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  1. Thanks. I've been working on the Jedha stuff since the first trailer came out. They're just now ready for shooting after being at a convention. I've got one more section to shoot, but it's an attempt at automating the AT-ST I already posted on top of a base I used for AG so, it'll probably be a while before another larger build
  2. Geonosians are always good for a quick Imperial scalp. With Imperial movements on once Black Sun worlds, there is plenty of opportunity for some prey that has been flushed out of hiding. It also doesn't hurt that the new local garrisons will be available for easy delivery. Political upheavals are good for business.
  3. Yeah, I think they're just more pronounced in LDD, especially when you can't see the texture of the bricks in the rendering
  4. The first thing I notice about this entry is that over half of it is irrelevant for the episode. If the TIE were just part of the landscape or ambiance of the scene it would help your score, but unlike AG, we're not tacking on points for adding extra vehicles. Keep in mind, just like in a test at school, you should answer the question asked. It doesn't help to show the teacher how much you know about Napoleon when the question was about Charlemagne. For Ep XIV, the task was to "show a scene from their player's home planet," not build a TIE variant On the TIE, the structure of the arms looks familiar, but the shaping is good and TIEs are related so if you got some techniques from a set or another builder, that's ok. I think you're using too large of parts in the back, so you're missing out on a lot of spaces where you could add greebling or give the shape a smoother transition. As is, it drops off suddenly, so I'd give it some pipes or vents to ease that transition. The wings are very plain and the dots only suggest some kind of structuring or greebles, rather than building them. I'm not sure that rounded wings fit into my interpretation of Imperial ships, but if you're going that route, they should probably have a convex curve instead of being completely straight. You could use curved slopes and hinges to get this shape. On the building, it's hard to judge those diagonal textures in LDD, because I don't know if it's just a byproduct of the rendering or something that would come out in real bricks. It's also difficult to judge since we don't really see many solid homes on Jakku except in San Tekka's camp, but as a SW build generally I think it's a bit too simple. Pillars coming out of the walls, awnings, domed or flat roofs would help. Aside from the diagonal pattern, there's just not much character to the building that would make me associate it with Jakku, or any planet. Ruins are hard to do because you have to consider the whole structure and remove parts in a way completely different from how you would normally build it. So, first you should focus on creating elements that can be integrated into a whole building, like unique windows (not panels), sliding doorways (without handles), greebling that looks like necessary machinery or utilities, colors that would be available to the builders (along with that, highlight colors that compliment what you choose for the main palette), and ledges, awnings, and roof tops that fit the theme of the rest of the culture. If I were stuck working in LDD, I would read everything BEAVeR has ever posted on it, specifically rendering. A bad render looks instantly offensive and I think LDD builds are already starting from a deficit. Bob de Quartre is another one to pay attention to, especially his Ep. IV (?) build; it took me a while to realize that was LDD.
  5. Are there many more pictures in that book? I missed that and am always looking for more source material on Jedha
  6. I noticed the curtains, they look great. Maybe for the grass you could do a steep hill in green plates to give it some interesting depth, then a couple of small trees or bushes made from battle droid arms growing out of the side. The building to me looks like it would have a nice, windy view, so I picture it on top of a hill or cliffside
  7. I think this is a very bold and interesting choice for a homestead on Takodana. We haven't really seen much feudal/medieval/castle-themed architecture in SW like this, but it makes sense. I do think you could have made it a little more SW while keeping the castle-theme in the brick and windows. Some type of greebling/technology/wiring would have been good. At least some hint of space tech. The build itself is good. I like the way you kept the vegetation low and not too over grown, yet thick and diverse. I think there's better techniques for water and we could probably go with something besides LEGO blue. I think you also missed an opportunity to do some nice tiles for panels with your dock, and maybe a small speeder at the end of it (Takodana looks like it might be difficult to travel on foot) Great job. Be sure to get into the Imperial PM so we can strategize and post WIP shots.
  8. I've been showing this build to friends as a great representation of Lah'mu. The black sand is perfect and the color saturation really helps the feel. I like the grills on the building, but some of the roof and greebling on the machinery looks a little sloppy to me. On the greebling, I think color blocking is very important so a few small changes would go a long way. Great job.
