 - $69.99 70613 - $79.99 70614 - $79.99 70615 - $89.99 70617 - $129.99 70618 - $214.99 Converted from dkk to dollars and rounded to fit regular Lego prices Edit - it's been taken down
  6. Nice to see Stewart's in a readily available book - I was really worried he'd be some sort of exclusive after the Awesome Guide turned out to have Wonder Woman. Pleasantly surprised!
  7. Yeah, it's pretty exciting! The last time I remember them doing this was the second half of Possession.
  8. Yeah, Rebrick posted it as a competition prize No knee joints is really disappointing on the Mech, but I dunno if they're just concealed.
  9. This really excites me - I wonder if it will be the Bounty or a temple...
  10. I feel exactly the same way - except that there are some really exciting figs like Stone Clay and Krakenskull...
  11. Wait - darn, that's really disappointing. It's hard to believe too as the Fold even made a big announcement and everything, but I guess mistakes can happen.
  12. Since it's airing in the US I'd assume/hope it'd be available on the usual sites like KissCartoon (fingers crossed) in high quality.
  13. That was what I was hoping as well. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how many adults/knowledgeable kids would be watching and interested to share the audio online. Hopefully something other than a shoddy cam job will emerge, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.
  14. Yeah, I know TA said it's in season 8, I was just saying I would have thought that it would be in HoT, because that would seem appropriate
  15. What a development indeed - I wonder how they'll work that into the plot. I'd assume it would have something to do with the Time Blades and one of them ages him up like Wu, but there was no hint of that as far as I could see in the episodes...