  9. There are elements in here that look like good representations of Coruscant, but when I'm looking at them, I have to crop out the unfinished sections of your moc, or your wall, or batman, or even rotate the entire picture so it's oriented correctly. Since we're not there with you to look at what you've built, you need to carefully consider the framing of your shots and what you want us to see. It's fine to have roofs unfinished, but don't stick your best greebling next to them. Also, building facades is fine, but don't use big open windows so we can see that there is neither a floor or finished interior wall. So really, you have to plan your shots from the very beginning and fill in the lens that we're using to view your build. You kind of did this with the shot with batman (wrong forum), as it shows a nice alley with a colorful sign, but you didn't shoot the entire height of the build, so we missed out on the other features of your buildings. I hope this helps and is not overly critical. There really are some great features, like the top section of the taller building and the red and yellow signs.
  10. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the stories, but I'd much rather see a single shot of a really well done 4x4 square than minifigs on a wide open base. If you do want to focus on story writing, I think you should explain the action in your story rather than having us try to imagine the scene around the characters. Think about the pictures that accompany novels, they don't show everything that's going on in the story but instead set the scene to immerse the reader
  11. I really like the depth of the hallway and structure of the building. It feels very open and representative of a culture appreciative of a nice climate and the touches of color are great. But, I think the vegetation/flora could use some work. It's just not enough to have green plates represent grass (or whatever would be underlying a flower bed), whether it's suppose to be completely flat or not. Also, just like slopes don't have to be used for every sloped wall, it's much more interesting to get away from LEGO grass/flowers being the only thing that can represent flowers, especially on an alien world. When I look at my builds I try to find places where I can fit in some NPU or new technique that can catch a lot of attention. To me, those flower beds could have been a great spot to make the build really interesting and completely blow the judges away. It also wouldn't hurt to do some background removal and color correction to make the scene pop.
  12. I hope you don't mind if I have a lot of opinions on this build since I've been working on Jedha on and off since the first trailer came out. I really like the build. It has a great sense of old-futuristic-post-apocalypse. But there are a few things I think are a little too clean or don't represent the source material as well as they could. First, I think it's too clean. There are a lot of sharp angles here and crisp shadows that could use some clutter and decay. On the roof ledge, maybe breaking up that line with varying levels of plates would help. I think the ground should be all dirt, or at least tan. Tiles are okay, but some variation in the elevation would help a lot. Especially with that cool border, I think you could have made a very interesting uneven base that captures the feel of Jedha's mesa The greebling on the side is great and very appropriate to the city, but the grills on the front are too simple. Even extending them with a 1x6 dbg brick would help, but there should be a lot of depth and "plumbing" to them. The offset of the doorway is good, but maybe lose the bottom section so it goes all the way to the floor. That would make it look older and less modular. On the minifigs, I go by a pretty simple rule: there are no buttons in Star Wars (and I've only seen one canonical cowboy hat, that I can remember). Those pilgrims are difficult, and I haven't figured out a way to do them, but Pombe's brickbuilt Muuns are a step in the right direction. The grills are an interesting thought, I might steal that with a little more integration with the bodies. Good job. Hope this wasn't too harsh. I don't mean to be the jerk that craps over everybody's builds :) but I do want to give constructive criticisms where I think I could help. Glad to see Jedha on the map.
  13. I think one thing to consider when you're working with a somewhat plain structure is what techniques can you use to break up the monotony. For making a sloped wall, it makes sense to use sloped bricks, but that doesn't give you much room to add occasional greebling, some damage to the wall, or different angled slopes in the wall. If I were tackling a Scarif bunker, I'd probably have a couple of ridges or pillars with sloped bricks, but the majority of it would be some kind of SNOT technique with dbg or lbg tiles. The doorway looks good. You might consider some kind of pattern or construction with plates instead of bricks to give it an interesting texture or some kind of stripe that would suggest where the door opens. The beach has a nice natural curve to it, but could probably use a second layer of plates to give the bunker more elevation. I know parts get used up really quickly doing that kind of technique, but try to consider what tan plates will not be shown and use an alternate color for the underlying plates. The grass also looks naturally bunched. As you get more vegetation, that technique will have a big impact. The tree could use a little bit of a bend to look more natural, which you can do if you don't run a bar down the middle of the rounds (or if you use flex tubing). Finally, and I hope I haven't been overly critical or too wordy, get some poster board and prop it against the wall. You can set your MOCs on the paper to hold it in place and get a nice curve along the back side. A light box is also a good investment ($20 on Amazon) and some directional lamps. Then some quick cropping and color correction in GIMP, and you've got some professional looking shots. I hope this helps. PM me if you have any questions. Great job. Welcome to SoNE
  14. Credits to Bob
  15. Cool details on the building. I think it would have helped out a lot to get more of the building built to help define the space we're looking at. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what the rest of it would look like, so all the great details are a little lost.